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Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Item Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner
Capacity 0.8L-30L
Ultrasonic Power 35W-600W
Heating Power 0-500W
Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz) 28/40
Heating Temperature 20℃-80℃
Cleaning Time 0-20min/0-99min
Customization Available

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Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Medical ultrasonic cleaners are becoming more & more popular in hospitals, medical institutions, and clinics.

The size & shape of surgical instruments are complex, they require cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization after surgery.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to remove blood, tissues, and other substances contaminated on surgical instruments first, then send them to the next disinfection process.

If surgical instruments cleaning is not thorough, it will affect the following sterilization process, resulting in incomplete sterilization.

Medical grade ultrasonic cleaner is an ideal cleaning equipment, which washes away pathogens remaining on the instrument, preventing medical staff & patients from being infected after surgery.


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Benchtop Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

The medical equipment cleaning process involves water, detergent, or enzymes for removing dirt or organic compound.

Through the cavitation effect, the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine peels off particulate contaminants on the medical instrument surface.

Choosing the right cleaning agent or enzyme is crucial.

When you choose cleaning agents, make sure they don’t react with the materials of surgical instruments.

In addition, you need to consider the features of pollutants, there are different cleaning agents for different pollutants.

If you clean surgical instruments, the contaminants are human tissues, ointment, excrement, blood, you’d better use alkaline & enzymatic liquid, which is an effective blood remover, it doesn’t contain corrosive & phosphate, it is mild in nature;

If the pollutants are oil, grease, and particles, we suggest you introduce corrosive liquid detergents, this is a multi-purpose cleaning agent, which doesn’t contain phosphates & silicates.

No matter which cleaning agent you choose, you must rinse the medical instruments thoroughly after ultrasonic cleaning, and let them dry naturally.


Only after complete removal of the contaminants on the medical instrument surface, the following disinfection & sterilization will be effective.

SiroSilo medical ultrasonic cleaners were born for cleaning surgical instruments after surgery.

Hospitals, medical centers, outpatient clinics, etc., all need ultrasonic cleaners to wash medical instruments.

Industrial Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

A large capacity ultrasonic cleaning tank can clean hundreds of surgical instruments in a few minutes, saving valuable time for the next disinfection & sterilization process.


Certainly, SiroSilo ultrasonic benchtop cleaner can assist the aseptic processing department (SPD) to improve cleaning efficiency.

If the ultrasonic benchtop cleaner still can’t improve your cleaning efficiency, you can purchase SiroSilo industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks, they are larger in capacity & more powerful.


There are many kinds of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines for medical instruments, including:

  • Single Tank (Ultrasonic Cleaning)
  • Dual Tanks (Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing)
  • Three Tanks (Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, Drying)
  • Four Tanks (Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, Boiling, Drying)
  • Five Tanks (Pre-soaking, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, Boiling, Drying)
  • ……
  • Single Tank Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

It only involves an ultrasonic cleaning process, extra boiling & drying equipment assist the single tank cleaner complete the whole process.

Generally, it is suitable for cleaning surgical instruments in dentistry, laboratory, disinfection center, operating room, including:

  • Biochemical Inspection Utensil
  • Dental Pliers
  • Glass Slides
  • Syringes
  • Test Tubes
  • Multi-tank Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Multi-tank medical ultrasonic cleaner integrates multiple functional tanks in one machine.

Optional functions include pre-soaking, rinsing, boiling, drying, etc.

It is suitable for cleaning:

  • Biopsy Gorceps
  • Contrast Catheters
  • Cytobrushes
  • Endoscopic Instruments
  • Foreign Body Forceps
  • Guide Wires
  • High Frequency Electrotome
  • Lithotripters
  • Operating Room Instruments
  • Scalpels
  • Fully Automatic Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

After program setup, it automatically finishes enzyme soaking, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, spraying, oiling, and hot air drying.

For cleaning & disinfection of large batch equipment in hospitals, a fully automatic medical ultrasonic cleaner is the best choice, which can greatly improve work efficiency & reduce labor intensity.


Because of the following attractive features, SiroSilo medical ultrasonic cleaner are highly appreciated by global clients for cleaning medical, dental, surgical instruments.

  • Imported Alcoa high-Q ultrasonic components, dual waterproof circuits, ultrasonic cavitation enhancement;
  • Lower noise generated by ultrasonic oscillation;
  • Enhanced heating effect;
  • Higher leakproof level, invalid heat export;
  • Embossed stainless steel shell, thickened SUS304 inner tank;
  • Drainage system & non-slip handle for cleaners ≥ 6L;
  • CE/RoHS/FCC and other certificates.

Benefits of Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Great Cleaning Effect

Ultrasonic cleaning machines wash medical instruments much easier than manual scrubbing, and final cleanliness is also much better.

Even steam cleaning & high pressure water jetting can’t thoroughly clean some instruments with uneven surfaces, small blind holes.

The cavitation effect of ultrasound promotes chemical reactions, accelerates the dirt dissolution on the instrument surface, resulting in a more thorough cleaning effect.

  • High Efficiency

Traditional manual scrubbing involves multi-enzyme soaking, brushing, and rinsing of recycled instruments, which is time-consuming & laborious.

Moreover, human factors affect cleaning quality.

For the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, soak the medical instruments in the multi-enzyme cleaning solution, put them into the tank, add a cleaning agent, set temperature & time, then click start button, that’s all.

  • Safe

The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is non-polluting equipment, the entire cleaning process is purely physical, safe & reliable, doesn’t generate electromagnetic waves & radiation, harmless to the human body.

In addition, the human hands don’t need to touch the cleaning fluid, which prevents the medical staff from being infected by bacteria & viruses.

Washable Medical, Dental, Surgical Instruments

Medical ultrasonic cleaners are essential equipment for hospitals, medical research institutes, medical laboratories, and pharmaceutical factories now.

Many medical, dental, and surgical equipment accepts ultrasound cleaning before disinfection & sterilization.

  • Biochemical Inspection Utensil
  • Biopsy Gorceps
  • Contrast Catheters
  • Cytobrushes
  • Dental Pliers
  • Endoscopic Instruments
  • Foreign Body Forceps
  • Glass Slides
  • Guide Wires
  • High Frequency Electrotome
  • Lithotripters
  • Operating Room Instruments
  • Scalpels
  • Syringes
  • Test Tubes

If you want to customize your dreamy medical ultrasonic cleaner, or you plan to buy other types of ultrasonic benchtop cleaner, such as bike parts ultrasonic cleaner, laboratory ultrasonic bath, ultrasonic cleaner electronics, please send us an inquiry on this website, we will get back to you within 1h.

As an original ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer, we are worthy of your trust.


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