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Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Item Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner
Capacity 0.8L-30L
Ultrasonic Power 35W-600W
Heating Power 0-500W
Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz) 28/40
Heating Temperature 20℃-80℃
Cleaning Time 0-20min/0-99min
Customization Available

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Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Brief Introduction

Ultrasonic cleaner for medical instruments is increasingly favored by major hospitals, medical institutions, and clinics.

The medical and surgical instruments’ size and shape are complex. Once these instruments are used, they need to be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized.

Generally speaking, the used surgical instruments must be cleaned first to remove the blood, tissue and other substances contaminated on their surfaces, then the surgical instruments can be sent to the next disinfection process.

If the surgical instruments are not cleaned thoroughly, the subsequent sterilization process may be affected, resulting in incomplete sterilization.

Speaking of the medical equipment cleaning process, water, detergent or enzymes are usually used to remove dirt or organic substances.

Ultrasonic cleaner for medical instrument is an ideal cleaning tool, which can wash away pathogens remaining on the instrument and prevent medical staff and patients from being infected after surgery.


Ultrasonic cleaner for medical instrument need to add detergent or enzymes, through cavitation (bubbles) and implosion effects, to peel off particulate contaminants on the medical instruments’ surface.

Choosing the right cleaning agent or enzyme is crucial.

When you choose cleaning agents, make sure that they will not react with the metal and other materials of the surgical instruments.

In addition, you should also consider the characteristics of pollutants. Different pollutants need to be cleaned with different cleaning agents.

When your cleaning objects are surgical instruments and the contaminants are human tissues, ointment, light oil, body excrement, blood, you’d better use alkaline and enzymatic liquid cleaners, which are an effective low-foaming agent blood remover, it does not contain corrosive and phosphate, it is very mild in nature;

If the pollutants that you often encounter in the cleaning process are oil, grease and particles, we suggest you use corrosive liquid detergents. This is a multi-purpose cleaning agent that does not contain phosphates and silicates.

In medical, industrial, mechanical, and maintenance cleaning operations, corrosive liquid detergents have many uses, including applications in spray and turbulent environments.

Regardless of the cleaning agent you choose, you must rinse the medical instruments thoroughly after the ultrasonic cleaning, and let them air dry after rinsing.


Only when the contaminants are completely removed from the medical device’s surface, the subsequent disinfection and sterilization effect can be guaranteed.

The SiroSilo medical ultrasonic cleaner was born to solve the problem of cleaning surgical instruments after surgery.

Hospitals, medical centers, outpatient clinics, outpatient surgery centers, doctor’s offices, etc., can use Sirosilo’s medical ultrasonic cleaner to clean medical instruments, which can clean hundreds of postoperative surgical instruments in a few minutes, save valuable time for the next disinfection and sterilization process.


The powerful ultrasonic cleaning function, wide capacity range, and ergonomic design of SiroSilo ultrasonic benchtop cleaner can efficiently assist the aseptic processing department (SPD) to improve the cleaning efficiency.

If the ultrasonic benchtop cleaner with the largest capacity still cannot meet your requirements for cleaning efficiency, then you can consider purchasing SiroSilo’s industrial-grade medical ultrasonic cleaner.


Industrial-grade medical ultrasonic cleaners can be divided into single tank, double tank (ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing), three tanks (ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, drying), four tanks (ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, Oil immersion boiling, drying) and five tanks (pre-soak, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, oil immersion boiling, drying) and other types.

  • Single Tank Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

It mainly realizes a single cleaning function and requires supporting equipment such as boiling and drying.

It is generally suitable for surgical instruments in dentistry, laboratory, disinfection center, operating room and other departments, including dental pliers, inspection containers, glass slides, test tubes, and biochemicals, inspection utensils, syringes, bottles and disc containers, etc.

  • Multi-tank Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Multi-tank medical ultrasonic cleaner is based on single-tank ultrasonic cleaning, adding other functional tanks.

Optional functional tanks include pre-soak tank, rinsing tank, boiling tank, drying tank, etc.

It is suitable for endoscopic surgical instruments (various soft and hard endoscopes and accessories), biopsy forceps, cutters, high-frequency electrosurgical units, lithotripters, foreign body forceps, cell brushes, guide wires, angiographic catheters and surgical instruments in the operating room.

  • Fully Automatic Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

After the program is set, the technological processes such as enzyme soaking, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, spraying, automatic oiling, and hot air drying are automatically completed without manual intervention.

It is mainly suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of large quantities of equipment in hospitals, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of staff.


Based on the following advanced features, SiroSilo medical ultrasonic cleaner can meet your strict requirements for cleaning medical, dental, surgical instruments.

Imported Alcoa high-Q ultrasonic devices, matched with dual waterproof circuits, effectively improve ultrasonic cavitation;
Effectively reduce the noise generated by ultrasonic oscillation;
New heating process, effectively improve the heating effect;
Improve the water leak-proof level and and equip with invalid heat energy export structure;
Embossed stainless steel shell, thickened SUS304 inner tank;
Models with a capacity of 6L and above are equipped with a drainage system and a non-slip handle;
CE/RoHS/FCC and other product certifications.

Benefits of Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Good Cleaning Effect

Using an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean medical instruments can not only replace manual hand washing, but its cleanliness is also much better than that of hand washing.

Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water jets cannot thoroughly clean some instruments with uneven surfaces, small blind holes (such as needle points), and high cleanliness requirements.

The cavitation effect of ultrasound also promotes chemical reactions and accelerates the dissolution of dirt on the instrument surface, resulting in a more thorough cleaning effect.

  • High Cleaning Efficiency

Traditional manual cleaning requires multi-enzyme soaking, manual brushing, and rinsing of recycled instruments, or brushing some bottles with a brush machine, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Moreover, due to the influence of human factors, the quality of instrument cleaning cannot be guaranteed.

Use a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, soak the medical instrument in the multi-enzyme cleaning solution, put it directly into the cleaning tank, put the cleaning agent in proportion, set the temperature and time, and then the cleaning work can start automatically.

  • Safe

The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is non-polluting equipment. The entire cleaning process is a purely physical process, safe and reliable, does not generate electromagnetic waves and radiation, and is harmless to the human body.

In addition, the cleaning fluid directly contacts the medical equipment, and there is no need for human hands to touch the cleaning fluid, which prevents the medical staff from being infected by bacteria and viruses, protects the safety of the medical staff.

Washable Medical, Dental, Surgical Instruments

Medical ultrasonic cleaners are now essential equipment for hospitals, medical research institutes, medical laboratories, medical laboratories, and pharmaceutical factories.

Many medical, dental, and surgical equipment need to be cleaned by ultrasound, and then disinfected and sterilized before being reused.

Medical ultrasonic cleaners are now mostly used to clean the following common medical equipment:

  • Endoscopic biopsy forceps
  • Hemostatic forceps
  • Scalpel
  • Test tube
  • Tweezers

If you want to customize your dreamy medical ultrasonic cleaner, please send us an inquiry on this website, we will get back to you within 1h.

As an original ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer, we are worthy of your trust.

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