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Case Packing Machine

Item Cardboard Packer
Types Side load, top load, wraparound
Speed 10-25 Cases/min
Carton Size 500mm≤L+W+H≤1000mm
Air Consumption Max. 1.5m3/min, depends on packer type
Power 2Kw-15Kw, depends on packer type
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

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Case Packing Machine

If you plan to purchase a conventional case packing machine, welcome you to contact us via Email or WhatsApp.

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Three types are available for your choice:

  • Side Load
  • Top Load
  • Wraparound


Top Load

The SiroSilo top load case packer consists of the following parts:

  • Product Feeding Module
  • Product Sorting & Organizing Module
  • Case Erecting Module
  • Case Packing Module
  • Case Sealing Module


Small boxes, polybags, or glass bottles enter the feeding system, and the product organizing module arranges the products;

When the products are sorted and organized, the case erecting components also start to work at the same time, they pick and place a carton blank, erect it and seal the bottom, and then transport it to the designated position;

Then the products are ready for case packaging, the gripper head grabs the products and loads them from the top opening of the carton;


After the products in the carton pass the inspection, the carton is sent to the case sealing module for tape or hot melt adhesive sealing, and then the packaged carton comes out from the packer.

The video below displays the workflow of this cardboard box packer machine.

Side Load

Fully automatic side load case packing equipment can arrange and combine products in layers or groups.

Before packing, the equipment automatically erects the carton blank to form the carton, and the fully erected carton is lying down with 2 sides open, it is transported to the packing position, ready for packing.

Finally, a servo loader pushes the product into the carton from one side of the fully erected carton, as shown in the following diagram.


It is suitable for packaging cigarette packs, medicine blisters, cosmetic bottles, plastic bags, playing cards, and other regular products.

This horizontal case packing machine adopts a touchscreen control panel, can work independently, and is also linkable to a carton packaging line.

Watch the video below, you can roughly understand its packing process flow.

Wrap Around

A wraparound cardboard packer is packaging machinery that wraps a corrugated cardboard box or tray sheet around a product for packing.

This corrugated board sheet is often referred to as a “box blank”.

After the machine has initially folded the box blank, the machine pushes the pre-arranged product into the carton enclosure and then seals the box/tray around the product with tape or hot melt adhesive.

The following drawing showcases the whole wrap around packing process.


Wraparound boxes pack tighter and stronger, and use less material per box than traditional RSC cartons, making them more environmentally friendly and easier to palletize and distribute.

Packable Primary Packagings


Side Load

The side load case packing machine is useful for the automatic packing of unbreakable bottled, barreled, and potted products.

The products are fed in a single row, and the products are sorted through a side push system or a lane divider conveyor, after accumulating the preset quantity, the pushrod pushes these bottles into the carton, and the case packing is completed.

It could connect the upstream case erector and downstream case sealer to form an automated packaging line.

The secondary packaging of bottled, barreled, or potted products such as edible oil, detergent, lubricating oil, purified water, etc. often introduces the side load packer machine.

Top Load

The bottle case packer machines automatically arrange, organize, and pack the PET/glass bottles into open-top corrugated carton boxes, and then seal the boxes with tape or hot melt glue, and complete all motions fully automatically.

Generally speaking, the bottle case packer machines are usually top load case packers.

SiroSilo drop packer machine for bottles adopts a new type of combined structure, which consists of a carton erecting unit, a bottle organizing unit, a bottle loading unit, and a carton sealing unit, etc., which complete the corresponding functional motions respectively.

Usually, such machines have a bottle shortage alarm function, which will automatically stop after the alarm, ensuring the safety of operators.

Wrap Around


A can case packer is a secondary packaging equipment for cans, such as round cans, square cans, and special-shaped cans.

This type of packaging machine mainly includes a carbon steel frame, transmission system, pneumatic system, gripper head, servo control system, etc.

Before packing, it is essential to prepare the corresponding can organizer and lane divider conveyor, which is convenient for subsequent automatic grabbing and packing.

Due to the different features of glass jars and tinplate cans, there are vacuum and magnetic gripper heads for you to choose from.


Vacuum Gripper Head

These two types of gripping heads are not easy to scratch and wipe cans, which is beneficial to the protection of canned products.

According to your higher requirements for packing efficiency, multiple sets of gripping heads could be available to load multiple cartons at the same time.


The pouch case packer is suitable for loading bags with products into the corrugated cardboard box.

There are two common case packing ways for pouches: drop and robotic suction.

When your product is fragile and expensive, we recommend you choose a robotic case packer;

if your product is hard enough and not easily damaged, then you could choose a drop packer machine.

The end-of-line packaging of bags in chemical, salt, condiment, snack food, and other industries may introduce the bag case packer.

Robotic Case Packer

The robotic cardboard packer consists of the case erector, conveyor belt, product sorting organizing device, robot, etc. The robot consists of a manipulator, suction tool, base and safety guardrail, and other accessories.

Depending on your production scale or product type, you can choose from one or two robots.

In addition, we have an optional integrated vision inspection system, which enables the robot to grab different types of products into cartons, suitable for those customers whose product portfolios are rich.


The following case packing machine manufacturers have the most searches on Google, and they are all well-known brands in this niche.

We, SiroSilo, are also one of the cardboard packing machine suppliers in China.


Focus Factory

Compared with European and American case packing machines, the quality of our machines still has a certain gap with theirs, but as long as you take good care of our machines, you are still able to use them for 5-10 years.

After all, more and more Chinese manufacturers have realized the truth of relying on quality for long-term development.

The most important point is that compared with European and American machines, the price of the Chinese-made case packing machine is very attractive. China has the most complete manufacturing industry chain in the world, which is unmatched by any other country all over the world.

Case Packer Cost

The case packing machine price varies according to customer needs.

Because the products of different customers have different shapes, weights, and primary packaging styles, we need to recommend a suitable type of case packing machine according to your actual needs.

For example, for case packing of bottles, we will recommend top load case packing machine to customers;


Case Packing for Special-shaped Bottle

For case packing of soft polybags, we will suggest customers purchase the robotic case packing systems.


Robotic Case Packing

You are welcome to inform us of your products and packing requirements by email or WhatsApp, we will recommend a suitable case packing system according to your needs and quote an attractive price.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


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