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Cobot Case Packer

Item Cobot Case Packer
Speed 4-8 Cycles/min
Max. Payload 30kg
Products Handled Cartons, Pouches, Bundle, Bottle
Repeat Positioning Precision ±0.04mm
Power 2Kw
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa

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Cobot Case Packer

No matter what products you need to load into corrugated boxes, as long as your product weight is within 30 kg, the cobot case packer can help you automatically complete this continuous work.

Collaborative robots are easily connectable to your existing packaging lines, and their flexibility and convenience allow them to instantly meet any sudden new packaging needs.


In addition, the machine is programmable to achieve one-stop case erecting and packing, as long as you can accept the slower speed.

Like the UR collaborative robot shown in the video below:

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The cobot case packer is a machine that adopts collaborative robots to complete positioning, picking up, transferring, and loading products in one stop.

Working Principle

The collaborative robot first uses three-dimensional coordinates to locate the product to be packed;


Next, its EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) grabs the product;


Finally, the EOAT grips the product and places it into cases along pre-taught packing tracks.


Please watch the following video for reference.


Current collaborative robots can pack products of any size and shape within 30kg into corrugated boxes, as long as the compatible EOAT is available.

In addition, because the collaborative robot is programmable, it can complete the three processes of case erecting, packing, and palletizing simultaneously after programming.



The photo below shows a cobot palletizer:


The collaborative robot packer originates from this machine, it keeps the EOAT, cobot, mobile frame, and power panel in the picture, and then adds a base of suitable height for the cobot.



The following features of the cobot case packing machine are especially attractive to potential clients:

Small & Compact

The diameter of the lightweight collaborative robotic arm is only 250mm, and its area with two pallets (1.1m x 1.1m) is only about 3 square meters.


Safe & Stable

Work side by side with humans, no need for isolation by safety fences, high reliability and safety.

10 levels of collision and sensor safety detection.

16 safety I/O interfaces, safe in the event of a single failure.

No drop in power failure.


Integrated design, lightweight, and flexible.

A forklift can transfer it to different packaging lines.


Easy Programming

Half an hour to master the programming process, and one hour to complete the simple programming.


In the visual programming interface, you only need to input the pallet and carton dimensions and the preset palletizing pattern.

Quick Installation

For simple case packing, 30 mins is enough for installation;

As for complex case packing, one day is enough.

Collaboration Combination Choices

Quick switch between different scenarios, such as human-robot, dual-robot, multi-robot collaboration, etc.

Through recipe management and visual design, various packaging solutions are selectable, and the one-click switch greatly shortens the production line changeover time.

Wide Application

Collaborative robots integrate innovative grippers, computer vision, and machine learning systems to pick up a variety of objects in consumption, manufacturing, and special industries, such as food, medicine, 3C, daily chemicals, and e-commerce.

Shorter ROI

Many customers recovered their investment in less than a year after introducing cobots for case packing, and some outstanding customers even took just 6 months to become profitable.


Hot-searched collaborative robot packer manufacturers include:

If you prefer to purchase from China, please contact us for a deep discussion.


In April 2022, Premier Tech Ltd. published a post which mentioned the robotic palletizer price:


Such a price seems expensive. In the Chinese market, the robotic case packer costs far less, which is very attractive.

If you plan to own a collaborative robot packer, you are welcome to contact us via email or WhatsApp to get a jaw-dropping quote.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


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