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Casemaker Machine

Item Casemaker Machine
Speed 20-30 cases/min
Size Range W 80-450mm x L 140-1200mm
Cardboard Thickness 1-4mm
Cloth Thickness 100-200gsm
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Power 2.5kW
Dimension L2500mm x W1650mm x H1100mm
Weight 900Kg

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Casemaker Machine

The casemaker machine is also known as a hard cover making machine and hardcover case maker.

It completes the cloth cover feeding & gluing, V-groove cardboard positioning & placement, and four-side margin hemming in one stop, which is suitable for making covers of books, calendars, chessboards, diaries, notebooks, folders, letter files, photo albums, etc.;


Making cases for 3C, cigarettes, cosmetics, food, footwear, jewelry, mobile, wine, etc. also needs a casemaker machine.


SiroSilo supplies two kinds of hardcover case makers:


This type of case making machine can convert V-groove cardboard & cover paper into the covers of notebooks, folders, certificates, etc.



Refer to the following video to learn more about its working process.

  • Manual cover gluing
  • Place the glued cover in a fixed position on the workbench
  • Press the vacuum suction gripper switch
  • Vacuum suction gripper positions & places V-groove board to the cover
  • Put combined cardboard & cover into the machine for the 1st edge wrapping and flattening
  • 2nd edge wrapping and flattening
  • Case production completed


This machine is suitable for producing small batches of rigid, gift, or lid & base boxes and is an ideal equipment for post-printing cases.


  • Small space & compact footprint
  • PLC control system;
  • Applicable hot melt glue or white latex;
  • Simple and fast size changeover;
  • Single operator

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


There are two types of automatic hard cover making machines for your choice:

Combined (Modular)

SiroSilo combined casemaker machines consist of the following four pieces of equipment:

Cover Feeder & Gluer

Cover feeder & gluer are suitable for feeding and gluing cover of rigid boxes, gift boxes, and hard cases.

It is essential equipment for gift boxes and hard case production.


The following features are attractive to our clients domestically & globally:

  • Electric control lifting & lowering cover magazine, swift size changeover;
  • Automatic cover paper feeder, wireless remote control;
  • Vacuum conveyor prevents the cover paper from slipping and accurately positions the smooth & wrinkle-free cover;
  • High-precision sensors monitor the paper feeder in real-time, completely solving double or multiple sheets overlapping and improving efficiency and yield rate;
  • Automatic circulation of hot and cold glue storage, greatly saving glue costs and reducing maintenance difficulty;
  • Brand new integrated design, small space;
  • Simple operation, stable running, and easy maintenance.

V-groove Cardboard Register

The V-groove cardboard register is a high-precision, high-efficiency positioning and placing equipment, suitable for registration of various hard cover cases.


A 20-megapixel ultra-high-definition industrial wide-angle camera takes a picture of the cover paper and calculates the coordinates.


Then a high-precision 4-axis robot grabs the hard cover cases.


After precise positioning, the robot registers the V-groove cardboard on the cover paper with an accuracy within ±0.2mm.

This machine is seamlessly connectable with your existing automatic cover feeder & gluer, case maker machine to form a hard cover case production line.


Such an automatic casemaker machine converts combined V-groove cardboard & cover paper into hardcover cases for folders, books, moon cake boxes, wine boxes, cigarette boxes, jewelry boxes, folding cartons, etc.


With servo-driven cam transmission to control each folding and positioning station, it has stable performance, leading to beautiful and strong hemming.


This machine also adopts a program-controlled system, which is simple to operate and easy to use.

Case Flattener

The hardcover case flattener presses out the air bubbles between the cover paper and the V-grooved board.

Two options:

  • Single Roller
  • Double Roller

There is no doubt that the double roller effect is better than that of a single roller.

Integrated (All-in-one)

Consisting of four rotary stations, this continuous motion integrated casemaker machine has a small footprint, is user-friendly, and operates at speeds up to 38CPM.

It is indispensable equipment for making mobile phones, cosmetics, cigarettes, wine, tea, moon cakes, milk, and luxury packaging boxes.


In addition to patented designs such as:

  • Non-stop cardboard conveying
  • Non-stop cover feeding
  • Four-station simultaneous collaboration
  • Oblique downward pressure wrapping


The machine also has breakthroughs in environmental protection and energy saving.

It innovatively uses water circulation to heat the rubber roller, which is not only more environmentally friendly but also has more accurate sol temperature control.

Furthermore, the machine can diagnose faults and upgrade software online at any time through the cloud platform.

If you plan to purchase a casemaker machine, welcome you to build a connection with us, winning a worry-free purchasing experience like our dear client Mr. Bob from the USA.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


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