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Vertical Cartoning Machine

Item Vertical Rotary Cartoner
Max. Speed 50 cartons/min
Carton Size Range L/(20-190)mm x W/(20-120)mm x H/(60-300)mm
Carton Paper Thickness 250gsm-400gsm
Power 2.1Kw
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 150L-200L/min
Options Code Printer, Leaflet Inserter, Hotmelt Closure

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Vertical Cartoning Machine

The vertical cartoning machine is a kind of packaging machine controlled by PLC and driven by a stepper motor, it can be divided into continuous motion and intermittent motion types, widely used for top loading medicines, cosmetics, seeds, blisters, pouches, sachets, etc., into cartons.

Compared with horizontal cartoning machine, the vertical cartoning equipment’s uniqueness is irreplaceable.


Intermittent motion vertical cartoning equipment introduces mechanical cam indexer to drive a 360-degree rotary starwheel, mechanical cam indexer alternately switches between motion and stillness, thus step-by-step vertical cartoning is realized.


Mechanical Cam Indexer

The vertical cartoner includes 12 stations, 9 working stations, and 3 reserved stations (7#, 10#, 12#).

The 9 working stations are:

  • Erect the carton blank to the starwheel
  • Fold the bottom dust flaps
  • Fold the bottom closing panel
  • Insert the bottom tuck flap
  • Top load product
  • Fold the top dust flaps
  • Fold the top closing panel
  • Insert the top tuck flap
  • Output packaged carton


The cartons blanks are vertically pre-placed in the carton magazine, which is very convenient for manual or automatic product loading, max. 600 pcs can be pre-stored at one time.


Besides, the carton magazine is fixed by screws, by loosening its fixing screws, it can store carton blanks of different width and height.


What’s more, SiroSilo vertical cartoner machine can be customized according to different carton styles. The following 5 styles are supported, one machine handles one style only.

  • Straight Tuck

As you can see in the following photo, the top and bottom tuck flaps are on the same side.


  • Reverse Tuck

It’s similar to straight tuck, only the top and bottom tuck flaps are on the different sides.


  • Lock Bottom

It is also referred to as bottom lock or 1 2 3 bottom folding carton, one side bottom lock panel inserts into the other side.


  • Crash Bottom

Crash bottom folding cartons are also called auto-bottom or auto-lock bottom folding cartons. It is top tuck, while the bottom is self-locking.


  • Hotmelt Closure

Nowadays, in pharma, medicine and blister cartoning, the hotmelt closure partly replaces the traditional tuck-in closure, and the hot melt glue system is essential for hotmelt closure.


After setting the correct parameters on the vertical cartoner’s touch screen, press start button, the vertical cartoner starts to work. English touch screen is already available, your mother language can also be customized as your request.


After machine starts to work, it automatically erects and presents the carton to the loading station, thus operators or collaborative robots can easily fill items into the carton.


You can choose manual or automatic product loading according to your budget and actual scenarios, SiroSilo can customize your desired vertical cartoner according to your requirements.


In terms of the current cartooning machine market, horizontal cartoner machines are relatively more widely used.

However, the horizontal cartoning machine cannot box all products. Scattered screws, hardware, car light bulbs, and liquid bags cannot rely on the horizontal cartoner machine for packaging, then the vertical cartoning equipment is a good choice.


SiroSilo fully automatic vertical cartoning equipment is definitely worthy of your trust, it has been sold to the North America and Europe customers, most importantly, it is capable of packing the above-mentioned products.

Why SiroSilo vertical cartoner can win the favor of North American and European customers? Because many machine parts are imported from well-known brands, such as Delta, Schneider, Festo, and so on.


As you can see on the above photo, SiroSilo cartoner also equips with air tank and low air pressure alarm, air tank plays the role of backup air source, ensures stable air pressure;

With low air pressure alarm, when the air pressure is low, the machine itself will sound an alarm, reminds operator to deal with low air pressure issue.

If you need to add code printer, leaflet inserter, or hotmelt adhesive system, we can also supply them to meet your actual needs.


The following products in different industries can also be packaged by SiroSilo vertical cartoning equipment.

  • Pharmaceutical

Blisters, oral liquids, ampoules, vials, pharmaceutical granules, plasters, ointments, aerosols, etc.;


  • Food

Ice cream, egg rolls, bread, bagged coffee, seasoning mix, milk powder, etc.;

  • Everyday Chemicals

Toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, facial mask, cream, lipstick, mosquito coil, etc.;


  • Hardware and Electrical Appliances

Bearings, bulbs, switches, sockets, relays, chargers, etc.;

  • Auto Parts

Spark plugs, filters, piston rings, automotive bulbs, automotive electrical appliances, etc.;


  • Plastic

Plastic wrap, disposable film gloves, plastic products, etc.;

  • Stationery and Entertainment

Pens, staplers, staples, inkpad, glue, correction fluid, playing cards, puzzles, toys, handicrafts, etc.;

  • Personal Care

Paper towels, sanitary napkins, pads, cotton pads, etc.

All because of the following features, SiroSilo vertical rotary cartoner can pack so many different products.

Compact footprint and reasonable structure, simple operation and maintenance;
Touch screen graphic HMI, PLC control, high automation degree;
Empty packing photoelectric detection, maximize packaging material savings;
Custom starwheel for different sizes of cartons;
Stainless steel frame;
Drive motor has overload protection, which is safer and more reliable;
Optional safety cover protects the operator;
Linkable with pillow packing machines, bottling lines, liquid filling machines, labeling machines, inkjet printers, multi head weighing machines, and other equipment;
Various automatic carton feeders and product loading systems for choice;
Hotmelt closure system is optional for carton sealing.

On Jun 23, 2021, a Dutch customer sent us an inquiry, he asked us to customize a rotating small vertical cartoner for packing plant seeds.


This Dutch client told us, they need to add a weight dosing equipment for dropping 250-1000 grams of seeds each time, so we recommend multihead weigher machine to him.

SiroSilo has strong customization ability, if you plan to customize a vertical rotary cartoner recently, please send us an inquiry on this website, we will reply to you within 1h.

Welcome you to visit our factory or video call with us through WhatsApp (+8617312124727), then we can lively broadcast our factory and demonstrate our vertical cartoning equipment to you.

Vertical Cartoning Machine Ultimate FAQ Guide

Cartoning Machine

What is cartoning system?

The cartoning system actually refers to the cartoning machine or cartoner machine, the cartoner machine is a kind of packaging machine.

Through a series of mechanical actions, the side seamed carton blank is unfolded and erected, then it is transported, packed with items, and sealed (tuck-in closure or hotmelt closure), finally the cartoner machine outputs the packaged carton with items inside.

How does a cartoner equipment work?

No matter what type of cartoner equipment, its working principle can be summarized in 6 basic steps, namely:

  • Unfold carton blank
  • Erect carton
  • Transport carton
  • Fill carton
  • Seal carton
  • Output packaged carton


Take the horizontal cartoner as an example, the carton blanks are pre-placed in the carton magazine, after the carton blank is opened by the carton feeder, it enters the carton conveyor belt.



During the carton transmission on the conveyor belt, the whole cartoning process is completed, you can understand more about horizontal cartoner’s working process with reference to the following photo.


Auto cartoner VS. semi automatic cartoner

For the cartoner equipment, the product loading way reflects its automation degree.

If the product loading is completed manually, it is a semi automatic cartoner;

If the product is automatically loaded by collaborative robots, pushrods, etc., it is a fully auto cartoner.

Semi automatic cartoner’s price is relatively cheap, although the working efficiency is not as good as that of auto cartoners, it is still very suitable for the market with low labor cost.

After all, semi automatic cartoners are not as complicated as auto cartoners, with relatively fewer parts and problems, its maintenance is really simple.

Vertical cartoner VS. horizontal cartoner

Regarding the difference between vertical cartoners and horizontal cartoners, it is mainly reflected in two words, one is ‘top load’, the other is ‘end load’.


If the carton stands vertically for product loading, it is top load vertical cartoner, which is mainly used for packing powder, granular and oral liquid;

If the carton’s front or back panel lies flat for product loading, it is end load horizontal cartoner, which is mainly used for packing blisters, cosmetics, soaps, etc.


  • Vertical cartoner pros

Small footprint, after so many years of development, it is now applicable for many different types and shapes of products, and its price is cheaper than horizontal cartoners;

  • Horizontal cartoner pros

Wide range of applications, very stable, especially suitable for packing products of specific type and shape, speed is up to more than 1000 cartons/min, the cartoning efficiency is really quite high.

Cartoner machine manufacturers

As an important type of packaging equipment, cartoner machines are often used for packing food, medicines, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc., because of this, there are many many cartoner machine manufacturers around the world.

The following table lists well-known cartoning machine manufacturers and suppliers.


These cartoner machine manufacturers and suppliers have been deeply involved in this niche for dozens or even hundreds of years, they can supply both vertical cartoner and horizontal cartoner, their existence has promoted the carton packaging machine’s quality to a new level.

Cartoner machine price

In different markets, the cartoning equipment’s price is different. Some B2B websites list many many cartoner machines for sale, according to these websites’ info, the cartoning machine price is mainly related to cartoner type, cartoning speed, etc.


As for the European and American brand cartoning equipment, the cheapest one costs RMB300,000 (USD$46,875.00), and the high-end one costs USD$234,375.00-USD$250,000.00.

Of course, our Chinese manufacturers can supply vertical rotary cartoners at a competitive price, please contact us to get a quote for comparison.

Vertical Cartoning Machine

What is vertical cartoner?

The vertical cartoner, as the name suggests, the carton blank is placed vertically into the carton magazine, it stands vertically for receiving items loaded by operator, rushrods, or collaborative robot.

The carton blanks’ placement in the carton magazine is shown in the photo below:


The carton blanks are adsorbed, unfolded and attached to the starwheel, forward to the loading station following the starwheel’s rotation, then these cartons are filled with items automatically or manually.

Products packable with vertical cartoner equipment

After practical verification, many products can be packed with SiroSilo vertical cartoner equipment.

The packable products are listed in the table below:


Vertical cartoner machine manufacturers and suppliers

With regard to the vertical cartoner machine manufacturers and suppliers, the famous brands are listed in the following table.


The above-listed vertical cartoning equipment manufacturers are the top players in the niche, their carton packaging equipment’s quality is basically the highest, thus the price of their packaging machine is relatively expensive.

We SiroSilo is also a professional vertical cartoner manufacturer in China, you can send us an inquiry on this site, then get a quote from us for comparison.

Vertical cartoning equipment operation guidance

SiloSilo’s vertical cartoning equipment relies on the 360-degree rotary starwheel to complete the cartoning.


There are a total of 12 stations on the rotary starwheel, except for 3 reserved stations, the other 9 stations’ setup needs to be finished first.


In order to assist you better understanding SiroSilo vertical cartoning equipment’s operation, please watch the following video for reference.

9 factors to consider when buying a vertical rotary cartoner

Choosing an expensive vertical rotary caroner is not always right, choosing a vertical rotary cartoner that suits your packaging line is most important.

So, what factors should you pay attention to when buying a vertical rotary cartoner?

  • Cartoner design

Regarding the cartoner design, its structure should be robust and durable, thus it can better resist external forces and vibrations, adapting to the harsh work environment.


Therefore, when purchasing, make sure that the vertical cartoner equips with high-quality components.

  • Supplier’s experience

When selecting vertical cartoner equipment, you should also consider the supplier’s industry experience.

Make sure that the supplier takes care of all your requirements, from space, budget to machine speed.

  • Credit and reliability

You should also consider the supplier’s reputation in the industry and whether his financial situation is stable.

Make sure that after the machine is installed, the supplier can provide you with after-sale service for many years to come.

  • Customization

Choose a supplier that can customize the vertical rotary cartoner according to your requirements, and make subtle changes to the design to meet your real needs.

The so-called easy customization may only need to change the size or replace an electronic component;

When it is complicated customization, even the machine itself has to be redesigned. Suppliers should have all the necessary experience and customization capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions.

  • Flexibility

Whether it is now or in the future, cartoning needs may change, this point cannot be ignored in vertical cartoner equipment procurement.

If you think that your carton or product size will change in the near future, then make sure your purchased cartoner can be modified, or it can handle different carton sizes.

In addition, you have to figure out whether your favorite vertical cartoner equipment’s speed can meet your current and future needs.

  • Machine size

In addition, when choosing a vertical rotary cartoner supplier, confirm whether he can provide a variety of models, then you can easily find a model that suits your packaging line.

If you bought a large footprint upstream equipment, then you can only buy a smaller footprint vertical cartoner equipment.

In short, compare a few more vertical rotary cartoners, and choose the vertical rotary cartoner of best size.

  • Integration with upstream and downstream equipment

The vertical rotary cartoner is generally located in the middle of the packaging line.

Make sure your ordered vertical rotary cartoner can work together with upstream and downstream equipment.

Because a packaging line also includes various other machines, such as combination weigher machines, metal detectors, upstream bagging or wrapping machines, downstream boxing machines, and palletizers.

If you only buy a vertical rotary cartoner, make sure your supplier knows how to integrate it into your existing packaging line.

  • Delivery time

Modern customers demand fast delivery, and more importantly, they require the supplier to deliver the machine within the agreed deadline.

You can check the supplier’s production plan to ensure design, procurement, assembly, wiring, programming, and testing are all smooth.

  • Technical support

After the machine installation in your factory, the supplier shall continue to provide technical support.

The supplier should be able to offer user manual, installation/operation guidance video to you, or directly video call with you to solve your problem.

If you request, the supplier should assign a technician to troubleshoot your issues at your site.

Generally speaking, after you buy a new machine, they need to train your operators, therefore, you must choose a supplier that can provide a full range of training.

SiroSilo is such a vertical rotary cartoner supplier, please speed up your action to contact us, customize your dreamy vertical rotary cartoner.

SiroSilo could also supply the following products, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

  1. Metal Silo
  2. Motorized Pulley
  3. Ultrasonic Cleaner



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