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Tuck End Box Erector

Item Tuck End Carton Box Erector
Speed 40-60 Cartons/min
Carton Size L/(70-250)mm x W/(25-120)mm x H/(15-80)mm
Carton Material Gray Cardboard, White Cardboard, Corrugated Paper
Blank Magazine Capacity 400 Pieces
Motor Power 0.4Kw
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

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Tuck End Box Erector

When you have a tuck end box erector, it could help you fold & form 40-60 straight or reverse tuck end boxes in one minute.


If you manually fold the tuck top box before, this tuck end box erector could replace 3-6 labor, save your labor cost, and speed up your packaging.

In addition, such a small box case erector supports both straight tuck boxes and reverse tuck boxes.


If you are planning to purchase a tuck end box erecting machine, you are welcome to contact us via Email or Whatsapp.


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Even if you don’t purchase a carton box erector machine from us, the communication between us assists you to learn more about this type of little carton erector, and you will never feel like wasting your time and energy.


Because we are a professional manufacturer of eCommerce box carton erectors, if your carton erecting failure rate is more than 0.3%, we would rather give up selling small box erectors to you, and suggest you go to find another better supplier.

What is a Tuck End Box?

A tuck end box is a type of folding carton, such a carton box is the most popular packaging box for light items.

Refer to the diagram below:


A tuck end carton box has upper and lower (top and bottom) openings, both upper and lower openings could be sealed by two dust flaps and a closure panel with a tuck flap.

Formed tuck end boxes range in size from 1.91cm (0.75″) x 1.9cm (0.75″) x 4.45cm (1.75″) to 30.48cm (12″) x 15.24cm (6″) x 30.48cm (12″).

Types of Tuck End Boxes

The two most common tuck top boxes are:

  • Straight Tuck End Box

Referring to the following die-cut drawings of the straight tuck top box, you will find:


The top tuck flap and the bottom tuck flap are on the same line;

After the carton folding & forming, the top & bottom tuck flaps are located on the same side of the carton.


  • Reverse Tuck End Box

Different from the straight tuck top box, after the reverse tuck end box is formed, the top and bottom tuck flaps are located on the different sides of the carton respectively.


According to the die-cut drawing of the reverse tuck end box below, the top tuck flap and the bottom tuck flap are not on the same line.


Tuck End Box Erector


The tuck end carton erecting machine converts the carton blank into a fully erected and bottom-sealed tuck top box.


The top dust flap, closure panel, and tuck flap are kept open outwards, which is convenient for subsequent content loading manually or mechanistically.



The schematic below shows the basic structure and dimensions of such packaging box erectors.


As shown in the figure, the main components of this little carton erector are:

  • Control Panel

You could set parameters on the touch screen, debug the machine, control the operation of the machine, etc.


  • Carton Blank Magazine

It is used to pre-store carton blanks, and workers can place 400 carton blanks in it in advance, and continue to add them when the carton blanks are almost used up.


  • Transmission Chain

Located inside the machine, there is a row of lugs on the outside that connects to the transmission chain inside.


Carton Conveyor

The cartons are placed between neighborhood lugs one by one, and then the conveyor chain drives the row of lugs forward.


  • Folding & Forming Device

During the forward movement of a row of lugs, the folding & forming device completes the bottom closure panel & dust flaps folding, and inserts the bottom tuck flap into the carton.


  • Formed Carton Outlet

The formed carton also follows the forward movement of the transmission chain to the outlet.



Most customers will place a collection box under the carton outlet, and the formed carton directly enters the collection box for subsequent cartoning or packaging.


  • Electric Cabinet

It is equivalent to the brain of the automatic box erector.

Various action instructions for the machine are issued by the PLC in the electric cabinet.


The normal operation of the box erector totally depends on the electrical cabinet.


The operation of this small carton erector machine mainly includes the following steps:

  • Pick & pre-break the carton blank
  • Place the carton between two lugs
  • Transmiss the erected carton
  • Fold the bottom dust flaps
  • Fold the bottom closure panel
  • Insert the tuck flap
  • Drop the formed carton

Please watch the video below to better understand this tuck top carton box erector’s workflow.


There is no doubt that the tuck end carton forming machine could greatly improve packaging efficiency.

It could replace 3-6 manual box folding workers, completing the workload of folding 40-60 tuck top boxes in one minute.


And the machine will not feel tired, as long as you want, you could make it work 24h a day for 3 shifts.

Of course, you need to arrange for a person to add the carton blanks into the magazine from time to time.

Tuck End Carton Erecting Machine Price

The price of the tuck end carton erecting machine depends on many factors, and after determining these factors, we will quote a suitable price.

For example, some customers’ carton size is not within the range of our standard carton forming machine, and the final price of the customized machine is definitely higher;

Some customers feel that the regular components of the small case erector cannot meet their standard, and they want Siemens PLC, touch screen, etc.;


Besides, some clients want to add some functions, which require customization. Adding the customization fee, the carton box erector costs more.

Tuck End Box Erector Companies

Do a google search for tuck end box erectors and many pages come up about corrugated box erectors, machines for folding corrugated cardboard boxes.

Fortunately, you have now found our website, we are a professional manufacturer of tuck end box formers in China.


The video below shows our eCommerce box carton erector’s assembly workshop:

If you have plans to purchase an eCommerce box carton erector in the near future, you are welcome to give us a video call, we can show you our office and factory in real time.

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

1-2-3 Bottom Box Erector

Besides the tuck end box former, many customers enquire about the snap lock bottom box erector and gusset tuck box forming machines.



Recently, a Thai customer sent a WhatsApp message to inquire about the gusset tuck box forming machine.


You could watch the following video to understand the 1-2-3 bottom box forming machine’s workflow.

If you are interested in an in-depth understanding, please email or WhatsApp us.


WhatsApp: +8617312124727

We will try our best to answer your message quickly within an hour.

Large Box Case Erector

SiroSilo Industrial not only manufactures folding carton erectors, but also corrugated cardboard box erectors, including automatic cardboard box case erector, semi automatic case erector, case erector glue, and box folding robot.

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