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FFS Machine

Max. Output 3600 b/h
Max. Film Reel Width 420mm
Max. Film Reel Diameter 320mm
Bag Length 80mm-300mm
Bag Width 60mm-200mm
Film Thickness 40µm-80µm
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Consumption 110 Nl/cycle

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FFS Machine

SiroSilo Industrial can provide you with different types of FFS machines, such as vertical form fill seal machines and horizontal form fill seal machines.


FFS machines complete film unwinding to bag sealing in one stop, with a max. speed of up to 300 bags/min, which greatly improves packaging efficiency.

SiroSilo form fill seal machine is popular in food, hardware, electronics, medicine, cosmetics, fertilizer, agriculture, and other industries.

According to the practical test, the following products are packable with an FFS machine:

  • Liquid

Drinks, jams, detergents, soy sauce, etc.

  • Powder

Flour, condiments, milk powder, pesticides, etc.

  • Granule

Seeds, sugar, grains, etc.


  • Blocky

Peanuts, chewing gum, potato chips, pet food, etc.

If you want to pack a special item with a special pouch or bag, please contact us, and we can customize a suitable form-fill-seal machine for you.


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FFS Machine Purchasing Guide

FFS Machine Meaning

The FFS machine stands for form fill seal machine, which is common packaging equipment, it completes the processes of bag/pouch forming, product filling, and bag/pouch sealing in one stop.

In its operation process, product weighing is essential, specific dosing/metering equipment undertakes this task.

Common dosing equipment includes multihead weighers, auger fillers, and metering pumps.


Multihead Weigher

According to the bag forming directions, 2 types of FFS machines are available:

  • Horizontal FSS Machine
  • VFFS Packing Machine

FFS machines are good at packaging a variety of food, pharmaceuticals, and other products suitable for flexible bag packaging, including:

  • Grains (e.g. rice, beans)
  • Granules (e.g. detergents, fertilizers, sugar)
  • Hardware Fittings (e.g. nuts, bolts, screws)
  • Liquids (e.g. water, milk, juice, wine)
  • Powder (e.g. spice powder, milk powder, coffee powder)
  • Snacks (e.g. chips, dried fruit, crackers, namkeen)
  • Viscous Liquid (e.g. cooking oil, ghee, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, body wash)

Form Fill Seal Machines Diagram

With reference to the following schematic of a vertical form fill seal machine, let’s introduce its main components one by one.


  • Film Unwinding Shaft

The tension of the dancer roller drives the unwinding shaft to rotate for the plastic film unwinding.

The brake device installed on the shaft receives the PLC signal to control the unwinding process.

  • Tension Control Dancer Roller

It generates tension for the film unwinding.

  • Photoelectric Sensor

Detect the color mark on the film, and control the stroke of the film.

  • Rotary Encoder

The rubber roller follows the rotation of the film, drives the encoder to rotate, rotary encoder detects the actual stroke of the film.

  • Inkjet Printer

Coding equipment, receive PLC signal to print date and batch number on the film.

  • Film Pulling Shaft

Follow the rotation of the main shaft and pull the film down at a constant speed.

  • Vertical Sealing Bar

After the film has passed through the forming tube, the bag has taken shape, and the two outer edges of the film overlap each other.

Then the vertical sealing bar seals the outer edges and presses down, completing the vertical heat sealing.

  • Product Inlet

The product weighed by the dosing equipment enters the vertical form fill seal machine from this port.

  • Horizontal Sealing Shaft

Drive the horizontal sealing jaws to stick to the plastic film for sealing cyclically.

  • Horizontal Sealing Jaws

They seal the formed bag’s top opening and cut it off, at the same time, form the next bag’s bottom seam.

  • Horizontal Sealing Jaws Driver

Drive the horizontal sealing jaws to move up and down to achieve continuous sealing.

How Does FFS Machine Work?

FSS machines include horizontal and vertical types, and their working principles are quite similar.

Vertical form fill seal machines are relatively more common, so let’s take a form fill seal machine as an example, explaining how it works in detail.



The vertical form fill seal machine converts a roll of flexible packaging material into a bag, fills the product, and then seals the bag. One machine completes these three processes in succession automatically.


Combined with the upstream metering, dosing, and filling equipment, vertical form fill seal machines are suitable for packaging blocky, flaky, granular, stalk, powder, liquid, and viscous liquid materials.


Multihead Weigher

The VFFS bagging machine’s product inlet is located inside the bag maker, the machine carries out bag making and product filling vertically from top to bottom.

It mainly consists of:

  • Transmission System
  • Film Pulling System
  • Product Inlet
  • Bag Former
  • Metering Device
  • Horizontal and Vertical Sealing Device


With reference to the following video, let’s summarize the working principle of the vertical packaging machine.


The jumbo roll film placed on the unwinding shaft passes through the guide roller and the tensioning device, the trademark on the film is detected by the photoelectric sensor, and then rolled into a film cylinder through the forming tube surface.


First, the vertical sealing bar seals the film cylinder’s adjoining edges, thus obtaining a sealed bag with a top opening.

The metering device fills the measured products into the top-open bag through the product inlet, and then the horizontal sealing jaws seal the top opening and cut it off to get a packaging bag, and at the same time, form the bottom seal of the next bag.


To sum up, the workflow of the vertical form-fill-seal machine mainly includes the following steps:

  • Film Unwinding and Transmission
  • Film Tensioning
  • Date & Batch Number Printing
  • Film Tracking
  • Bag Forming
  • Product Filling
  • Bag Sealing
  • Bag Discharging

Types of FFS Machines

By Bag Forming Direction

According to the direction of bag forming, FFS machines include the following two kinds:

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The bag former is perpendicular to the ground, and the plastic film is pulled down from top to bottom through the forming tube, forming a shaped pouch.

  • Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

The rectangular bag form is parallel to the ground, and the plastic film is pulled from left to right through the forming tube, forming a shaped bag.


By Packed Products

According to the different materials packed in the bags, the FFS machines mainly include the following three types:

  • Granule Filling Machine
  • Powder Filling and Sealing Machine
  • Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

By Bag Shapes

According to the different shapes of forming bags, FFS machines mainly include the following categories:

  • Pillow Pouch
  • 3 Side Seal Pouches
  • 4 Side Seal Pouches
  • Gusset Pouch
  • Flat Bottom Pouch
  • Standup Pouch (with zipper/spout/euro slot/handle, etc.)
  • Doypack

VFFS Packing Machine

There are two types of VFFS packing machines: continuous motion and intermittent motion.

The continuous motion VFFS packing machine can achieve continuous sealing without stopping, and its packing efficiency is higher;

The intermittent motion VFFS packing machine requires a short pause every time it seals, its packing is less efficient, but it’s cheaper.

The working principles of these two VFFS packing machines are basically the same.

Bag Forming

Unwind the film jumbo roll, the film enters the forming tube after being driven by the guide roller and the dancer roller. The film forms a round bag on the forming tube, seals the two vertical seams, and the upper part is open.


Film Reel

Product Filling

The product drops from the metering device into the formed bag via the upper opening, the metering device needs to be purchased additionally.

Usually, a multi-head scale is suitable for granular materials, an auger weigher is applicable for powder materials, and a metering pump is useful for liquid materials.


Auger Weigher

Bag Sealing

After the material filling’s completion, the horizontal sealing jaws seal the upper part of the forming bag and also form the next bag’s bottom seal.


Horizontal Sealing Jaws

Bag Cutting Types

Vertical packaging machines generally have two cutting methods:

  • Eye Mark Cutting
  • Fixed-length Cutting

The two cutting methods are easy to switch, and the cutting method choice depends on the packaging film.

The packaging film is either with an eye mark or not.


The packaging film without an eye mark is cut to a fixed length; otherwise, it is cut by detecting the eye mark via a photoelectric sensor.



In most VFFS machines, the vertical sealing bar and horizontal sealing jaws consist of a nichrome wire, the wire has an intermittent current flow through it, it heats the sealing bar and jaws to the proper temperature.

It is necessary to carefully adjust this temperature, as well as the dwell time, to provide enough heat at the ideal temperature to melt the plastic without overheating.

Overheating causes the film to wrinkle or even burn through.

Horizontal FFS Machine


The following picture is a schematic of a horizontal form fill seal machine.


  1. Product Feeding Conveyor
  2. Transmission System
  3. Former
  4. Packaging Material Roll
  5. Vertical Sealing Device
  6. Horizontal Sealing and Cutting Device
  7. Pressing Brush
  8. Control Console
  9. Output Device

In order to explain the process of the horizontal form fill seal machine more intuitively, please check the following picture first:


  1. Rolled Film
  2. Guide Roller
  3. Former
  4. Product
  5. NIP Roller
  6. Vertical Sealing Roller
  7. Horizontal Sealing and Cutting Device


The workflow of the horizontal form fill seal machine is:

The rolled film 1 is folded into a pillow shape by the former 3 through the guide roller 2, and is clamped by the NIP roller 5 and fed to the right;

At the same time, the vertical sealing roller 6 seals the longitudinal seam;

Product 4 is pushed into the pillow-shaped bag by the push plate on the conveyor belt, and is transferred to the right;

Finally, the horizontal sealing and cutting device 7 completes the sealing and cutting process, and the pillow-shaped packaging bag is shown in the video thumbnail above.

FFS Liquid Filling Machine

With the PLC program control of the FFS liquid filling machine, it is capable of completing the whole process of bag making, material weighing & filling, bag sealing, batch number & date printing, tear notch adding, bag cutting off, and bag counting.


Tear Notch

The compatible packaging and sealing form include three-side sealing, four-side sealing, pillow-shaped sealing, etc.


Such a liquid pouch filling machine has the following features:

  • Beautiful bag shape;
  • Convenient adjustment of bag size, packaging weight, sealing & cutting temperature;
  • Direct heat sealing and cutting;
  • Fast packaging speed;
  • High weighing accuracy;
  • No sealing pollution;
  • Prevent material leakage.

You can also choose devices such as vacuuming and punching.


Hole Punch

For materials that are easy to solidify, a constant temperature insulation system is addable.

Packable Products

The FFS liquid filling machine has a wide range of applications, mainly suitable for packaging various seasonings, oils, beverages, and other liquid materials in the food & condiment industry, including:

  • Sauce

Food seasoning, jam, honey, shampoo, hot pot ingredients, bean paste, chili sauce, beef sauce, etc.

  • Liquid

Soy sauce, edible vinegar, milk, cooking wine, liquor, sterilized beverages, fruit juice, milk, yogurt, soy milk, etc.


Referring to the picture below, you can clearly understand the process flow of the pouch liquid filling machine.


Inject the liquid material into the aging tank (including an automatic stirring device with a heating function).

The rotor pump automatically pumps the liquid material to the high-level mixing tank.


The liquid pouch filler can automatically make and form bags (optional accessories such as punching, gusset, vacuuming, etc.), automatically measure and fill according to the set weight, and complete automatic sealing and cutting, weight dosing is realized by measuring cup or metering pump.


The packaged bag comes out from the liquid pouch filling and sealing machine, the checkweigher automatically detects its weight (optional equipment).



The qualified bag finally drops to the manual packing station by the outfeed conveyor.

High Quality Powder Packing Machine

A high quality powder packing machine always equips the auger weigher, automatically complete all processes such as:

  • Bag Making
  • Powder Weighing
  • Powder Filling
  • Bag Sealing
  • Bag Cutting

Packable Products

The powder packaging machine is widely used in medicine, food, chemical, and pesticide industries, it is suitable for the packing of many different powders, such as:

  • Additives
  • Coffee
  • Condiments
  • Desiccant
  • Drugs
  • Enzymes
  • Juice Powder
  • Milk Powder
  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Pesticides
  • Premixes
  • Salt
  • Seeds
  • Starch
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Veterinary Drugs
  • ……

Working Principle

With reference to the following schematic, let’s learn more about the powder packing machine’s structure and working principle.


After loading powder materials into the powder hopper, the screw feeder/elevator directly sends the powder materials into the auger filler, then the auger filler completes the automatic measurement.

At the same time, the bag former of the powder packaging machine completes bag making, then the PLC sends a signal to the auger filler, and the auger filler drops the weighed powder into the formed pouch.

After powder filling, the high quality powder packing machine’s horizontal sealing jaws seal the pouch, then the packaged pouch drops to the ground or outfeed conveyor (if purchased).


The SiroSilo powder filling machine has won the favor of many customers around the world with the following features.

  • Auger filler completes metering, filling, etc., suitable for powder materials;
  • The servo drive system, has high precision, and stable performance;
  • The stainless steel tank is easy to clean, and equipped with safety protection;
  • With Intelligent & accurate temperature control, the sealing is beautiful and smooth.
  • PLC control double-pull or single-pull film feeding system, motor-driven deviation correction of sealing and cutting position, large display touch screen, which maximizes the control accuracy, reliability, and intelligence;
  • This machine and metering equipment can automatically complete the whole packaging process of feeding, metering, filling, bag making, gas flush (vacuuming), date printing, and bag counting;
  • Perfect automatic alarm to minimize loss and help to troubleshoot in time;
  • The styles of packaging are diversified, such as back seal, gusset, even bag, punching, and so on.

Automatic FFS Machine

The automatic FFS machine is one of the film bag-making and packaging machines. It is often used for the automatic packaging of irregular bulk products such as granules, powders, liquids, pastes, soups, and sauces.

Both bag making and packaging are realized synchronously during the machine operation, the material falls vertically along the filling tube into the cylindrical bag, and then is sealed to complete the packaging in one-stop, which has strong applicability, good durability, and wide application.

Liquid Filling Sealing Machine

The metering pump is used for automatic quantitative packaging, and the liquid material is fed directly from the tank through the conduit into the packaging bag.

The material does not contact the packaging equipment during the entire filling process, and the cleanliness and hygiene are high. The precision is high and the speed is fast, which can meet the automatic quantitative filling of various fluid products.

FFS Powder Packing Machine

Using a special high-precision auger weigher, a volumetric scale is conducive to material filling and rapid metering, often used for automatic packaging of non-viscous and easy-flowing powder products.

FFS powder packing machine needs to be combined with an automatic feeding machine, powder metering machine, discharging conveyors, and other devices to form an automatic packaging line.

The FFS powder packing machine can meet the general packaging of products with similar characteristics, and realize the purpose of one machine for multiple purposes.

Granule Filling Machine

According to the material characteristics, packaging accuracy, and speed requirements, volumetric measuring cups, linear scales, and combination scales can be used for weighing, which can realize both compact packaging of small vertical packaging machines and automatic weighing of large granule packaging machines.

Heavy packaging is also suitable for solid particle bars, flakes, and spherical special-shaped materials.

Common Features

The automatic FFS machine has won the global clients’ favor due to the following attractive features.

  • Microcomputer program control, English touch screen for easy parameters setup.
  • Small footprint, high space utilization, easy placement and layout, realizing the optimal combination of upstream and downstream production lines, and equipment that conforms to Industry 4.0 standards.
  • Work independently with an air compressor and power supply.
  • Easy cleaning and sterilizing, high-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel, which fully guarantees product safety.
  • The unique sealing bar ensures that the product is firmly sealed, which is beneficial to the circulation and storage of the product.
  • The film-pulling drive system and plc control system can ensure high productivity under various materials and specifications.

Rotary FFS Machine

The rotary FFS machine consists of a coding machine, PLC control system, bag opening guide device, vibration device, dust removal device, solenoid valve, temperature controller, vacuum generator or pump, frequency converter, and output system.


The options are material measuring and filling machine, working platform, checkweigher, material elevator, vibrating feeder, outfeed conveyor, and metal detector.



Its compatible bag materials are extremely wide, including paper-plastic composite, plastic-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, PE composite, etc., and the loss of packaging materials is low.


Packable Products

Because the premade bags are used, the bag pattern is perfect, and the sealing quality is good, thus improving the product grade;

It can also be used for multiple purposes in one machine, and only need to match different measuring devices according to different materials, it can achieve granule, powder, block, liquid, soft cans, toys, hardware, and other products with fully automatic packaging.


  • Liquids

Detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, juice, beverage, ketchup, jam, chili sauce, and bean paste.

  • Blocky

Peanuts, jujubes, potato chips, rice noodles, nuts, candy, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, etc.

  • Granules

Condiments, additives, crystalline seeds, seeds, granulated sugar, soft white sugar, chicken essence, grains, and agricultural products.

  • Powder

Flour, seasoning, milk powder, glucose, chemical seasoning, pesticide, fertilizer.


The rotary FFS machine realizes fast packaging speed and good packaging effect.

It is suitable for standard stand-up pouches, and can also be applicable for the zipper and special-shaped mask bags through customization.

The rotary FSS machine mainly includes the following working steps:


  • Pouch Loading

The machine picks up a premade doypack to the gripper, if the photoelectric eye detects no pouch, the machine sounds an alarm.

In this way, it effectively reduces the labor intensity;

  • Code Printing

Ribbon detection, if the ribbon runs out, an alarm pops up on the touch screen, ensure the normal date coding;

  • Pouch Opening

Open the pouch, no opening no material filling, thus avoiding material waste;

  • Pouch Filling

Material presence detection first, no material no filling & sealing, thus avoiding wasting the bag;

  • Heat Sealing

Alarm for the abnormal temperature to ensure sealing quality;

  • Cooling, Shaping & Discharging

Ensure that the seal is beautiful.

Optional Accessories

The rotary FFS machine highly improves packaging efficiency for both large, medium, and small enterprises.

The operator only needs to place hundreds of premade bags in the bag magazine at one time, and the rotary FFS machine takes the bag, prints the date, opens the bag, sends the signal to the measuring device for material filling, then seals the pouch and output the packaged pouch.

Optional accessories are also available for your choice, such as:

  • Bigger Bag Magazine
  • Empty Bag Rejection
  • Gas Flush
  • Integration With Multihead Weighers, Auger Fillers, Metering Pumps, Checkweighers, and Metal Detectors
  • Safety Guards
  • Zipper Opening

The whole packaging process doesn’t require manual operations, which effectively improves production efficiency for your company, and saves labor costs and management costs.


The following outstanding features of the rotary FSS machine have attracted many customers to contact SiroSilo.

  • PLC control, touch screen HMI interface, easy to operate.
  • Frequency conversion speed regulation, adjustable speed within the specified range.
  • Automatic pouch opening and presence detection.
  • Safety guard, when the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating tube fails, it will alarm.
  • horizontal bag feeding method, more bag storage, bag separation, and loading rate is high.
  • Click one button to realize bag width adjustment.
  • Imported engineering plastic bearings, no need to refuel and reduce material pollution.
  • Oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of the production environment.
  • The zipper bag opening mechanism avoids deformation or damage to the bag’s mouth.
  • Low packaging materials loss as the premade bags are with perfect patterns and good sealing quality.
  • In line with the hygiene standards of the food processing industry.

Form Fill Seal Machines Manufacturers

According to the search results of Google Adwords, the following manufacturers of FFS machines are the most common.

  • Bosch
  • Hayssen
  • Matrix
  • Nichrome
  • Pakona
  • Rommelag
  • Rovema
  • TNA vffs
  • Triangle
  • Viking/Viking Masek

Without a doubt, these producers are the top players in this niche. If you want to customize the highest-end, best-performing form-fill-seal machine, they are the best choice.

We SiroSilo Industrial are also one of the professional form fill seal machine manufacturers in China, with our own R&D team and factory, we are capable of supplying high-quality form fill seal machines at a competitive price.

Please contact us to get a quote for comparison:

Form Fill Seal Machine Price

Form fill seal machines are usually customized according to the actual packaging requirements of customers, and the prices of customized machines vary greatly, so it is difficult to give a specific price range.

In addition, the price of form fill seal machine is related to many factors, mainly including:

  • FFS machine type (horizontal or vertical)
  • Type of product packaged (powder, liquid, paste or paste, granules)
  • Bag type (three-side seal, four-side seal, gusset)
  • Bag size
  • Premade pouches or not

When you determine your requirements for the above factors, ask the FFS machine supplier to provide a reasonable quotation according to your requirements.

I found some information about the price of the FFS machine on the Internet, and the price information is shown in the following four pictures. You can use the prices in these four pictures as a reference.

The FFS machine manufacturer in the 1st picture is from Europe, and the FFS machine manufacturer in the 2nd picture is from China.






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