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Folding Carton Erector

Item Folding Carton Erector
Motion Manner Intermittent/Continuous
Speed Intermittent/10-20 CPM
Continuous/40-60 CPM
Box Styles Tuck End | 123 Bottom | Auto Bottom | Mailer |  Lid & Base
Carton Size Customizable
Carton Material Gray Cardboard, White Cardboard, Corrugated Paper
Power Intermittent/400W
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8 Mpa | 6-8 Bar | 87-116 Psi

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Folding Carton Erector

The folding carton erector is a type of small case erector machine.


1 2 3 Bottom Box Former

It is suitable for erecting & forming small boxes, such as tuck end cartons, auto bottom cartons, snap lock/1-2-3 bottom boxes, and mailer boxes that are common on supermarket shelves & for express packages.


Common Folding Carton Styles

Another type of case erector is a cardboard box erector, which is ideal for erecting big corrugated cardboard cartons.


Such a large box case erector is common in logistics packaging.


Whether you plan to purchase small box folding machines or large box case erectors, you are welcome to contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Types of Folding Cartons

The material of folding cartons is 200-450gsm white paperboard, grey paperboard, kraft paper, 3-ply corrugated paper, etc.


White Paperboard

Regarding the production process of folding cartons, it has the following steps:

  • Die Line & Sheet Layout Design
  • Paperboard Sheeting & Printing
  • Post-press Finishing
  • Die-cutting
  • Folding & Gluing

Because its material is not hard enough, its bearing weight is relatively low, so it is suitable for packing light items.


When the folding carton is not filled with anything, it is a flat blank, which can save storage space.


As the most popular paper packaging box on the market, its common types include:

Straight Tuck End Box (STE)

As shown in the photo below, its top & bottom tuck flaps are on the same side.


It is visible in many industries, such as 3C, health & beauty, cosmetics, etc.

Reverse Tuck End Box (RTE)

The top & bottom tuck flaps of the reverse tuck end box are on the opposite side.


It is easy to assemble and ideal for packaging lightweight items.

Furthermore, one paperboard sheet converts more reverse tuck end boxes than straight tuck ones, thus each reverse tuck end box price is lower.

123 Bottom Box (Snap Lock Bottom)

Folding the snap lock bottom box includes 3 steps:


  • Female Bottom Closure Panel Folding
  • Two Closure Flaps Folding
  • Male Bottom Closure Panel Folding & Inserting


Such a 1 2 3 bottom box is suitable for packing slightly heavy products, as its bottom base is sturdy.

Industries like health & beauty, toys, food, and pharmaceuticals often introduce such boxes to package items.

Auto Bottom Box (TTAB)

Tuck top auto bottom box is also known as auto-lock bottom or crash bottom box.


With glue tabs, its bottom base can bear more weight, thus it is also ideal for slightly heavy content packaging.

Due to pre-glued tabs, its price is higher than the tuck end & 123 bottom box.

Mailer/Postal/Pizza Box

A postal/mailer box is made of paperboard or corrugated paper and is popular in express packaging.


Thanks to its interlocking flaps, the mailer box assembly is easy, and tape is unneeded for closure.

Its double side panels make it more durable & resistant during transportation.

Burger Box

Burger box is also widespread all over the world with the development of fast food, its material is light cardboard, which effectively contains the burger, keeping the hamburger hot & fresh when it reaches consumers.


As the above photo shows, eight flaps must be glued to the side panels to form a burger box.

Lid & Base Box (Top & Bottom Box)

This type of box is produced from white or kraft paperboard, including a top lid and bottom base, and is suitable for packaging small gifts, toys, underwear, etc.


What is a Folding Carton Erector?

The folding carton erectors erect, shape, and bottom-seal small boxes, with top openings left for following product loading.

Folding cartons are common in many industries for packing cereals, snacks, household goods, personal care products, cosmetics, light bulbs, hardware, etc.


SiroSilo supplies several types of small box erectors:

  • Mailer Box
  • Tuck End Box
  • Auto Bottom Carton
  • Snap Lock Bottom Box
  • Lid & Base Box

Let’s dive deep into them one by one.

Mailer Box Folding Machine

Postal/mailer box folding machines convert box blanks into closed-bottom, open-top postal/mailer boxes for manual product loading.


The video below shows the production process of mailer box blanks:

Schematic & Workflow

Let’s show you the schematic of a mailer box folding machine first.


Common components of this machine include:

  • Box Blank Magazine
  • Control Cabinet
  • Drive Chain
  • Folding Station
  • Lifting Motor
  • Servo Motor
  • Touch Screen
  • Tower Light

Its workflow is clear in the schematic above and the video below.

It first grabs a box blank with vacuum cups;


Secondly, the vacuum grabber delivers the blank to the folding station with servo motor drive;


A folding station as shown in the photo below:


Then, this folding station completes the mailer box folding & side panel insertion step by step;


Finally, the rear box pushes the front box out.



Referring to the photo below, you can better understand the box size range supported by a standard mailer box folding machine.


If your postal box size exceeds the range in the table below, contact us to confirm customization possibilities.

Speed 900-1000/h
Size Range L(150mm-300mm | 5.9″-11.8″)
W(90mm-230mm | 3.54″-9″)
H/D(30mm-100mm | 1.18″-3.94″)
Compatible Box Mailer | Pizza | Postal Box
Power 1.5kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar
Dimension/Weight L1.8m x W1.3m x H1.85m
Size Changeover Time 15-20 Mins


  • Touch screen HMI, simple setting & convenient control;
  • Real-time status monitoring, automatic shutdown for failure;
  • PLC control to ensure stable & smooth operation;
  • Box blanks refilling without machine downtime;
  • Photoelectric eye detection for each essential motion;
  • Scaled hand wheel screw adjustment, precise enough;
  • Quick & easy size changeover, averaging 15-20 mins;
  • Current & cumulative output count;
  • Safety cover protects the operator;
  • High-quality components screened layer by layer.


Item Brand Place of Origin
PLC Delta Taiwan
Servo Motor YICHUAN China
Servo Drive YICHUAN China
Vacuum Generator SMC Japan
Air Cylinder AirTAC Taiwan
Photoelectric Sensor QZQ China
Touch Screen Weinview China
Speed Regulation Motor CHEEMING China
Electrical Switch CHINT China
Power MEANWELL Taiwan

Photo Show

  • Front View


  • Left View


  • Right View


  • Folding Station


  • Liftable Box Blank Magazine


  • Outlet


Some customers’ pizza boxes are the same as or similar to mailer boxes, they are also workable on such a mailer box folding machine.


If you plan to purchase a machine for folding pizza, postal, or mailer boxes, contact us for a deep discussion.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Tuck End Box Erector

The tuck end box erector forms straight & reverse tuck end cartons.


Straight Tuck End Carton


Reverse Tuck End Carton

When these straight & reverse tuck end boxes come out from the erector, their tops open outward for the follow-up product loading.

Such a little carton erector is widespread in lighting, electrical appliances, e-commerce, 3C, handicrafts, beauty, cosmetics, toys, food, and other industries.


It has a compact footprint, moves flexibly for mobile use with casters, or works with other packaging equipment to form a packaging line.


Two types are available:

Intermittent Motion (10-20 CPM)


This intermittent motion small box folding machine consists of the following components:

  • Alarm Indicator
  • Aluminum Profile Frame
  • Box Blank Magazine
  • Carton Forming Station
  • Control Cabinet
  • Leveling Feet
  • Pneumatic Components (Air Cylinder)
  • Touchscreen
  • Universal Wheel
  • Vacuum Generator
  • Vacuum Suction Cups



  1. Box Blank Grabbing & Shaping
  2. Box Framing/Squaring
  3. Dust Flaps Folding
  4. Closure Panel Folding
  5. Tuck Flap Folding & Holding
  6. Tuck Flap Inserting
  7. Box Blowing Out

Please watch the operation guidance video for a better understanding.


  1. Compact structure, small footprint;
  2. Simple & convenient touchscreen control;
  3. Photoelectric eye detection ensures stable & smooth running;
  4. Low power cuts electricity bills;
  5. Safety cover protects the operator;
  6. Easy shifting with universal wheels.

In addition, we added a pneumatically controlled top pressure plate to the carton framing device.


With this dedicated design, the tuck flap insertion effect gets much better.

Some customers’ cartons are produced on the folder gluer machine which doesn’t integrate the creasing station, the produced box blanks are non-pre-creased ones and do not have the deep black dotted crease lines in the following figure:


So we customized a non-pre-creased tuck end carton erector for them, which adopts upper & lower vacuum cups for box erecting and two sides top pressure plates for box framing:

Customizable HMI

  • Startup Screen (Your Logo & Native Language)


  • Home Interface


  • Cylinder Control


  • Output Signal


Photo Show

  • Alarm Light


  • Aluminum Profile Frame


  • Box Blank Magazine


  • Carton Forming Station


  • Control Cabinet


  • Leveling Feet & Universal Wheels


  • Pneumatic Components (Air Cylinder)


  • Touchscreen


  • Vacuum Generator


  • Vacuum Suction Cups


  • Air Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL)


  • Solenoid Valve


Continuous Motion (40-60 CPM)


The following schematic shows its structure.


It consists of the components below:

  • Touch Screen

Convenient control.

  • Box Blank Magazine

It pre-stores max. 400 pcs box blanks in advance (depending on blank thickness), and blank restocking is achievable without machine downtime.


  • Transmission Chain

It sits inside the machine and connects to a row of lugs outside.


Carton Conveyor

The cartons are placed between neighborhood lugs one by one, and then the chain conveyor drives the row of lugs forward.


  • Folder & Former

During the forward movement, the folder & former complete the bottom closure panel & dust flaps folding and insert the bottom tuck flap into the carton.


  • Closed Carton Outlet

The chain conveyor carries the closed carton to the outlet finally.



Most customers will place a collection container under the carton outlet, and the closed cartons directly enter the container for downstream packaging.

  • Control Cabinet

It is equivalent to the continuous tuck end box erector’s brain.


The PLC inside issues instructions for smooth & stable running.


Tuck end carton forming includes the following steps:

  1. Carton Blank Picking-up
  2. Bottom Dust Flap Folding
  3. Bottom Closing Panel Folding
  4. Bottom Tuck Flap Insertion
  5. Bottom Closed Carton Outputting


Please watch the video below to digest these steps.


Speed 40-60 CPM
Size Range L(30mm-120mm | 1.18″-4.72″)
W(30mm-80mm | 1.18″-3.15″)
H(70mm-165mm | 2.75″-6.5″)
Compatible Box Straight/Reverse Tuck End
Power 1.5kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8 Mpa | 6-8 Bar | 87-116 Psi
Dimension/Weight L/1.66m x W/0.96m x H/1.5m
Size Changeover Time 15-20 Mins

Auto Bottom Erector

In 2021, SiroSilo customized an auto bottom box erector for a domestic customer in China.

It adopts a continuous motion manner, whose speed can reach 40-60 CPM.


1 2 3 Bottom Box Erector

1 2 3 bottom box erector converts carton blanks to 1-2-3 bottom boxes.

When the closed carton comes out from the erector, its top closure panel & dust flaps are open for product filling.

Continuous Motion (40-60 CPM)

Continuous 123 bottom box erectors share the same design as the continuous tuck end box erectors mentioned above.

The only difference between them is their different carton folder & former unit.

As shown in the video above, a continuous 123 bottom box erector runs as follows:

A vacuum cup sucks a 123 bottom box blank from the magazine;


Secondly, the vacuum cup places the shaped box on the lug chain conveyor, the lug chain conveyor carries the 123 bottom box forward;


Thirdly, a tucker folds the bottom female closure panel;


Fourthly, two folders fold the bottom dust flaps of the 123 bottom box;


Fifthly, one holder holds the bottom dust flaps & female closure panel, the other holds the bottom male closure panel, then a tucker inserts the bottom male closure panel into the female closure panel.


Finally, the lug chain conveyor conveys the erected 123 bottom box to the outlet.

Intermittent Motion


Intermittent 1-2-3 bottom box erector consists of the following parts:


  • Control Console
  • Electric Cabinet
  • Alarm Light
  • Carton Blank Magazine
  • Carton Erecting Unit
  • Bottom Locking Unit
  • Carton Outlet


Let’s dive deep into its running processes.


  • Box Blank Grabbing & Conveying

Two vacuum suction cups suck a box blank from the blank magazine and then convey the blank to the carton erecting unit.


  • Carton Erecting

A photoelectric eye detects the coming box blank and sends a signal to the PLC.


Then, the PLC sends a command to the other two vacuum suction cups to absorb the box blank, generating a reverse pulling force.

Two reverse pulling forces erect the box blank into a square shape.

  • Bottom Interlocking

Now it’s the bottom locking unit’s turn.


It folds the female bottom closure panel first, then folds the two dust flaps, and finally tucks the male bottom closure panel into the female bottom closure panel.


  • Closed Box Outputting

Compressed air blows the closed box out, and the closed boxes with open tops drop into the pre-placed collection container.


1 2 3 Bottom Box

Its workflow is clear in the video below.

Lid & Base Box Folding Machine

Lid & base boxes for packaging various products such as gifts, shoes, underwear, clothes, mobiles, fruits, etc., can also be automatically folded & formed by the machine in the video below.

In the video, the lid & base boxes are interlocked from the side panel to the bottom panel to erect.

Another type of lid & base box requires hot melt glue to seal the side panels to form it:

If your lid & base box are made of white cardboard, please choose the following folding machine:

Some customers favor high speed and choose a duplex folding machine:

Our lid & base box folding machines share the same design as the mailer box former:


Burger Box Making Machine

The burger box making machine punches the box blanks into three-dimensional hamburger boxes.


These hamburger boxes are easy to open, which greatly shortens the time of food packaging, they are also environmentally friendly, hygienic, well-sealed, and quick to circulate.


This hamburger box making machine can also form the following boxes by changing the mold:

  • French Fries Box


  • Hot Dog Box


  • Take-out Food Pail Box


Working Principle

Please enjoy a structure schematic of the hamburger box making machine first.


This photo shows the core components of such machines:

  1. Box Blank Feeder
  2. Box Blank Conveyor
  3. Glue Applicator
  4. Box Punch Former
  5. Formed Box Collector
  6. Control Cabinet & Touchscreen

A worker places burger box blanks into the magazine first;


Then the box blank feeder feeds box blanks one by one;


Thirdly, these box blanks pass through the blank conveyor one by one;


Fourthly, each box blank passes through the glue applicator for flaps gluing;


Then, the glued box blanks are converted to burger boxes by punching the former;


At last, the formed burger boxes are collected in the collector below:


To dive deep into its working principle, please digest the following video.


Small footprint;
PLC control, automatic shutdown due to box jam or shortage;
Automatic recipes save;
Humanized buttons & touch panel for easy control;
Servo motor driven forming mold (punching mold), high precision & efficiency;
Pinewood mold, faster mold changeover for different box types;
Food-grade water-based glue applicator, efficient & accurate;
High-quality sealed bearings prevent dust & liquid from entering, long life & superb stability;
High-quality synchronous chain drive ensures stable running;
Automatically collect, stack, and count formed boxes.


Item Hamburger Box Making Machine
Speed 60-160 CPM
Box Material 200-600gsm Cardboard
Compatible Boxes Hot Dog, French Fries, Take-out Food Pail
Box Size L100-450mm | 3.94″-17.7″
W100-500mm | 3.94″-19.7″
H15-200mm | 0.6″-7.9″
Degree 5-45°
Power 6kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar

Small Carton Erector Machine Price

Small carton erector machine price varies greatly among different clients.

Clients have different requirements, including:

  • Compatibility with wider carton sizes
  • Specified PLC, inverter, touch screen, motor
  • Additional features

To quote you a suitable price, we hope you can provide your carton sizes & photos first via Email or WhatsApp.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Folding Carton Erector Machine Manufacturer

As a professional Chinese carton erector machine manufacturer with an R&D team, your desired customization is realizable.

Moreover, we have our workshop, and we will produce, inspect, test, and tune your erector in one stop.


We will strictly control all aspects such as parts procurement, assembly process, and tuning steps, ensuring the machine runs perfectly before it reaches your hands.

The video below shows our assembly workshop, please watch it for reference.

A correct contact leads to the right result, give us a try.

Cartoning Machine

When some customers first contacted us, they were inquiring about box erectors.

After they realized their requirements in between, they wanted to erect cartons, load products, and close cartons on one machine, and the cartoning machine finally became their choice.

A top load or end load cartoner is available for their choice.

  • Top Load


  • End Load


Cardboard Box Erectors

Cardboard box erectors transform corrugated carton blanks into fully erected, bottom-sealed boxes.


The following types of slotted boxes are common on the market:

  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
  • Half Slotted Container (HSC)
  • Overlap Slotted Container (OSC)

Among them, RSC is the most common.


According to the degrees of automation, corrugated box erectors are divided into:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Fully Automatic

Based on sealing medium, cardboard erectors have two kinds:

  • Case Erector Tape
  • Case Erector Glue

There is also a box erector robot, which has a robotic arm to pick and place the box blank, it is different from the conventional type.



An automatic case erector adopts PLC control and graphic touch screen HMI, one machine could finish the whole process of blank picking & placing, case erecting, flaps folding, and bottom sealing.

Semi-automatic Carton Erector

Semi-automatic carton erectors require manual erecting of the carton blank, turning the blank into a rectangular shape with top & bottom mouths.


Rectangular Shape

Then, manually place the partially formed box into a pocket for bottom flaps folding.



After loading the products, push the fully-erected & bottom-flaps-folded carton into the sealer to close its bottom or top & bottom.

Box Erector Robot

Programmable 4-8 CPM

A cobot case erector works slower than a conventional one, it can erect cartons of different sizes without downtime or changeovers.

If your cartons have a single size and high-speed requirements, choose the conventional type; if your carton size is various, choose the cobot.

Non-programmable 30 CPM

With servo motors driving, the robotic arm completes grabbing box blanks, and erecting boxes according to fixed programs.


Two side belts then drive the carton forward to seal its bottom.


With two servo motors drive ensures better synchronous belt running, thus the erected & bottom-sealed cartons are square enough.

Such a pre-programmed robotic box erector can erect 30 cases per minute, and it works extremely stable, contact us for more details.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Case Erector Glue

The case erector glue adopts a hot melt glue applicator for the bottom sealing instead of a pressure-sensitive tape head.


Its sealing effect is beautiful & firm, and glue is more environmentally friendly than tape, which is currently popular.

Compared with tape sealing, hot melt adhesive seals the bottom more solidly, ensuring the seal is not easy to loosen during long-distance transportation;

In addition, its anti-theft effect is better.

Case Erector Tape

A pressure-sensitive tape applicator seals the case bottom by applying the BOPP adhesive tape.


Tape sealing is not as strong as hot melt glue, if you package valuable items, we recommend you use hot melt glue.

But tape sealing has a benefit, the tape can carry promotional info about your company, promoting your company with every shipment.


Best Case Erector

Best case erectors seamlessly connect to your existing packaging line, consume less time for carton size changeover, and are simple for operation & maintenance.

Digesting the following info will help you purchase a suitable case erector successfully.

  • Types of Case (RSC, HSC, or OSC)
  • Sizes of Cartons
  • Case Corrugating Quality
  • Erecting Speed Requirement
  • Sealing Types (Tape/Hot Melt Glue)
  • Automation Degree

Case Erector Price

The case erector price depends on its type, degree of automation, erecting speed, sealing media, etc.

One U.S. manufacturer lists a semi-automatic cardboard erector at $4,855.71 per set.


The price for an auto case erector is $26,117.86/set.


Chinese manufacturers offer more attractive prices, contact us for a deep discussion.


Carton Erector and Sealer

The carton erector and sealer generally fold and seal corrugated boxes in one stop.

Please watch the video below to learn more about its workflow.

Case Erector and Packer

Case erector and packer usually appear in the box packing line at the same time together with the case sealing machine, many potential customers will search on Google with the keyword case erector packer sealer.

You have scrolled this far, so why not contact us to get a quote for comparison and enjoy worry-free sourcing services like our American customer Mr. Bob?

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


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      120mL – L – 55mm; W – 55mm; H – 132 – 136 mm

      Painol Tablets 16’s/20’s – L – 95mm; W – 70mm; 27mm

      100’s – L – 128mm; W – 78mm; H – 142mm

      Baby Chest Rub D/T & N/T 28g – L – 42mm; W – 41mm; H – 51mm

      56g – L – 49mm; W – 48mm; H – 69mm

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