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Folding Carton Erector

Item Folding Carton Erector
Speed 40-60 CPM
Carton Size L/(70-250)mm x W/(25-120)mm x H/(15-80)mm
Carton Material Gray Cardboard, White Cardboard, Corrugated Paper
Blank Magazine Capacity 400 Pieces
Motor Power 0.4Kw
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

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Folding Carton Erector

The folding carton erector is a type of small case erector machine, it is suitable for erecting and forming small boxes, such as tuck end boxes and snap lock/1-2-3 bottom boxes, which are common in daily life.


1 2 3 Bottom Box Former

There is another case erector called the cardboard box erector machine, such a large box case erector is common in industrial scenes, which is ideal for erecting and forming big corrugated cardboard boxes.


Cardboard Box Erector

This page will focus on little carton erectors, please read the following content directory for more information.

If you plan to purchase a small carton box erector machine recently, you are welcome to contact us via email or WhatsApp.

We promise that our small carton erector machine’s success rate is greater than or equal to 99.7%.


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Types of Folding Cartons

The folding carton‘s main material is 200-350g single-layer white paperboard, grey paperboard, kraft paper, coated paper, etc.


White Paperboard

Paperboard is printed first, then pass through machines for die-cutting, gluing, and scoring to create folding cartons.

Because it consists of a single-layer paperboard, the folding carton’s bearing weight is relatively low, so it is suitable for packing light items.


A folding carton is foldable when not packing contents, which can save storage and transportation space. It is the most popular paper packaging box on the market.

Different types of folding boxes are useful for packing different types of products. The most common folding boxes on the market mainly include the following 4 types:

  • Straight Tuck End/Top (STE)

As you can see in the photo below, the straight tuck end box’s top tuck flap & bottom tuck flap are on the same side.


The straight tuck end box is one of the most popular cartons on the market, it is visible in many industries, such as health & beauty, cosmetics, etc.

  • Reverse Tuck End/Top (RTE)

With reference to the following picture, you know the reverse tuck end box’s top tuck flap & bottom tuck flap are on the opposite side.


The reverse tuck end box is ideal for packaging lightweight items, its assembly is easy. As it keeps flat for storage & transportation, saves your warehousing and logistics fees.

What’s more, 1 paperboard sheet converts more reverse tuck end boxes than straight tuck end boxes, thus the price of each reverse tuck end box is lower than the straight tuck end box.

  • Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom (TTSLB, also called 1-2-3 Bottom Box)

Please see the reference photo below:


Folding the snap lock bottom box in 3 steps:


  • Fold the female bottom closure panel
  • Fold two closure flaps
  • Fold the male bottom closure panel and insert it into the female bottom closure panel

Such a 1 2 3 bottom box is quite suitable for packing heavier products, as its bottom base is really really sturdy.

Industries like health and beauty, toys, food, and pharmaceutical often introduce such boxes to package products.

  • Tuck Top Auto Bottom (TTAB)

Tuck top auto bottom box is also called auto-lock bottom or crash bottom box.


As such auto bottom box with glue tabs, its bottom base can bear more weight, it’s ideal for heavy content packaging.

Due to pre-glued tabs, the price of auto bottom boxes is higher than bottom tuck and crash bottom boxes.

What are Folding Carton Erectors?

The folding carton erectors’ main function is to erect, shape, square, and seal small folding carton boxes with top openings.


This kind of small folding carton is common in packaging, printing, food, and edible industries, it is suitable for packing cereals, snacks, household goods, personal care products, cosmetics, light bulbs, hardware, etc.


Till now, SiroSilo has developed several types of automatic carton forming machines, the following types of folding carton boxes are producible.

  • Tuck End Carton
  • Snap Lock Bottom Carton

The content below will introduce these 2 types of automatic carton erector one by one.

Tuck End Carton Erector

The tuck end carton erector mainly forms straight tuck cartons & reverse tuck cartons.

When these straight tuck & reverse tuck end boxes come out from the carton erector, their tops open outward for the follow-up product loading.


Straight Tuck Carton


Reverse Tuck Carton

In lighting, electrical appliances, e-commerce, 3C, handicrafts, beauty, cosmetics, toys, food, and other industries, the tuck end carton erector is popular.


It has a compact footprint, equips with casters, can move flexibly for mobile use, or work together with other packaging equipment to form a packaging line.


Regarding SiroSilo’s mechanical & electrical integration tuck end box erector, it adopts mechanical linkage & pneumatic control, lower power & energy consumption, cuts your electricity bills every shift;

As PLC controls the machine operation, every action is accurate, ensuring the carton forming quality.


You can set parameters on the touch control screen, which is simple & convenient, and the English interface is available.


The following video presents this little carton erector’s English interface, please watch it for reference.

In addition, we install several photoelectric eyes on this auto case erector machine.

These eyes monitor the actions of various parts, such as detecting the carton status & carton miss, ensuring carton forming is smooth.


Photoelectric Eyes

Speaking of the carton forming, it includes the following steps:

  • Carton Blank Pickup
  • Bottom Dust Flap Folding
  • Bottom Closing Panel Folding
  • Bottom Tuck Flap Insertion
  • Erected Carton Output


Refer to the video below, let me explain our eCommerce box carton erector’s workflow for you.

The vacuum sucker picks up the carton blank from the magazine, squares the blank into shape, then places it in a row of lugs.


The chain drives the carton forward, and the plows fold two dust flaps first, then fold the bottom closure panel.

Finally, the air-controlled tucker inserts the bottom tuck flap into the carton, and a fully-erected & bottom-sealed carton catches your eyes.


Then, the fully-erected & bottom-sealed carton moves forward to the outlet, directly into the downstream packaging equipment, or into the pre-placed collection box below.


The tuck end carton erector machine just follows these processes, then repeats them over and over again.


Formed Xiaomi Charger Carton Box

If you have any more questions about this case erector equipment, you are welcome to send an email to, we will reply to you within 1 hour.

Snap Lock Bottom Carton Erecting Machine

With regard to the snap lock bottom carton erecting machine, it converts carton blanks to 1-2-3 bottom boxes.


When the formed snap lock bottom box comes out from the erector, its top closure panel & dust flaps are open for product filling.


As shown below:



SiroSilo 1-2-3 bottom box erecting machine consists of the following parts:

  • Control Console
  • Electric Cabinet
  • Alarm Light
  • Carton Blank Magazine
  • Carton Erecting Unit
  • Bottom Locking Unit
  • Carton Outlet

Turn on the power button on the control console, and click “Start” on the touch screen to run the machine.

Two vacuum suction cups suck a carton blank from the magazine, they absorb the bottom of the carton blank and move to the carton forming station.


During the carton blank’s natural falling process in the magazine, the falling contact area & friction force is small.

With the block-shaped strip guiding the carton blank falling, the falling process is smoother.

By adjusting the feed rod & lead screw of the carton blank magazine, you can change the magazine’s length & width, thus the magazine can fit different carton sizes.



After the carton blank arrives at the carton forming station, the photoelectric eye detects the carton blank and feeds a signal to the PLC.


The PLC sends commands, two vacuum suction cups absorb the upper part of the carton and apply an upward pulling force to the carton.

Two reverse pulling forces (upper & lower) erect the carton.


After erecting & shaping the carton, the next step is to lock its bottom, the bottom locking unit undertakes this task.

The bottom locking unit folds the female bottom closure panel first, then folds the closure flaps.

Finally, the tucker inserts the male bottom closure panel into the female bottom closure panel.


With reference to the following video, you can better understand our SiroSilo this packaging box erector’s workflow.

After bottom locking, the tucker will apply another force to the carton, and push the carton out of the automatic box erector.


If you want to customize your desired snap lock bottom box erector machine, please send us an inquiry on this website, and we will get back to you within 1 hour.


Carton Erector and Sealer

The carton erector and sealer are generally used for folding and sealing corrugated boxes in the industry.

Please watch the video below to know more about the industrial corrugated cardboard box erector and sealer.

If you want a case erector and sealer for small folding cartons, you can purchase a cartoning machine.

With a vertical cartoning machine or horizontal cartoning machine, it assists you to realize the one-stop process of carton erecting, content loading, and box sealing, greatly improving packaging efficiency and saving labor costs.

Please click on the images below to know more about vertical cartoners & horizontal cartoners.


Vertical Cartoner


Horizontal Cartoner

Small Case Erector Price

As different customers have different customization requirements, the price of small case erectors varies greatly among different clients.

The customization requirements of customers mainly include the following aspects:

  • Supports a wider range of carton sizes
  • Replace PLC, inverter, touch screen, motor, etc. with more famous brands
  • Add some extra features

In order to quote you a suitable price for the small carton erector machine, we hope you could provide your carton size and photos first via Email or WhatsApp.


WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Folding Carton Erector Machine Manufacturer

We, SiroSilo Industrial, are a professional manufacturer of folding carton erector machines, with our own R&D team, which can customize the machine according to your requirements.

Moreover, we have our own workshop, and we will produce, inspect and debug according to the engineer’s design.



We will strictly control all aspects such as parts procurement, assembly process, and debugging steps to ensure that the machine runs perfectly before it reaches your hands.

The video below shows our compact case erector machine’s assembly workshop.

There is no doubt that we are a manufacturer of small box erectors worthy of your trust.

You are welcome to contact us by video call, and we will show you the factory in real time through video.

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  1. Metal Silo
  2. Motorized Pulley
  3. Ultrasonic Cleaner




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