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Burger Box Making Machine

Item Hamburger Box Making Machine
Speed 60-160 CPM
Box Material 200-600gsm Cardboard
Compatible Boxes Hot Dog, French Fries, Take-out Food Pail
Box Size L100-450mm | 3.94″-17.7″
W100-500mm | 3.94″-19.7″
H15-200mm | 0.6″-7.9″
Degree 5-45°
Power 6kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar | 87-116 Psi

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Burger Box Making Machine

The burger box making machine punches the box blanks into three-dimensional hamburger boxes.


These burger boxes are easy to open, which greatly shortens the time of food packaging, they are also environmentally friendly, hygienic, well-sealed, and quick to circulate.


The hamburger box making machine can also produce hot dogs, French fries, and takeaway food pail boxes by changing the punching mold.


If you plan to purchase a machine for making the boxes mentioned above, contact us for a deep discussion.

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What is a Burger Box Making Machine?

The hamburger box making machine can convert carton blanks into three-dimensional boxes for packaging hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and take-away food pails in one stop.

Compatible Box Styles

The following boxes are also workable on the hamburger box making machine by changing the punching mold:

  • French Fries Box


  • Hot Dog Box


  • Take-out Food Pail Box



There are two types of hamburger box machines:

  • Automatic (Max. 160 pcs/min)
  • Manual (Max. 20 pcs/min)

Automatic Burger Box Machine

The automatic hamburger box machine only requires the manual addition of box blanks occasionally.

It has two types:

Continuous Motion


Please enjoy a structure schematic of the continuous motion hamburger box making machine first.


This photo shows the core components of such machines:

  1. Box Blank Feeder
  2. Box Blank Conveyor
  3. Glue Applicator
  4. Box Punch Former
  5. Formed Box Collector
  6. Control Cabinet & Touchscreen


An operator places burger box blanks into the magazine first;


Then the box blank feeder feeds box blanks one by one;


Thirdly, these box blanks pass through the blank conveyor one by one;


Fourthly, each box blank passes through the glue applicator for flaps gluing;


Then, the glued box blanks are converted to burger boxes by punching the former;


At last, the formed burger boxes are collected in the collector below:


The video below clearly covers the steps mentioned above.


Small footprint;
PLC control, automatic shutdown due to box jam or shortage;
Automatic recipes save;
Humanized buttons & touch panel for easy control;
Servo motor driven forming mold (punching mold), high precision & efficiency;
Pinewood mold, faster mold changeover for different box types;
Food-grade water-based glue applicator, efficient & accurate;
High-quality sealed bearings prevent dust & liquid from entering, long life & superb stability;
High-quality synchronous chain drive ensures stable running;
Automatically collect, stack, and count formed boxes.


Item Hamburger Box Making Machine
Speed 60-160 CPM
Box Material 200-600gsm Cardboard
Compatible Boxes Hot Dog, French Fries, Take-out Food Pail
Box Size L100-450mm | 3.94″-17.7″
W100-500mm | 3.94″-19.7″
H15-200mm | 0.6″-7.9″
Degree 5-45°
Power 6kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar

Intermittent Motion


This intermittent hamburger box machine integrates a hot air generator inside, which can convert a single PE-coated paper box blank into a three-dimensional hamburger box without glue application.


It completes the following four steps smoothly in one stop with Inovance PLC control:

  • Automatic Box Blank Feeding & Conveying
  • Box Blank Heating (Inside Air Generator)
  • Hot Press Forming (Four Corners Pasting)
  • Automatic Box Counting & Collecting


Item Intermittent Motion Burger Box Machine
Speed 40-50 pcs/min.
Box Material 200-400gsm PE-coated Paper
Compatible Boxes Burger, Hot Dog, French Fries, Take-out Food Pail
Max. Blank Size L480mm x W480mm
Weight 800Kg
Power 5kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar | 87-116 Psi


Item Brand Place of Origin
PLC Inovance China
Touchscreen Inovance China
Frequency Converter Inovance China
Motor WVT China
Air Cylinder AirTAC Taiwan
Photoelectric Sensor Autonics South Korea
Relay Schneider France
Contactor Schneider France
Temperature Controller Autonics South Korea
Start/Stop Buttons Autonics France
Bearing HRB China

Manual Hamburger Box Machine

An operator places the box blank under the punching mold, then steps on the foot switch for 1-2 seconds, and a three-dimensional hamburger box appears in front of your eyes.


Except for China, there are few hamburger box machine manufacturers in other countries.

As a professional box folding machine supplier in China, we are worthy of your trust, contact us to get a quote for comparison.

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The following hamburger box machine prices are for your reference:

  1. Automatic (Continuous Motion 160 pcs/min.): USD$20,000.00-$30,000.00/Set
  2. Automatic (Intermittent Motion 45-50 pcs/min): USD$12,000.00-$18,000.00/Set
  3. Manual (20 pcs/min.): USD$3,000.00-$5,000.00/Set

Burger Box Making Machine Choice

To choose a suitable burger box making machine, please figure out your requirements first, which include:

  • Box Style
  • Target Output/8h Shift
  • Box Size
  • Budget

After you clarify the above requirements, feedback to the supplier and the supplier can recommend a suitable model to you more quickly.

Pizza Box Folding Machine

A Pizza box folding machine converts box blanks into closed-bottom, open-top mailer/postal pizza boxes.


Let’s enjoy the schematic of a pizza box folding machine first.


Common components of this machine include:

  • Box Blank Magazine
  • Control Cabinet
  • Drive Chain
  • Folding Station
  • Lifting Motor
  • Servo Motor
  • Touch Screen
  • Tower Light

Its workflow is clear in the schematic above and the video below.

It first grabs a box blank with vacuum cups;


Secondly, the vacuum grabber delivers the blank to the folding station with servo motor drive;


A folding station as shown in the photo below:


Then, this folding station completes the mailer box folding & side panel insertion step by step;


Finally, the rear box pushes the front box out.


Tuck End Box Erector

The tuck end box erector forms straight & reverse tuck end cartons.


When these straight & reverse tuck end boxes come out from the erector, their tops open outward for the follow-up product loading.

Such a little carton erector is widespread in lighting, electrical appliances, e-commerce, 3C, handicrafts, beauty, cosmetics, toys, food, and other industries.


It has a compact footprint, moves flexibly for mobile use with casters, or works with other packaging equipment to form a packaging line.

Two types are available:

  • Continuous Motion (40-60 CPM)


A chain conveyor carries several boxes for erecting & bottom closing simultaneously.

  • Intermittent Motion (10-20 CPM)


It erects one carton in 3s before erecting the next one, 20 boxes are foldable in 1 minute.

123 Bottom Box Erector

1 2 3 bottom box erector converts carton blanks to 1-2-3 bottom boxes.

When the closed carton comes out from the erector, its top closure panel & dust flaps are open for product filling.

Such a small carton erector also has two types:

  • Intermittent Motion (Max. 20 CPM)

  • Continuous Motion (Max. 60 CPM)

You have scrolled this far, so why not contact us to get a quote for comparison and enjoy worry-free sourcing services like our American customer Mr. Bob?

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