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Custom Cases

Processable Boxes

Packages Processable

    A cartoner erects and forms a folding carton, inserts the carton with a product, and closes the carton.


    Horizontal Cartoner

    Intermittent/Continuous Motion
    Max. 80 CPM/200 CPM


    Vertical Cartoner

    Intermittent/Continuous Motion
    Max. 40 CPM/120 CPM

    It is suitable for erecting and forming small boxes, such as tuck ends, auto bottom, 123 bottom, and mailer/postal boxes, common on supermarket shelves and for express packages.

    • Intermittent/Continuous Motion
    • Max. 25 CPM
    • 15-20 Boxes/min
    • Customizable Size
    • Intermittent/Continuous Motion
    • Max. 60 CPM

    Casemaker machines are also called hard cover making machines and hardcover case makers.

    It completes the cover feeding & gluing, V-groove cardboard register, and cover wrapping in one stop, making covers of books, calendars, chessboards, diaries, notebooks, folders, letter files, photo albums, etc.

    • Cover Paper Feeder & Gluer
    • V-groove Board Register
    • Casemaker
    • Case Flattener

    SiroSilo modular rigid box lines exclusively adopt a four-module design, and each module can work independently.


    Cardboard V Grooving Machine

    Pneumatic Control/Servo Drive


    Rigid Box Making Machine

    Cover Feeder & Gluer
    Box Corner Pasting Machine
    Box Register
    Rigid Box Wrapping Machine

    A case erector is a case former machine, that converts the case blanks into fully erected, bottom-sealed cardboard boxes.

    • 4-8 CPM
    • No Size Changeover
    • Max. 12 CPM
    • 3-5 Minutes Size Switch
    • Max. 30 CPM
    • Min. 30-60s Size Switch

    The case packer organizes & packs products into cardboard boxes, and corrugated trays in a certain way.

    It is popular in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries.


    Lower Speed
    Shorter Setup Time
    Suitable for Multiple SKUs


    Higher Speed
    Longer Setup Time
    Suitable for a Single SKU

    One type is a cardboard box sealing machine, the other type is a hot melt glue box sealing machine for seal end carton.

    Cardboard Box

    Tape/Gum Tape/Hotmelt Glue
    RSC/HSC/OSC Case

    Seal End Carton

    Hotmelt Glue
    Full/Partial Overlap Seal End Carton

    Collaborative robots have already taken on tasks such as carton erecting, case packing, and box palletizing in the packaging industry, and their future applications will be broader.

    The increasingly efficient cobot palletizer helps you complete product palletizing and depalletizing faster and more accurately, significantly cutting your labor costs.

    • 10 cycles/min
    • 40Kg payload
    • 2400mm palletizing height

    Whether you want to check the weight of food, drinks, medicines, health products, 3C electronics, daily chemicals, or agricultural and sideline products, the dynamic checkweigher can be your right helper.

    Checkweighing range:

    • ≤100g
    • ≤200g
    • ≤1000g
    • ≤3000g
    • ≤20kg
    • ≤40kg

    Rejectors available:

    • Single Arm
    • Double Arm
    • Flip Up Flap
    • Air Jet
    • Push Plate
    • Telescopic Belt
    • Drop Belt
    • Gantry Pusher
    • Fin

    Weighing and packaging are the most important processes of a multihead weigher packing machine, the multihead weigher is responsible for weighing, and the VFFS machine is responsible for packaging.


    Pillow Pouch
    3 Side Seal Pouch
    4 Side Seal Pouch
    Gusset Pouch
    Sachet Strip

    Multihead Weigher

    4 Head
    10 Head
    14 Head
    20 Head
    24 Head



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