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SiroSilo insists on being people-oriented and putting our feet in your shoes.

Our happy employees produce high-quality products to meet your strict requirements.

You are welcome to contact us at any time, we are always ready to serve you timely & efficiently.


Folding Carton Erector

  • Responsibility and integrity

    Responsibility & Integrity

    Small-scale company, non-discounted product quality, responsibility & integrity are always online.

  • Time and energy saving

    Time & Energy Saving

    Your problems are always solvable directly in time, no need layered approval like a large supplier.

  • Lower ownership cost

    Lower Cost

    A company with fewer employees, lower ownership cost than big corporation, attractive price for you.

  • SVIP service

    SVIP Service

    Super VIP services may be beyond your reach from larger vendors in your niche, but it is enjoyable from us.

  • Comfortable communication

    Comfortable Communication

    You will enjoy a smooth English communication between us on the phone, no additional or repeated explanations.

  • Procurement agent

    Procurement Agent

    Purchase different types of products as your request, update the latest industry & market information to you.

  • Claim settlement

    Claim Settlement

    In case of cargo damage, we stand side by side with you, seek compensation from shipping & insurance agent.

  • Spare tire

    Spare Tire

    As the saying goes, do not put eggs in a basket, you also need backup suppliers in case of emergencies, right?


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