This case erector choice guide will help you purchase an excellent erector, which will bring you the benefits below:

  • Packaging Efficiency Improvement
  • Downtime Reduction
  • Stacking Strength Enhancement
  • Shipping Damage Rates Down

Let’s dive deeper into it.

Case Style

The most common case on the market is RSC, and any carton erector manufacturer can provide regular slotted container erectors.


If your case style is RSC, there are a large number of brands for you to choose from.

But if your case type is OSC (Overlap Slotted Container):


Or HSC (Half Slotted Container):


Manufacturers of these two types of case erecting equipment are rare in the market.

Because there are few optional brands, you can quickly anchor your case erector choice.

In addition, the corrugated quality also affects the cardboard erector’s performance.


For example, a thin, fragile, or frequently crushed corrugated carton is erectable with opposing suction cups but is difficult to erect by a pin-style opener.


The carton size range supported by the standard cardboard erector is:

  • L/250-650mm × W/150-500mm × H/150-400mm
  • L/9.84″-25.59″ × W/5.9″-19.69″ × H/5.9″-15.75″

If your cardboard box dimensions are outside this range, please contact us to customize a suitable erector for you.

Customization usually means a higher initial investment in the machine.


The cardboard box erector speed must match or exceed the downstream equipment.

Different types of corrugated box erectors have different speeds:

  • AC Motor & Cam Linkage Drive Horizontal: Max. 50 CPM

Sealing Style

Tape and hot melt adhesive are the two most common carton sealing media, and the table below lists their pros and cons.

Tape Hot Melt Glue
Lower price, less power consumption, easier maintenance; Higher efficiency;
Tape quality affects sealing quality; Glue replacement frequency is lower than tape replacement;
Tape sealing can’t keep up with high-speed case forming; Glue may block the hoses & nozzles;
A roll of tape runs out faster than a tank of glue, more frequent tape replacement. Over-spraying may occur, and more cleanup efforts.

Size Changeover

If you have multiple cartons of different sizes, you need to consider size changeover.

The following table lists the size changeover times for different types of case erecting equipment.

Cylinder Control Conventional 9 Servo Drive Pre-programmed Robot Collaborative Robot
3-5 Mins 30-60s No Need for Size Changeover


Hot-searched case erecting machine manufacturers include:

If you want to buy a suitable carton former machine at a reasonable price from China, welcome you to contact us for a deep discussion.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


Type, speed, and degree of automation are three important factors that determine the carton erector machine price.

The reference prices of different types of carton openers in the Chinese market are as follows:

  • Cylinder Control Conventional (10-12 CPM): USD$3,000.00-6,000.00/Set
  • AC Motor & Cam Linkage Drive Conventional (30-50 CPM): USD$6,000.00-12,000.00/Set
  • Servo Drive Pre-programmed Robot (12-30 CPM): USD$10,000.00-15,000.00/Set
  • Cobot (4-8 CPM): USD$12,000.00-20,000.00/Set

Sneed Coding Solutions, Inc., a Texas-based supplier in the United States, is offering a discount on the carton former machine, priced at $12,495.00/Set.



Whether your erector operates independently or combines with other machines in a packaging line, its floor space is an issue you must consider.

Most box erecting machines are L-shaped with a protruding blank magazine on one side.


Please ensure that the factory layout has enough space for it.

Some box former machines with blank magazines located in the head, which narrows the machine for smaller space consumption.

You have read this far, so why not contact us to lock your case erector choice and enjoy worry-free sourcing services like our American customer Mr. Bob?

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

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