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Horizontal Cartoner

Item Horizontal Cartoner
Cartoning Speed 30-300 cartons/min
Carton Size Range Customizable
Carton Paper Thickness 250gsm-400gsm
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 40L-120L/Min
After-sales Service Manual, Guidance Video, Video Conference, Field Maintenance
Options Code Printer, Leaflet Inserter, Hotmelt Closure

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Horizontal Cartoner

A horizontal cartoner is a kind of packing machine, it integrates mechanics, electricity, compressed air, etc., and many industries introduce it for cartoning all kinds of products.


It is also called a horizontal end load cartoner.


When loading products, the carton’s back panel is parallel to the ground.


A horizontal cartoning machine could complete the following steps in one stop, which includes:

  • Carton Blank Picking
  • Carton Blank Unfolding
  • Carton Placing
  • Product Loading
  • Carton Flaps Folding
  • Carton Closing
  • Closed Carton Discharging

Please watch the following video for reference.

It is suitable for cartoning medicines, cosmetics, food, daily necessities, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), hardware fittings, stationery, toys, oral liquids, granules, flavorings, etc.


You could also add optional features to your desired horizontal end load cartoner.

The optional features include leaflet inserting, batch & date coding, hot melt adhesive sealing, etc.


GUK Paper Folding Machine

If you are interested in buying an automatic horizontal cartoning machine or seeking advice on packaging solutions recently, welcome you to contact us via Email or WhatsApp.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

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Horizontal Cartoning Machine Working Principle

With regard to the diagram below, let me explain the horizontal cartoning machine’s working process in detail.


Because the horizontal cartoning equipment mainly loads products and leaflets into cartons, the products, cartons, and leaflets are all conveyed by a servo-driven chain.

The upstream equipment or worker places products into the bucket of the horizontal auto cartoner, a photoelectric eye quickly recognizes the product in the bucket and feeds back a signal to the PLC.

And then, the PLC issues commands to the paper folding machine and the carton feeder (picker).


Photoelectric Eye

The paper folding machine starts to fold the leaflet and puts the folded leaflet into the conveying chain;

Meanwhile, the carton feeder quickly picks up the carton blank, separates the carton, and puts the erected carton into the conveying chain.

These conveying chains of the product, leaflet, and carton move forward synchronously.


The carton first enters the bottom sealing station for the bottom dust flap & closure panel folding.

After bottom sealing, the carton comes to the cartoning station, the air cylinder drives the pushrod inserting the product and leaflet into the carton.


Then, the photoelectric eye checks whether the carton is empty, if it is not empty, the carton moves forward to the carton sealing station, and the cartoner folds the carton’s front dust flaps & closing panel, then inserts the tuck flap.

In this station, an emboss coder is optional to print the batch number and date on the closing panel.


After the closed carton passes the open flap rejection station’s inspection, it comes out from the side load cartoner.

This is the detailed workflow of the horizontal end load cartoner, different manufacturers have different designs, but these basic steps are all necessary.

End Load Cartoner Schematic & Structure

Our SiroSilo horizontal end load cartoner machine has a compact footprint and reasonable structure as shown in the following schematic, its operation is simple, and its maintenance is convenient.


You could use this cartoning equipment alone, or link it to other upstream and downstream equipment to form a packaging line, such as:

In order to assist you in better understanding our SiroSilo horizontal cartoning equipment, please read the following content in detail.

The following content will introduce almost all the important components related to SiroSilo horizontal cartoning equipment.

Bucket Conveyor

The bucket is usually fixed on a toothed chain, this chain is driven by a separate servo motor.

With the servo controls, the bucket conveys the product to the loading station precisely.

The bucket size is adjustable according to the product & carton sizes. After adjustment, you need to set the bucket size on the touch screen accordingly.


Bucket Conveyor

When the bucket is close to the loading station, the photoelectric eye will detect whether there is product in the bucket.


Photoelectric Eye

If yes, the photoelectric sensor feeds back a signal to the PLC, the PLC sends a command to the carton feeder (picker), and the carton feeder picks up a carton blank from the magazine.

Carton Magazine

It plays the role of storing carton blanks.

You could adjust its length and depth by loosening the fixing screws, which fit the corresponding carton size.


When the carton blank supply is not enough, the warning light is on, reminding the operator to add more.

If the machine enters the low carton supply running state, it will automatically stop until the magazine has enough carton blanks.

Carton Picker

It is the so-called carton feeder.


Carton Picker

When the carton feeder receives the command from the PLC, it will pick up the carton blank from the magazine, pre-break it and place it on the carton conveying rail.

The carton lies between the two lugs, thus it will not deviate from the rail.

Carton Conveyor

Two independent servo motors drive the carton forward until discharging the closed carton.


Carton Conveyor

As the carton is placed between two lugs, you could adjust these lugs’ positions, fitting cartons of different sizes.

During the carton’s forwarding, the top guide rails lightly press on the carton, ensuring that the carton runs smoothly and its position does not shift.

Carton Pusher

For continuous motion cartoner, the barrel cam loader always plays the role of carton pusher.

The barrel cam loader consists of many sliding arms, these arms rely on servo motor drive, thus they could smoothly load products into cartons.


Barrel Cam Loader

For the intermittent cartoning machine, the pushrod undertakes the content loading task.


Carton Sealer

This part consists of a carton closure unit and a carton conveying rail.

Regarding the carton closure unit, it is driven by two rotating cranks to move a connecting plate, which is a typical four-bar mechanism.


There are three stainless steel paddles (or plows) on the connecting plate so the cartoning process actually has 3 steps:

  • Folding
  • Inserting
  • Closing

The carton conveying rail ensures the carton moves within a specific range.

The power of the paddle (or plow) comes from the cam on the carton closure unit, which makes the paddle (or plow) reciprocate within a certain angle range.


Carton Discharge

After closing/sealing the carton, the closed carton comes to the outlet, out of the side load cartoner finally.


Some components are optional, you could choose according to your packaging needs.

Leaflet Inserter

GUK paper folding machine undertakes the task of leaflet inserting.

Speaking of the GUK paper folding machine, installation is easy, folding mode setup is quick, and quality is reliable.

After all, it is the world’s No.1 paper folding machine.


GUK Paper Folding Machine

What’s more, the GUK paper folding machine is compatible with different driving and transmission modes, its wear rate is very low, and it is easy to maintain & upgrade.

It is a high-speed leaflet folding machine with superior performance, its max. speed could reach 500 sheets per minute.

To pair with high speed side load cartoner, it is the first choice leaflet inserter.

Code Printer

You could choose an ink printer or a deboss coder to complete batch and date printing.

The batch & date printed by the ink printer is less clear, the ink easily gets damp in a humid environment, causing the batch & date to be unclear.


Therefore, we recommend you use the deboss coder.

The batch and date printed by the deboss coder are not easy to wear, they could maintain a clear display for a long time.


Generally speaking, code printing finishes at the tuck flap folding station.

Hot Melt Glue System

For some cartons that require hot melt closure, Nordson hot melt glue system is suitable to complete this work.

The Nordson machine’s nozzle sprays hotmelt glue onto the carton’s bottom closing panel.


In the next station, the cartoner presses the top closing panel onto the bottom closing panel, these 2 panels stick together to complete the carton closure.

Types of Horizontal Cartoning Machines

Horizontal cartoning machines are usually divided into continuous motion and intermittent motion ones.

Intermittent Motion

The intermittent motion cartoner pushes the product into the carton through the pushrod’s back-and-forth movement.

During the product loading process, the product, carton, and leaflet conveying chains pause for a while, waiting for the pushing completion;


Continuous Motion

The continuous motion cartoner uses a barrel cam loader to push products into the box.

The barrel cam loader equips with a number of sliding arms, these arms progressively and smoothly push the products into the carton within a certain period of time.


Barrel Cam Loader

Of course, the packaging speed of the continuous motion cartoner is faster, thus its price is higher.

In addition, there is another way to divide the types of horizontal cartoners according to the degree of automation.

Based on this division, horizontal cartoners are divided into automatic end load cartoner and semi automatic end load cartoner.

Automatic End Load Cartoner

For the automatic end load cartoner, the product feeding is automatic, that is to say, when the product comes out from the upstream production line or the primary packaging line, it could automatically enter the horizontal end load cartoner’s product inlet.

As shown in the video below, the facial cream bottle passes through the outfeed conveyor belt from the upstream filling machine and approaches the inlet of the horizontal cartoner, and then a push rod pushes the cream directly into the bucket.

Then, the facial cream bottle follows the bucket conveyor to complete the following workflows set by the machine.

Semi Automatic End Load Cartoner

Compared with the automatic horizontal cartoning machine, the semi automatic end load cartoner needs to arrange manual product feeding into the inlet of the machine, that is, one by one bucket.

The subsequent processes of carton erecting, content cartoning, and carton sealing are the same as those of the automatic end load cartoner.

Whether it is an automatic end load cartoner or a semi automatic end load cartoner, when the carton blanks in the magazine are almost running out, it is necessary to add more blanks into the magazine manually.

Horizontal Cartoner Manufacturers

Manufacturers of horizontal cartoning machines are spread all over the world.

Due to the improvement in living standards, the demand growth for daily necessities, fast-moving consumer goods, and medicines is significant.

Thus the horizontal packaging machine demand for these products is increasing, including side load cartoner.


The following list covers the most well-known side load cartoner manufacturers over the world.

  • bergami
  • bivans
  • bosch
  • bradman lake
  • cam
  • clybourn cartoner
  • dividella
  • econocorp
  • hoonga
  • ima
  • iwk
  • kliklok
  • marchesini
  • mgs
  • pure pak
  • ra jones
  • romaco
  • tishma
  • uhlmann
  • ……

These manufacturers have a long history, and strong technical accumulation, and continue to lead the technology of horizontal cartoning.

SiroSilo Industrial is also a professional side load cartoner manufacturer here in China, with our own R&D team and factory, we are capable of customizing a dreamy horizontal end load cartoner as per your request.


Welcome you to video call with us via WhatsApp, then we could lively broadcast our factory to you, if we happen to be testing a side load cartoner, you could watch its instant running status.

Horizontal Cartoning Machine Price

The price of a horizontal cartoning machine depends mainly on the following aspects: speed, degree of automation, customized features, and configuration.


The horizontal continuous motion cartoner is faster than the horizontal intermittent motion cartoner, and the price is definitely higher.

Degree of Automation

This depends on whether you are online packaging or offline packaging.

If you are connecting a horizontal cartoning machine to upstream production or primary packaging equipment, it is better to choose a higher-speed automated machine to match the incoming speed of the upstream equipment.

If you are offline packaging and don’t have to worry about the speed impact of upstream production or primary packaging equipment, then you could choose manual or automated product feeding according to your actual requirements for speed.

Customized Features

Each customer’s product and cartoning requirements are different, and because of this, many customers end up purchasing a customized horizontal cartoning machine, and the price is definitely higher than the standard one.


Many customers have rigid requirements for the brand of core components such as PLC, inverter, touch screen, etc.

Integrating better components into the horizontal cartoning machine will increase the final price.


The price range of horizontal cartoning machines in China spans a wide range, you could find horizontal cartoning machines from USD$15,000 to UDS$100,000.

Vertical Cartoner

Vertical cartoner automatically loads products into folding cartons, it automatically completes a series of motions such as carton forming, product loading, code printing, and carton sealing during the cartoning process.

It is suitable for the automatic packaging of products in food, pharmaceutical, beauty, and daily necessities industries, such as vials, blister packs, Celine bottles, snacks, cosmetics, etc.

The frame of such a machine is a rotary table with a number of orderly distributed working stations around the rotary table.

These stations include:

  • Carton Erecting Station
  • Bottom Sealing Station
  • Product Loading Station
  • Product Loading Station
  • Code Printing Station
  • Carton Sealing Station
  • Sealed Carton Outfeed Station

There are usually a few spare stations on the rotary table, reserved for the future addition of custom functions.

For more information about our SiroSilo top load cartoner, please click the picture below.


Vertical Cartoner VS Horizontal Cartoner

The main difference between a vertical cartoner and a horizontal cartoner is the carton placement style when loading the product.


If the carton’s front and back panels are vertical to the ground, it is a vertical cartoner, when a vertical cartoner is loading, the product is guided from above into the carton or drops into the carton directly.



It is suitable for powder, granule, and liquid material cartoning, and often runs together with weighing and dosing equipment.

Vertical cartoning is ideal for products that could be easily pushed over, such as irregularly shaped containers. Vertical cartoners are also better suited for items that are difficult to flatten, such as pouches.


When the carton’s front and back panels are parallel to the ground for product loading, it is a horizontal cartoner, horizontal cartoners push products into the carton from the side.


Side load cartoner is commonly useful for cartoning boxes, blisters, biscuits, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, toy, cosmetics, light bulbs, sachets, tissue, pouch, thermos, poker, and other products.

Vertical or Horizontal

When you are hesitating to choose a vertical or horizontal cartoning machine, please consider your main product and potential future packaging needs first.

Relatively speaking, horizontal cartoning machine is specialized for single products, so if you have a single product, both horizontal and vertical cartoning machines are good choices.


But if you have many kinds of products, then a convertible top load cartoner is the machine for you. It could realize the changeover between different carton sizes and styles faster, then configure the filling process accordingly to support products of different shapes and nature.




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