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Pre-programmed Robotic Case Erector

Item Pre-programmed Robotic Case Erector
Speed 5-30 CPM
Carton Size Range L280-650mm x W150-500mm x H150-400mm
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa/6-8 Bar
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Sealing Type BOPP Adhesive Tape
Tape Width 48/50/60/72/75mm
Rated Power 2.1kW

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Pre-programmed Robotic Case Erector

This pre-programmed robotic case erector capable of erecting, folding, and forming 30 cardboard boxes per minute, is taking China by storm.

8 sets of such box folding machines a Chinese domestic customer ordered were tested and packed on November 16, 2023.


These machines then took an extra-long trailer to the customer’s location.


What exactly makes such a pre-programmed robotic case erector so popular?


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This automatic cardboard box case erector converts flat carton blanks into erected & squared corrugated cartons by a pre-programmed robot, and the mechanical & pneumatic components complete the bottom sealing.


Erected cartons out from the erector have closed bottoms and open tops for following manual or automatic product loading.


Working Principle

Referring to the following photo helps digest the working principle of such a robot box erector.


It consists of three workstations:

  • Carton Blanks Storage & Supply
  • Case Forming & Bottom Flap Folding
  • Box Bottom Sealing & Erected Box Outputting

The YouTube video below perfectly presents the above three workstations step by step.


Please refer to the schematic below to comprehend the composition of a pre-programmed box erector robot.


It consists of the following common components:

  • Air Filter Regulator
  • Blank Baffle Beam
  • Box Blank Magazine
  • Box Pressure Plate
  • Electric Enclosure
  • Front Minor Flap Folder
  • Leveling Foot
  • Major Flap Folder
  • Power Switch
  • Push-down Plate
  • Rear Minor Flap Folder
  • Pre-programmed Robotic Arm
  • Servo Motor
  • Side Drive Belt
  • Tape Applicator
  • Touchscreen
  • Vacuum Suction Cups


Item Brand Place of Origin
PLC Inovance China
Servo Motor Inovance China
Servo Drive Inovance China
Gear Reducer Nidec-Shimpo Japan
Air Cylinder AirTAC Taiwan
Photoelectric Sensor Sick Germany
Touch Screen Inovance China
Contactor Schneider France
Relays Omron Japan
Start/Stop Buttons Schneider France


SiroSilo pre-programmed robotic box erector has the following favorable features:

  • Compact sandblasted all-carbon steel frame;
  • Tilt-type unpowered box blank magazine, carton blanks addable at any time;
  • Powerful vacuum suction cups ensure square box erecting;
  • Servo motor driven robot and transmission belt, stable & smooth carton forming and conveying;
  • High-quality pressure-sensitive tape applicator for neat & even bottom sealing;
  • Low tape & box blank shortage sensors;
  • Touch screen HMI, easy operation;
  • Quick size changeover, average 2.5-3 minutes, 30s for 9 servo model;
  • Optional plexiglass (acrylic) safety door;
  • Optional alarm stack light;
  • Emergency stop button and safety interlock switch (optional) protection.
  • Connectable with the upstream cartoner & downstream case packer, case sealer, and palletizer.


4 types of pre-programmed robotic arm box erectors are available.

Best Selling 5 Servo (30CPM)


Let’s start with photos of this best-selling pre-programmed robotic carton erector.

  • Front View


  • Rear View


  • Left View


  • Right View


No matter which angle you take it from, this silver-gray automatic case erecting machine looks compact & dominant.

Coupled with the following selling points, it integrates both external beauty and internal ability.

Selling Points


Full carbon steel frame (surface sandblasted), net weight 620 kg, strong enough;


Safety door screw fastening holes are reserved on the frame, thus safety doors and interlock switches are optional for you to protect operators.


Box Blank Supply Storage

Tilt box blank magazine, blank traction relies on gravity and a push-down plate, without consuming electricity;


Proximity switch for box blank supply shortage detection.


Case Forming & Bottom Flap Folding

Frosted solid aluminum robotic arm with a strong aura;


Five powerful vacuum suction cups pick up and pre-break the carton blank at the same time, ensuring that the carton is square enough and does not fall off;


3 Inovance servo motors drive the robotic arm, clean and sharp box blank opening & shaping;


Fixed front minor flap folder and Taiwan AirTAC cylinder controlled rear minor flap folder leads to quick flap folding.


Box Bottom Sealing & Erected Box Outputting

As shown in the photo below, 2 Inovance servo motors drive the side belts, stable and reliable carton conveying;


High-quality pressure sensitive tape applicator, the tape fits the carton more compactly and without wrinkles;


Two Sick photoelectric sensors at the side belt entrance and center detect carton conveying, the erector automatically shuts down if no carton passes.


Control System

A simple & intuitive touchscreen control panel.



Max. 30 cartons erecting in one minute;

Fast size changeover, averaging 2.5-3 mins.

9 Servo (30CPM/30s Size Changeover)


This carton box erector uses four more servo motors for automatic adjusting:

  • Box Pressure Plate Height
  • Blank Magazine Height
  • Exit Conveyor Width

For carton size changeover, all you need to do is:

  1. Input carton dimension on the touchscreen
  2. Adjust the blank magazine width
  3. Place the limit block & limit nail against the box blank top
  4. Fix the push-down plate

The whole size changeover just needs 30-60 seconds.

9 Servo vs. 5 Servo

Comparison Items 9 Servo 5 Servo
Speed 30 CPM 30CPM
Servo Motor Qty. 9 5
Gear Reducer Qty. Nine Five
Servo Drive Qty. 9 5
Size Changeover 30s 3 mins
Blank Magazine Height Adjustment One Touch Control Manual
Box Pressure Plate Height Adjustment 1 Touch Control Hand
Exit Conveyor Width Adjustment One Touch Control Manual

Photo Show

  • Left Front View


  • Right Front View


  • Left Rear View


  • Left View


  • 9 Servo Drives


  • Solid Aluminum Robotic Arm


3 Servo (25CPM)


This type of RSC case erector uses 3 servo motors to drive a two-axis robotic arm, the two-axis robotic arm completes picking up & shaping box blanks, and pushing erected boxes through side drive belts.

Two AC motors drive side belts.

3 Servo vs. 5 Servo

Comparison Items 3 Servo 5 Servo
Speed 25 CPM 30CPM
Servo Motor Qty. 3 5
Gear Reducer Qty. Three Five
Servo Drive Qty. 3 5
Robotic Arm Two-axis (Hollow Iron) Two-axis (Solid Aluminum)
Belt Drive Motor AC Motor x 2 Servo Motor x 2

Economical 2 Servo (12CPM)


Such a corrugated box erector adopts two servo motors to drive a single-axis robotic arm and a push shaft.

The single-axis robotic arm completes box absorbing, pre-breaking, and box shaping; And the push shaft is responsible for pushing the erected box through side drive belts.

Components controlled by air cylinders fold inner & outer flaps.

2 Servo vs. 5 Servo

Comparison Items 2 Servo 5 Servo
Speed 12 CPM 30CPM
Servo Motor Qty. 2 5
Gear Reducer Qty. Two Five
Servo Drive Qty. 2 5
Robotic Arm Single-axis Two-axis
Belt Drive Motor AC Motor x 2 Servo Motor x 2

Photo Show

  • Left Rear View


  • Right Rear View


  • Right View


  • 2 Servo Drives


  • 2 Belt Drive AC Motors


  • Vacuum Suction Cups


Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of pre-programmed box erecting robots compared to conventional and cobot carton erectors?

Please refer to the comparison table below.

Comparison Items Conventional Pre-programmed Robot Cobot
Speed Vertical 10CPM/Horizontal 40CPM Max. 30CPM 4-8CPM
Size Changeover 3-5 mins 30s/9 Servo Model 0
Power 400-1500W 1-4kW 550W
Seal Type Tape/Hot Melt Glue/Nail Tape Tape
Programmable No No Yes
Mechanical Parts Many A little less than conventional Few
Maintenance Most Medium Least
Noise Loud Moderate Low
Footprint Big Medium Small

Case Erector Manufacturer

Conventional carton erector manufacturers listed below are the top players in this niche.

When it comes to cobot case erector manufacturers, the top suppliers are:

Pre-programmed robotic box erectors released by SiroSilo are rare in the market, they abandon flexible programming and pursue high-speed carton erecting & forming.

They have captured the hearts of many well-known customers, including CJ Rokin Logistics, ZTO Express, GLP, Cainiao, China Post, JD.com, L’Oreal, P & G, etc.


Please enjoy the P&G carton erecting test on a SiroSilo pre-programmed robotic box erector.

Box Erector Machine Cost

The box erector machine cost depends on the following factors:

  • Type (conventional/cobot/pre-programmed robot)
  • Sealing media (tape/glue)
  • Automation (semi-automatic/full-automatic)
  • Carton size range (standard/customized)

Confirming the above factors is the 1st step in quoting the carton erector machine.

An automatic conventional corrugated box erector from an American manufacturer costs you $26,117.86.


This price is higher than any type of cardboard box folding machine you can find in China.

You have scrolled this far, so why not contact us to request a quote for comparison and enjoy worry-free sourcing services like our American customer Mr. Bob?

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


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