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1 2 3 Bottom Box Erector

Item 1 2 3 Bottom Box Erector
Speed 10-20 Cartons/min
Carton Size L/(85-220)mm x W/(90-250)mm x H/(30-190)mm
Carton Material Gray Cardboard, White Cardboard, Corrugated Paper
Blank Magazine Capacity 400 Pieces
Power 1Kw
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa

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1 2 3 Bottom Box Erector

1 2 3 bottom box erector is also a kind of folding carton erector, it transforms box blanks into fully erected & bottom sealed 123 bottom boxes with open tops, which is convenient for subsequent manual loading of products.


Our SiroSilo 1-2-3 bottom box former machine’s max. erecting speed could reach 20 boxes per minute, and the supported carton size range is L/3.35″-8.66″(85mm-220mm) x W/3.54″-9.84″(90mm-250mm) x H/1.18″-7.48″(30mm-190mm).


If your carton is not within this size range, you are welcome to contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we have a dedicated R&D department to meet your customized needs.


WhatsApp: +8617312124727

If your snap lock bottom box erecting success rate is less than 99.7%, we would rather give up the chance to bag your order, and suggest you turn to other better suppliers.

What is a 1 2 3 Bottom Box?

1-2-3 lock bottom box, also named snap lock bottom box, the bottom is closed by the interlocking of 2 flaps & 2 panels, such closure is tighter and more secure.

Box tops come in a variety of styles and closures, the most common style is the tuck top.


It is easy and fast to assemble, with no need to stick adhedive tape on its bottom, and the interlocked bottom has a strong bearing capacity, is suitable for packing heavy objects, and is very popular in the packaging industry.

Snap lock bottom boxes are often used to package the following items:

  • Auto Parts
  • Beauty Products
  • Candle
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health Care Products
  • Household Items
  • Promotional Gifts
  • Wine Accessory Set

Snap Lock Bottom Box Erecting Machine


The snap lock bottom box erecting machine forms the 1 2 3 bottom box at one time, leaving only the top of the box to open outwards, which is convenient for following manual product loading, thereby saving the laborious and repetitive work of manual box folding & forming.



Referring to the following photo, you could understand the 1 2 3 bottom box erecting machines’ basic structure and size.


The snap lock bottom box forming equipment includes the following main structures:

  • Box Blank Magazine

Pre-store die-cut box blanks, up to 400 pieces.


  • Pneumatic System

Adsorb the die-cut box blank and then transport the blank to the box-forming station.


  • Carton Forming Unit

Fold the snap lock bottom box’s female bottom closure panel and two closure flaps.


  • Bottom Locking Unit

A pneumatically controlled tucker inserts the male bottom closure panel under the female bottom closure panel, and the flaps & panels interlock together to form the carton.


  • Formed Carton Outlet

The formed lock bottom box is pushed by the tucker to the outlet and dropped into the pre-placed collection cardboard box below.

  • Console

Control the operation of such snap lock bottom case former machine, you could set the corresponding parameters according to your production needs.

  • Electric Cabinet

It contains important components such as PLC, photoelectric eye, air cylinder, etc., which is equivalent to the small box erector’s brain.


  • Alarm Indicator

When this little carton erector is running abnormally, the alarm indicator will light up to remind you to check and solve the problem.

  • Safety Cover

In the event of a machine accident, it protects the operator’s safety.



The operation of such an eCommerce box carton erector mainly includes the following steps:

  • Box Blank Pick Up and Transfer

Two vacuum suction cups suck a box blank from the blank magazine, and then move the box blank to the box forming station.


The lead screw that holds the blank magazine is adjustable, and adjusting the lead screw can make the magazine fit your carton size.

  • Box Forming

After the box blank arrives at the carton forming station, it is detected by the photoelectric eye first, and the photoelectric eye feeds back a signal to the PLC.


Then, the PLC sends a command, the other two vacuum suction cups absorb the box blank and generate a reverse pulling force on the box blank, and the two reverse pulling forces erect the box blank into a square shape.

  • Bottom Interlocking

After erecting the box blank into a square shape, it’s the turn of the bottom locking unit to appear.


The bottom locking unit folds the female bottom closure panel first, then fold the two closure flaps, and finally tucks the male bottom closure panel into the female bottom closure panel.


  • Output Erected Box

After completing the bottom interlocking, the tucker will push the erected box out of the bottom locking station, and the erected boxes with open tops drop into the pre-placed collection cardboard box.


Fully Erected Bottom Sealed 1 2 3 Bottom Box

You can watch the video below to better understand our SiroSilo snap lock bottom box forming machine’s workflow.

If you want to customize your dreamy small box case erector, you are welcome to send us an inquiry and we will get back to you within 1 hour.


Although the snap lock bottom box is relatively more difficult to fold and form, our SiroSilo 1 2 3 bottom small carton erector machine’s working speed could still reach 10-20 boxes per minute, and an average of 15 snap lock bottom boxes are foldable in one minute.


Achieving such a speed requires 3 skilled box-folding workers.

Comparing the electricity cost and machine depreciation cost of such an automatic box erector machine, it will definitely be much more cost-effective than manually folding the box.

1 2 3 Bottom Box Erector Machine Cost

The snap lock bottom carton erector machine price depends on three factors:

  • Box Material and Size
  • Replacement of Brand-name Components
  • Customization

We hope you could tell us these three factors in advance by email or WhatsApp, so we can clearly understand your needs and quote a reasonable price.

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Snap Lock Bottom Box Forming Machine Suppliers

Search keywords such as snap lock bottom box former and 1 2 3 bottom box former in the keyword Planner of Google Adwords, and their monthly search volume is 0-10 globally.

Such search volume can partially reflect that there are few potential customers searching for 1 2 3 bottom box forming machines.


Because of this, there are relatively few suppliers of such small case erectors.

Well-known case erector manufacturers in America, Combi, Lantech, Loveshaw, Pearson, Wexxar, etc., all specialize in corrugated box erectors but do not provide folding carton erectors, thus snap lock bottom box formers are unavailable from them.

We, SiroSilo Industrial, are one of the few suppliers of little carton erectors that could be found on Google.


The video below shows the assembly workshop of our folding carton erector.

As an original manufacturer, we welcome you to video call us via WhatsApp anytime, we could show you our factory in real-time.

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

If we happen to be testing the 1 2 3 bottom box erector, we could also broadcast the process of the machine test to you through video.

Tuck End Carton Box Erector

The tuck end carton box erector machine is similar to the snap lock bottom box former, and both belong to the folding carton erector.

Many of our customers usually inquire about these two types of folding carton erectors, because these two types of cartons are very common in the market and have a very wide penetration rate.

The following video shows the workflow of the tuck end box erector.

You can also click the picture below to learn more about it.


Or communicate with us directly via Email and WhatsApp.


WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Large Box Case Erector

SiroSilo could also supply large box case erectors for your corrugated cardboard boxes, please click the photo below to check more details.





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