In this information explosion era, selecting a suitable supplier is a headache.

  • B2B

Vendors post the same product dozens or even hundreds of times with different keywords.

You click N times and the products in front of your eyes may be the same and not your favorite.


  • Exhibition

Attending exhibitions costs you more energy and additional expenses.

Some of the suppliers selected at the exhibition always consume more of your time to check their cooperation, professionalism, service, etc.


SiroSilo (Shanghai Xiaou Industry Co., Ltd.) strives to improve the professionalism of website content, ranking Google organic search, and winning your clicks.

Why not give SiroSilo a chance to serve you like our American client Mr. Bob, and win a worry-free purchasing experience?

SiroSilo cooperates with Chinese original manufacturers that do not have foreign trade departments, SiroSilo is equivalent to the overseas sales of these manufacturers, and you can enjoy factory prices.


Since SiroSilo is not responsible for production, we can only repeatedly screen reliable factories as a backing, and ensure that the product quality satisfies you, because your satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit, and only then will you become our spokesperson.


Let’s talk in detail about why you can trust SiroSilo.

Advantages of Sourcing from China

Let’s start with the advantages of sourcing in China, here we go!

Strong & Stable China

As a “world factory”, China has a stable political situation, strong macro-control capabilities, and a complete industrial system and supply chain.


Compared with other Southeast Asian countries, China has obvious advantages.

Chinese workers have a sense of discipline and are highly motivated to produce and learn.

The tariffs, port fees, and inland transportation fees in Southeast Asian countries are 24% higher than in China, and the import time is 66% longer on average than in China.

In addition, the socio-political environment in Southeast Asia is unstable, with high potential risks.

Lower Product Price

Although the wages of Chinese workers have increased year by year, it is still low compared to developed countries in Europe and USA.

The low labor cost makes Chinese products cheaper than European and American products, which is the most well-known advantage of Chinese products.

Vast Supplier Pool

In China, no matter what product, there are a large number of manufacturers and suppliers.

Because of this, you can easily obtain the product price, quality, delivery time, after-sales service, etc. of many suppliers, then compare them, and finally select your favorite supplier.


Higher Product Quality

In the past, “Made in China” was always associated with poor quality, which is untrue and unfair.

Many customers propose the Ford budget to buy Ferrari, thus Chinese suppliers are forced to use raw materials with lower prices and quality to survive.

Today, China is transforming from “Made in China” to “Created in China” and is leading the development of many industries, such as electric vehicles, bullet trains, mobile payment, solar energy, and wind power.


Therefore, as long as you can match the price of the corresponding quality, you are very likely to find suitable and satisfactory products and suppliers in China.

Bulk Order Capabilities

Thanks to the upgrade of infrastructure and the improvement of whole industrial chain, the supply of raw materials for various products is sufficient, stable, and rapid;


Many large European and American customers have placed a large number of bulk orders from China for a long time, creating a group of Chinese suppliers with strong order processing capabilities.

Now, many Chinese suppliers can easily handle bulk orders.


Unlike many German and Japanese suppliers who only provide standard products to customers, Chinese suppliers take orders flexibly, customize products on demand, and accept small batch orders.

We have customized a top load cartoner for 3M Korea, it is used for packing the 3M1110 earplug pouch, please watch the video below for reference.

SiroSilo has also supplied a soap cartoning machine for the Safeguard brand under Procter & Gamble.

Challenges of Sourcing from China

A thousand words, summed up in the following three points:

  • Wrong Supplier
  • Wrong Contact
  • Wrong Result

Therefore, as long as you find the right suppliers and contacts, your sourcing journey in China will be smooth and all possible challenges will be solvable timely.


How SiroSilo Helps You Overcome China Sourcing Challenges

SiroSilo has created seven capabilities and three core elements to help you solve your procurement problems in China.

Seven Capabilities

The seven capabilities are source search, bid, quality control, inspection, logistics, claim, and after-sales service.

Source Search

The Internet is full of information, and if you don’t understand Chinese, it will be more difficult for you to find good products and suppliers in the Chinese market.

SiroSilo is very familiar with the latest developments in the market through years of industry accumulation and social network linkage.


In addition, SiroSilo seizes every opportunity to negotiate business and exchange product opinions with customers to improve our professionalism and market sensitivity.


Through deep friendships with factories and well-prepared information in advance, SiroSilo can help you negotiate a good price.

Usually, SiroSilo will conduct market assessment, competitor analysis, and demand analysis in advance.

Then provide information such as cost, market supply & demand, and your future development prospects to the factory, obtaining the best price.

Quality Control

Strict quality control reduces defective product claims, increases competitiveness, and simultaneously increases your satisfaction.

Although SiroSilo doesn’t involve manufacturing, we strictly follow up on the quality control of our cooperative factories and minimize losses.


Before shipment, we go to the factory to supervise equipment tuning and operating, record videos, and then send these videos to you for confirmation.

Some machines have several servo motors and air pipes, as well as network & PLC cables, etc.

Although you may know all about them, we still label and take pictures of the cables.


If you order from multiple factories, you may pay for multiple shipments, which is really not cost-effective.

However, SiroSilo can flexibly consolidate containers to save your shipping and customs clearance costs.



Once cargo damage occurs, SiroSilo will proactively help you claim from freight forwarders, insurance companies, or factories in accordance with international trade rules, solving the problem as soon as possible.

After-sales Service

SiroSilo uses self-adhesive labels to mark the wiring before shipment, issues English manuals, and records operating instruction videos with English subtitles for you.

If you have any questions involving machine operation, please video call us via WhatsApp and a technician will join in for remote video guidance.


With these seven capabilities, SiroSilo provides you with seamless services from start to finish, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire purchasing process.

Three Core Elements

In addition, SiroSilo summarizes three core elements, which are referred to as “3P”, namely Products, People, and Plants.


Products are the core competitiveness, therefore, SiroSilo always pursues product quality to the extreme.

Our partner factories offer employees attractive salaries and a harmonious atmosphere.

Regardless, people make products, and happy people produce high-quality products.


Perfection may not exist in this world, but people who pursue perfection must exist.


SiroSilo adheres to people-oriented, employees guided by this philosophy will serve you with optimism, integrity, and honesty until you are 100% satisfied with a shiny smile.

When assisting you with your purchase, we will consider the issue from your perspective and recommend the most suitable product based on your scenario.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit, only in this way can you become our mouthpiece.


The factories that cooperate with SiroSilo do not look better than other packaging machine factories, but many foreign customers still firmly choose SiroSilo packaging machines.

The only difference is the people who work in the factories.

All employees in our cooperative factories form a dedicated team, and the packaging machines produced by the dedicated team will definitely satisfy you.

Please contact us via the following Email or WhatsApp to customize your dreamy packaging machine.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Why Choose SiroSilo Instead of Big Factory?

Here are 6 reasons for your reference.

  1. Because we are a small company with low-risk resistance, we pursue quality more, and you can send samples to test our machines.
  2. For a small & simple company, if you tell me, I can tell the boss directly; for a large & complex company, reporting from sales-manager-VP-boss takes up a lot of your time.
  3. Small companies have fewer employees and lower costs; large companies have to feed many people, and their costs are much higher.
  4. If you are not the largest customer of a large company, you will not be able to enjoy the best prices and services; but if you cooperate with us, you are our God.
  5. Machines from large companies will also have quality problems, when you ask them to provide on-site guidance, layer-by-layer reporting is inevitable; for SiroSilo, you only need to make a phone call to solve it in time, and your boss will be aware of your ability.
  6. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you also need backup suppliers in case of an urgent need, right?



    SiroSilo (Shanghai Xiaou Industry Co., Ltd.)

    Email: info@sirosilo.com

    WhatsApp: +8617312124727

    Address: 1502, Bldg A, No. 777 Huoshan Rd., Shanghai

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