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Case Erector

Max. Case Size L650mm×W500mm×H400mm
Min. Case Size L250mm×W150mm×H150mm
Speed 5-50 CPM
Sealing Type Tape/Glue Optional
Power Depends On Sealing Type
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Pneumatics 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa/6-8 Bar
Weight 450Kg

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Case Erector

A case erector is a machine that automatically opens and erects flat cardboard box blanks.


The equipment picks up the flat box blank, shapes it into a square shape, folds the bottom flaps, and then seals the bottom flaps with tape or glue to prepare the box for loading products.


Thanks to the booming of e-commerce and modern logistics, as well as the increasing awareness of human environmental protection, case erectors have gradually become popular all over the world.

SiroSilo carton erectors can form and seal cardboard boxes of a wide size range:

  • Min.: L/250mm × W/150mm × H/150mm
  • Max.: L/650mm × W/500mm × H/400mm

If your corrugated box size is not within the above range, we have our R&D team to customize your dreamy erector, just like the 1.5m extra-long RSC case erecting shown in the video below.

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What is a Case Erector?

A case erector is a case former machine, that converts the case blanks into fully erected, bottom-sealed cardboard boxes or folding cartons.

It is a kind of packaging equipment widely used in logistics, e-commerce, and distribution industries.


Corrugated Box Erector

This machine picks up a case blank from the blank magazine, then completes a series of processes such as case forming, bottom flaps folding, and bottom sealing, and then outputs an erected cardboard box or folding carton.

The outfeed corrugated box/folding carton is open at the top, and the other sides are sealed, they are ready for product loading by case packing machines or human hands.


Two types of case erecting equipment are available:

  • Corrugated Box Erector
  • Folding Carton Erector

This page focuses on cardboard erectors.

Types of Cardboard Box Erector

There are many ways to classify cardboard erectors, SiroSilo supplies three kinds:


According to the degree of automation, conventional cardboard erectors can be divided into:


For the automatic case erector, you just need to place the cardboard box or folding carton blanks in the magazine in advance, no need for other manual intervention.

Regarding the above video, we summarize its workflow as follows:

  1. Case Blank Pickup
  2. Case Opening & Erecting
  3. Case Conveying
  4. Case Bottom Sealing
  5. Erected Case Outputting


Please watch the following semi-automatic carton erector’s demo video for reference first.

A worker picks up a box blank and shapes the blank to fully erected status.

Then, he places the erected case on the KDF (Knocked Down Flat) stand for bottom flaps folding, and pushes it to the top & bottom sealing station.

After the photoelectric eye detects the carton, the pressure sensitive tape head automatically seals the top and bottom of the carton.


Based on case erecting orientation, corrugated box erectors have the following two types: vertical & horizontal.


The horizontal case former integrates cams and con rods to control box blank picking up, flap folding, and carton conveying, its mechanical movements are fast, precise, and stable.


Its fastest speed can reach 50CPM, which is especially suitable for beverage and mineral water factories.


As for the vertical case formers, air-driven cylinders perform their carton blank picking and flap folding, and their case erecting speed is relatively slow.

However, its various mechanical movements are gentle and the requirements for carton hardness are lower.

Horizontal vs. Vertical

Horizontal cardboard erectors’ initial investment is higher, but they have one advantage: they work stably at any speed;

Vertical carton box erectors vibrate during the box blank pickup process, vibration may lead to suction cup damage or loose parts, ultimately leading to more frequent maintenance.

However, many small and medium-sized enterprises still buy vertical ones because of the price.


If divided according to sealing media, conventional cardboard box erectors include the 3 types listed below:


BOPP tape is the most common cardboard box bottom sealing media during the erection process.

Gum Tape

Carton box erectors that use gum tape for corrugated box bottom sealing are rare in the Chinese market.

The CE-10P WAT model released by the American company Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) adopts water activated tape for corrugated box bottom sealing.

Hot Melt Glue

Hot melt glue corrugated box bottom sealing is more environmentally friendly than BOPP tape, but the initial investment in the erector is higher because an additional hot melt glue applicator is essential.

Some potential customers also dive deep into the conventional cardboard erector by searching for box styles, let’s briefly introduce the corrugated cartons and their styles.

Cardboard boxes are usually made from a single piece of corrugated fiberboard by scoring & slotting the blank, allowing for folding.


Industrial Corrugated Box

The cartons for the erector machine are slotted boxes, and the following types of slotted boxes are common on the market:

  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
  • Half Slotted Container (HSC)
  • Overlap Slotted Container (OSC)

Among them, RSC is the most popular.



The width of Regular Slotted Containers’ outer flaps is exactly half the width of the box, and the two outer flaps meet at the container center line.


RSC is the world’s most common slotted box style due to its efficient and versatile design that minimizes waste.


Compared to the RSC containers, the Half Slotted Container (HSC) box lacks a set of top flaps.


After folding & sealing the HSC containers, its top is completely open, making it easy to load products and suitable for displaying loaded products to customers.


Its one-side outer flap overlaps on the other side outer flap by a width less than or equal to the container width.

When the overlapping width is less than the container width, we call it an Overlap Slotted Container (OSC);


If the overlapping width is equal to the container width, we call it a Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL).


If your cases are special, please contact us first, and we will customize a suitable carton box erector machine for you.


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Pre-programmed Robot

There are two pre-programmed robotic carton erecting machines that are popular in the Chinese market:

Best Selling 5 Servo Driven

With the following selling points, this pre-programmed robotic carton erecting machine has taken the Chinese market by storm, attracting various manufacturers to rush to copy it.



Full carbon steel frame (surface sandblasted), net weight 620 kg, strong enough;


Safety door screw fastening holes are reserved on the frame, thus safety doors and interlock switches are optional for you to protect operators.


Box Blank Supply Storage

Tilt box blank magazine, blank traction relies on gravity and a push-down plate, without consuming electricity;


Proximity switch for box blank supply shortage detection.


Case Forming & Bottom Flap Folding

Frosted solid aluminum robotic arm with a strong aura;


Five powerful vacuum suction cups pick up and pre-break the carton blank at the same time, ensuring that the carton is square enough and does not fall off;


3 Inovance servo motors drive the robotic arm, clean and sharp box blank opening & shaping;


Fixed front minor flap folder and Taiwan AirTAC cylinder controlled rear minor flap folder leads to quick flap folding.


Box Bottom Sealing & Erected Box Outputting

As shown in the photo below, 2 Inovance servo motors drive the side belts, stable and reliable carton conveying;


High-quality pressure sensitive tape applicator, the tape fits the carton more compactly and without wrinkles;


Two Sick photoelectric sensors at the side belt entrance and center detect carton conveying, the erector automatically shuts down if no carton passes.


Control System

A simple & intuitive touchscreen control panel.



Max. 30 cartons erecting in one minute;

Fast size changeover, averaging 2.5-3 mins.

30s Size Changeover 9 Servo Driven

This carton box erector adopts four more servo motors for automatic adjusting:

  • Box Pressure Plate Height
  • Blank Magazine Height
  • Exit Conveyor Width


For carton size changeover, all you need to do is:

  1. Input carton dimension on the touchscreen
  2. Adjust the blank magazine width
  3. Place the limit block & limit nail against the box blank top
  4. Fix the push-down plate


The whole size changeover just needs 30-60 seconds.


The speed of the cobot carton erector is only 4-8 boxes per minute, but it can erect cartons of different sizes in a cycle.

In addition, it is programmable to integrate case erecting and packing functions.

If you can compromise on its speed, it is worthy of your choice.

Box Erector Manufacturers

Searching for carton box erectors via the Keyword Planner of Google Ads, you’ll find many branded manufacturers.

These manufacturers have been in this niche for a long long time, they are famous all over the world.


By browsing their websites, you will learn more about the carton box erector and sealer machine’s top technologies & development trends.

Famous RSC case erector manufacturers mainly include:

As a professional supplier of carton forming machines here in China, we sincerely welcome you to contact us for a deep discussion, we are worthy of your trust.



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Case Erector Price

The packaging box erector’s price depends on its type, degree of automation, and speed.

In the Chinese market, the carton erecting machine prices of different suppliers are different, the price range is between USD$3,000.00 and USD$20,000.00.

A corrugated box erector from an American manufacturer costs you $26,117.86.


This price is higher than any type of cardboard box folding machine you can find in China.

Carton Erector Choice

If you are still struggling with choosing the right carton erecting machine, the following content may help you escape the struggle.

To buy a suitable carton erecting machine, you must first clarify the following questions.

Case Types

Most carton erecting machines on the market are suitable for processing regular slotted cases (RSC), and many potential customers search on Google with the keyword RSC case erector.

If your cases are regular slotted cases, there are many suitable carton erecting machine manufacturers for your choice.


Regular Slotted Case

If your cases are overlap slotted cases or half slotted cases, the optional case erecting machine supplier will be much less.

Case Sizes

Secondly, you need to know the size of your case.

The length, width, and height of your case should fit the case erecting machine’s blank magazine, thus the case erecting machine can handle your cases.


Case Corrugating Quality

According to our previous experience, the quality of case corrugating affects the corrugated box erector’ effect.


Some customers also found this problem, and after replacing the poor corrugating cases with better ones, they successfully solved the problem.

Because of this, we suggest you communicate with your corrugated box suppliers and remind them to take care of corrugating quality.

If possible, inspect large-scale production.

Erecting Speed

Generally speaking, a standard vertical carton erector forms 7-10 cases/min, and a standard horizontal corrugated box erector forms 15-20 cases/min.

If you have higher requirements for speed, we suggest you purchase a horizontal high speed case erector, its speed could reach 40-50 cases/min.

Sealing Types

Tape sealing & hot melt glue closure have their advantages & disadvantages.

  • Pros & Cons of Tape Sealing
  1. Lower price;
  2. Less power consumption;
  3. Easier maintenance;
  4. Tape quality affects sealing quality;
  5. Tape sealing can’t keep up with high-speed case forming;
  6. A roll of tape runs out faster than a tank of glue, more frequent tape replacement.
  • Pros & Cons of Hot Melt Glue Closure
  1. Higher efficiency;
  2. Glue replacement frequency is lower than tape replacement;
  3. Glue may block the hoses & nozzles;
  4. Over-spraying may occur, and more cleanup efforts.

You can decide which type to choose based on the above comparisons.

Automation Degree

As mentioned, there are 3 types of case former machines according to the degree of automation, manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

Manual case former machines are rare on the market now, semi-automatic & automatic case former machines are common.

If your budget is sufficient, in favor of fast case forming speed, and your local labor cost is high, it’s better to choose a fully automatic cardboard box case erector without any hesitation;

If your budget is limited, no special requirement for case forming speed, and your local labor cost is within an acceptable range, then you can choose a semi-automatic carton erector.

Folding Carton Erector

A folding carton erector is a common packaging machine.

After picking up the folding carton blank from the blank magazine, it then separates & shapes the carton blank, folds the bottom flaps, closes the bottom, and finally outfeeds the folding carton.

The folding carton is open at the top after coming out from the erector, and then a downstream packaging machine or human hand can load the product into it easily.


Unlike the cardboard box, the folding carton’s main material is paperboard, which is suitable for packing daily necessities;

The cardboard box’s main material is corrugated paper, which is suitable for packaging industrial products.


3 types of folding carton erectors are optional for your choice:

Tuck End Carton Box Erector

It is useful for erecting straight tuck end cartons and reverse tuck end cartons.



The following video shows the workflow of the tuck end carton erector.

For more details, please click the photo below.


1 2 3 Bottom Box Erector

Such an erector is suitable for forming 1 2 3 bottom boxes or snap lock bottom boxes.


Please watch the video below to understand its workflow.

Please click the following picture to learn more about such a snap lock bottom box erecting machine.


Mailer/Postal/Pizza Box Folding Machine

The pizza box folding machine converts box blanks into shaped-bottom, open-top pizza boxes, mailer boxes, and postal boxes for manual loading.

It first absorbs a box blank and transports it to the forming station;


Then, it completes bottom shaping and side panel lock tab insertion at the forming station one by one;



At last, the bottom-shaped & open-top box is pushed out of the machine by the following boxes.

Case Sealer

The case sealer’s function is to close or seal corrugated boxes, the medium for sealing includes hot melt adhesives, BOPP tapes, and water activated gum tapes.


Water Activated Gum Tape

As for the box taping machine, its core component is the pressure sensitive tape head.


Pressure Sensitive Tape Head

When the carton presses the tape applicator, the applicator is triggered to seal the box.

After the sealing tape reaches the preset length, the blade on the applicator cuts off the tape to complete the sealing process.


The adhesive dispenser is essential for the hot melt glue case sealer, it sprays glue for bonding the carton’s inner flaps & outer flaps together.


Case Erector and Sealer

The following video presents the carton erector and sealer’s workflow.

As you can see, there is a belt conveyor between the carton erector and sealer, and a worker can stand by the conveyor, loading the product into the corrugated box.

This scenario is common in the E-commerce industry, as shown in the following video:

If you have requirements for packaging speed and hope to reduce labor, you can link the auto case erector and sealer together with the case packer, we call it ‘case erector packer sealer’.

Some manufacturers supply this type of all-in-one machine, including our SiroSilo.

Once you plan to purchase a packaging line that includes a case erector packer sealer, welcome you to send us an inquiry on this website, and we will reply to you within 1h.

Case Erector Bag Inserter

Some customers contact us to purchase a combined case erector and bag inserter because they do packaging for biscuits, solid oil, edible oil, nutritional powder, and other products.

The combined box erector and bag inserter are formed by linking the case erector and the bag inserter by a conveyor belt.

The top open carton comes out from the case erector, passes through a conveyor belt, and then enters the inlet of the bag inserter machine.

For more information on the combined case erector and bag inserter, please click the image below.


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