Packaging Machine/

Case Packer

Item Cardboard Packer
Types Side load, top load, wraparound
Speed 10-25 Cases/min
Carton Size 500mm≤L+W+H≤1000mm
Air Consumption Max. 1.5m3/min, depends on packer type
Power 2Kw-15Kw, depends on packer type
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

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Case Packer

The case packer organizes & packs products into cardboard boxes, and corrugated trays in a certain way.

It is popular in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries.


Some case packing equipment also integrates case erecting, product metering, case sealing, and strapping stations.

SiroSilo supplies two types of case packaging machines for your choice, including :

  • Conventional
  • Robotic

Conventional case packer consists of the following four types:

  • Bottom Load
  • Side Load
  • Top Load
  • Wraparound

Bottom load is rare, and the other three have high penetration in the Chinese market.

Two types of robot packers are optional:

  • Non-collaborative
  • Collaborative

Whether cans, blisters, folding cartons, bottles, plastic wrappers, or soft poly bags, we can customize the best case packing system for you.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Robot Packer


Non-collaborative/industrial robots are good at completing repetitive tasks rapidly and accurately.

For companies that need to box large quantities of 1 SKU at a time, non-collaborative/industrial robot case packing is the ideal solution to maximize packaging efficiency and shorten ROI.


Collaborative robots are multi-axis articulated manipulators that integrate a variety of sensors.

Integrated sensors enable this type of robot to quickly identify and react to subtle changes in its surrounding environment.

Such robots are born to work alongside humans.

Conventional Case Packing

Conventional case packing machines integrate a lot of mechanical, pneumatic, and optoelectronic components, and their structures are much more complex than robot packers.

It is more like a system, including case erecting, product sorting, product loading, and case sealing sections, which are combined to complete the entire case packing process.

Side Load

Please look at the photo below first:


The bottom outer flaps and inner flaps open outwards as shown in the above photo for product loading.


Side load case packers adopt this packing process.

Top Load

Top load is common in drop packers as shown below:

top-load-case-packing-0The box bottom is sealed, the panels are vertical to the horizontal level, and the box top is widely open.

Wrap Around

Wrap around case packers introduce the product loading process shown in the photo below:


The flat box blank wraps those beverage bottles around to realize product loading.


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