Packaging Machine/

Carton Sealing Machine

Sealing Hot Melt Glue/Tape Optional
Power 180W-240W
Max. Case Size W500mm x H500mm
Min. Case Size W80mm x H90mm
Speed 8-20CPM
Tape Material BOPP, PVC, Water Activated Kraft Paper
Tape Width 36mm/48mm/60mm/75mm
Table Height 600mm-750mm

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Carton Sealing Machine

In this era of efficiency, automatic carton sealing machine has become popular with the rise of ecommerce, and various types of carton sealing machines continue to emerge.

These different types of case sealers are capable of sealing different types of cartons. The sealed cartons securely store and ship various products, meeting the different needs of different customers.

In order to help you better understand this kind of machine, we have specially compiled this product page of the carton sealing machine, and hope you can learn something from it.

If you plan to purchase an automatic carton sealing machine recently, you are also welcome to contact us. Our experts are always ready to serve you one-on-one.

Enjoy it!

What does a Case Sealer Do?

A case sealer is a kind of packaging machine, it automatically applies tape or sprays glue to seal the carton at a fast speed, top & bottom synchronous sealing is achievable.

What is more, the case sealing equipment can work independently, or link with cardboard box erector machine, case packer, case labeler, case strapping machine, pallet stacker, conveyor to form a packaging line.

Generally speaking, the case sealing equipment consists of the following components:

  • Drive Motor
  • Frame
  • Table
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Drive Belt
  • Sealing Height & Width Adjustment Handle
  • Upper & Lower Tape Applicator (Tape Head)
  • Tape Holder
  • Flap Folding Unit
  • Casters (Universal Wheel)
  • ……

Refer to the following schematic diagram, you can better understand its structure.


Carton Sealer Types

We can classify the carton sealer machine based on different factors, including the degree of automation, sealing medium, drive belts, integrated functions, etc.

According to the degree of automation, it has 4 types:

  • Uniform Semi Automatic
  • Random Semi Automatic
  • Uniform Automatic
  • Random Automatic


According to sealing mediums, 3 types are optional:

  • Water Activated Tape
  • BOPP Adhesive Tape
  • Hot Melt Glue

According to drive belt:

  • Top & Bottom Belt Drive
  • Side Belt Drive

According to the integrated functions:

  • Box Folder and Taper Machine
  • Case Sealer and Labeler
  • Case Sealing Strapping Line

Carton Sealing Tape Machine

The carton sealing tape machine automatically completes the carton sealing with adhesive tape, with no need for manual intervention.

Such a machine can complete the upper & lower sealing in one-stop, or finish the upper or lower sealing separately.


It generally applies BOPP adhesive tape or water activated kraft paper tape.

You can print your own logo or slogan on the tape, the tape not only seals the box but also advertises your company’s products.


Refer to the following video, you can better understand the carton sealing tape machine’s working process.

Turn on the power, the motor starts, and the roller conveyor & drive belt carry the bottom-sealed box forward.

When the carton gets in contact with the pressure sensitive tape head, the tape applicator starts to work, completing its tasks such as taping, wiping, cutting off, sealing.


For the carton sealing tape machine, some adopt side belts drive, some introduce top & bottom belts drive.

Side belts drive carton sealer is suitable for sealing narrow cartons;


Top & bottom belts drive carton sealer is suitable for sealing tall cartons.


Water Activated Tape Case Sealer

Most of the cartons nowadays are made of recycled materials, in view of this, we SiroSilo released a water activated tape case sealing machine, because WAT tape has a stronger sealing effect than BOPP tape on recycled carton materials.

Moreover, the water activated tape is degradable, the wider its application, the more eco-friendly.

The water activated tape’s main material is kraft paper, after coating starch or corn glue on the kraft paper, the drying machine dries it, then the slitting rewinding machine converts it into WAT tape rolls.


When using gummed tape, lightly wipe it with a damp cloth on the surface, it will be sticky.

Clients highly appreciate our SiroSilo water activated tape case sealing machine’s following selling points.

  • Filter Sponge

The kraft paper tape can soak the water in the sponge, then seal the box after it becomes sticky.


The sealing is firmer & more beautiful, with strong retention, quite suitable for high-end carton sealing.

  • Powerful Motor

The sealer equips with 2 powerful motors, these motors’ load capacity is large, thus the sealer can easily transport heavier boxes, its application becomes wider.


  • Sealing Height & Width Adjustable

With ergonomic hand wheel, you can adjust the sealing height & width as you like, thus your case sealing equipment can handle cartons of different sizes.

  • Denser Roller Conveyor

Ensures more stable carton conveying without jam, supports larger size range of corrugated containers.


Case Sealer Hot Melt

The case sealer hot melt equips with a hot melt glue dispenser.

The dispenser melts the glue into a liquid, then spray the liquid glue on the carton’s surface through its nozzle.

After the hot melt glue gets cool, it bonds the carton’s flaps together firmly.

Please watch the following demo video of case sealer hot melt, you can understand its working process more clearly.

Many customers have bought our SiroSilo case sealer hot melt, according to their feedback, they chose case sealer hot melt based on the following points.

  • Good Packaging Quality

Packaging cartons must be able to withstand temperature & humidity changes, and rough handling.

The hot melt adhesive bonds well with wet objects, its penetration ability is strong.

In fact, it imposes a physical & chemical bonding effect between the corrugated paper & the liner board, thus enhancing the bonded carton’s overall strength, which is not easy to deform & crack.


Hot Melt Glue

The hot melt glue dispenser can also spray glue on key parts of various shapes, such as the carton’s inner flap.


Secondly, hot melt adhesive can withstand low temperatures of -40°C,its storage period is as long as 2 years, and it just needs a small storage area;

Whatsmore, hot melt adhesive comes with an anti-theft function. Since the adhesive penetrates into the corrugation, any opening attempt will tear the carton flap.


  • Beautiful Appearance

Nowadays, merchants also advertise their products on the packaging carton. Therefore, the fewer visual obstacles, the better.

Adhesive tape often blocks the advertising information on the carton;


The hot melt adhesive bonds the flaps inside the carton, this kind of sealing will not affect the display of carton ads.

  • Low Cost

Hot melt glue closure is fast, the entire bonding process takes 1-3s, and the glue replenishment doesn’t cause downtime.

It is suitable for mass packaging, with low energy consumption & cost. The sealing cost of hot melt adhesive is about USD$5.00/1000 boxes in China, and the cost of tape sealing is about USD$18.80/1000 boxes.

The case sealer hot melt is really quite eco-friendly & efficient.

Semi Automatic Box Taping Machine

When using semi automatic box taping machine, you need to manually adjust the width & height according to your carton sizes.

Push the packed carton into the semi automatic box taping machine, the sealer automatically folds the carton flaps, performs top & bottom tape sealing, the sealing effect is smooth & beautiful.

The upper & lower tape heads are interchangeable, their replacement is simple & easy, the table height is also adjustable according to your needs.

This semi automatic box taping machine can work independently, or play an important role in a packaging line.

The following features of our SiroSilo semi automatic box taping machines attract many customers all over the world.

  • Imported pneumatic & electrical components, precise & firm, smooth operation & long service life;
  • Automatic folding & sealing, compact footprint, convenient operation, strong adaptability;
  • Auxiliary guide wheels on both sides help to complete the flat & beautiful sealing;
  • Suitable for sealing single size cartons within a certain period;
  • Widened & heightened table is optional;
  • Popular in food & beverage, medicine, tobacco, daily chemicals, electronics, toys and other industries.

Automatic Box Taper Machine

Actually, the automatic box taper machine is the so-called random automatic box taper machine.


The clamping rails on both sides sense the carton first, adjust the distance between each other to clamp the carton.

Then, the upper tape head assembly automatically moves up & down to a suitable height.

Next, the upper tape head assembly folds down the carton’s inner flaps, and the carton forwards through the tape head, the tape head completes tape sealing, wiping, and cutting off.

During the carton sealing process, two rods fold outer flaps synchronously.

Subsequently, the machine outfeeds the sealed cartons to the downstream packaging equipment, or workers collect them for further use.

The random automatic box taper machine’s speed can reach 15-20 boxes/min. If you use it in conjunction with a carton erector, the formed carton erector and sealer can complete the one-stop box forming & sealing.

Box Folder and Taper Machine

In fact, the box folder and taper machine is also a kind of carton sealing tape machine, it integrates flap folding function.

With the flap folding function, it saves you more labor costs.

Please watch the following video, you can understand the box folder and taper machine’s workflow better.

After loading the product into the carton, push it to the box folder and taper machine through a roller conveyor, the drive belts clamp the carton, carry it forward.

The sealer folds the front inner flap first, then bends the back inner flap.

Then the carton comes into contact with the folding rods & pressure sensitive tape applicator.

The rods bend these two outer flaps, the pressure sensitive tape head seals the box via a series of actions, including:

  • Taping
  • Wiping
  • Cutting Off

H Shape Case Edge Sealer

The H shape case edge sealer consists of a carton sealing tape machine & a case edge sealer.

The following video shows the entire workflow of the H shape case edge sealer.

Manually push the cartons into the roller conveyor, drive belts carry the carton through tape head, the tape head seals the boxes up & down.

Then, the case edge sealer completes the four-edge sealing at one time.


Case Sealer and Labeler

In recent years, due to the rise of e-commerce, case sealer and labeler have become more & more popular.

In fact, the case sealer and labeler are a combination of a carton sealing tape machine & a case labeler machine.

Our SiroSilo case sealer and labeler adopt adhesive tape, universal folding sheet paper to seal & label the carton, it can complete the sealing & labeling at one time.

Such machine is widely used in home appliances, textiles, food, cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine, chemical industries.

Because of the following features, many global customers thumb up for our SiroSilo case sealer and labeler.

  • Integrated sealing & labeling, compact structure & small space occupation.
  • Graphic touch screen HMI, one-key switch of sealing & labeling, simple & convenient operation.
  • Digital labeling position, automatic fault detection & self-diagnosis, high degree of intelligence.
  • High-strength drive belt, stable transmission ensures precise center sealing.
  • Flat, firm, standardized, beautiful sealing without tearing the box.
  • Independent use or packaging line integration.

Case Sealing Strapping Line

The case sealing strapping machine is a packaging machine, it integrates the functions of box sealing & strapping, completing the box sealing & strapping in one operation!

The machine can link to the automatic packaging line, with top & bottom sealing, multiple tapes strapping, effectively improving the automation degree of the end packaging line.

First, seal the top & bottom of the box with tape, then tie the box with straps automatically. For the working process of the machine, you can refer to the video below.

The case sealing strapping machine is widely used in mass production industries such as:

  • Toys
  • Home Appliances
  • Printing
  • Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Daily Necessities

With the following features, SiroSilo case sealing strapping machine has won the trust of many customers on the global market.

  • Sealing & strapping in one operation;
  • Fast speed & high efficiency;
  • PLC control, convenient operation, low failure rate;
  • Imported sensors ensure accurate strapping;
  • Adjustable strap qty & position;
  • Drive belts for safety guidance, safe packaging;
  • Independent use or packaging line integration.

Carton Erector and Sealer

The carton erector and sealer works very efficiently, it can save you a lot of labor costs if you purchase it.

If your local labor cost is high, a carton erector and sealer is the best choice to improve your packaging efficiency.

You can click this link to know more about our SiroSilo carton erector and sealer.

Carton Sealing Machine HS Code

According to the Chinese HS code query website, the carton sealing machine HS code is 8422330390.

Internationally, the HS code is usually 6 digits, when you declare the carton sealing machine HS code to the customs, you can fill in 842230.

As long as your country joins the World Customs Organization, the first 6 commodity codes are the same.

Case Sealers Manufacturers

3M, Interpack, Lantech, Wexxar/BEL, and Combi are some of the world-famous case sealer manufacturers.

Their case sealers have a high search volume on Google, which indicates their status in the niche.


If you are in favor of branded case sealers, you can contact them to get a quote.

Carton Sealer Machine Price

Carton sealer machine price largely depends on the geographic location of its manufacturer.

The carton sealer machine produced in Europe & the United States generally has a higher price; the carton sealer machine produced in the Asia-Pacific region has a relatively lower price.

The following figure shows the European & American carton sealer machine’s rough price:



For the rough price of Asia-Pacific carton sealer machine, please refer to the following photo:


About USD$1,040.00

Carton Sealing Machine Parts

The word parts in ‘carton sealing machine parts’ may refer to the machine’s components, as shown in the figure below.


Or it refers to the backup spare parts provided by the supplier, it generally includes several common accessories in the picture below.


If you plan to purchase a case sealer recently, welcome you to send us an inquiry on this site, we will reply to you within 1h.

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