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Rigid Box Making Machine

Item Rigid Box Making Machine
Speed 10-25 boxes/min
Size Range W 45-450mm x L 45-600mm x H 12-120mm
Cardboard Thickness 1-4mm
Positioning Precision ±0.1mm
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Power 16.5kW
Dimension L8000mm x W3500mm x H2100mm
Weight 3000Kg

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Rigid Box Making Machine

The rigid box making machine automatically completes cover feeding & gluing, V-groove cardboard conveying, V-groove cardboard erecting & erected box line taping, erected box register, cover wrapping, etc.


It greatly improves production efficiency and quality compared to manual rigid box making.

Such machines are suitable for making boxes of cigarettes, chocolate, cosmetics, jewelry, luxury goods, mobile phones, moon cakes, shoes, shirts, tea, wine, etc.


2 types of rigid box machines are optional in the Chinese market:

  • Combined (Modular)
  • Integrated (All-in-one)

SiroSilo supplies the combined rigid box line, let’s dive deep into it.



SiroSilo modular rigid box lines exclusively adopt a five-module design, and each module can work independently:

  • Cardboard V Grooving
  • Cover Feeding & Gluing
  • Box Line Taping/Corner Pasting
  • Erected Box Register
  • Cover Wrapping

Based on different requirements & budgets, 16 combinations are available, the photo below shows the most economical combination.


When your output increases and you need to upgrade your line, you can replace the manual modules with automated ones.

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A combined rigid box production line consists of the following five types of machines:

Cardboard V Grooving Machine

Cardboard grooving machines convert grey cardboard to V-groove boards in batches.


Two types of such machines are available:


An automatic cardboard V grooving machine consists of the components below:


  • Frame
  • Board Baffle (Magazine)
  • Infeed Belts
  • φ60cm Drum
  • Drum Belts
  • Cutter Blades
  • Outfeed Belts
  • Motor
  • Chain & Gear Drive
  • Leveling Feet

An operator manually places board sheets into the baffle magazine first;


Then the infeed belts convey sheets to the surface of a φ60cm drum;


As the drum rotates, cardboard, KT board, or MDF sheets pass through diagonally opposed cutters;


These cutter blades remove excess fibers from the sheet surface;


Forming V grooves:


Please watch the video below to digest its workflow.

  • Features

It adopts an automatic correction combination (belt, anti-deflection wheel, board baffle magazine).


Thus these sheets are automatically corrected before passing through the V-groove cutter, ensuring the accuracy & uniformity of grooves.

The groove blade holder adopts a special structure, ensuring:


  • No error in grooving;
  • Avoidable back-and-forth shaking of sheets;
  • Preventable holder & drum damage during debugging.

And the positions of all blades are adjustable via the knob.


A visible scale sits under the knob, which is convenient enough.

Imported tungsten steel knives ensure long grooving life & excellent grooving effect.


In addition, the machine automatically cleans & collects the waste materials, and the recycled materials can be sold to pay part of your electricity bill.


Imported bearings ensure extremely low noise & eccentricity when the machine runs at high speed.

Gear & chain drive replaces belt drive to improve machine quality and extend service life.


  • Parameters
Speed 10-80m/min
Cardboard Size Length: 80-600mm/3.15″-23.6″
Width: 80-1160mm/3.15″-45.67″
Thickness: 0.5-4mm/0.02″-0.16″
Board Material Gray Cardboard, White Cardboard, KT Board, MDF
Grooving Angle 80°-140°
Cutter Blades Qty. 8/10
Power 2.2/3.7kW

A semi-auto cardboard grooving machine is useful in prototyping gifts & rigid boxes.

Some customers use it for small-batch cardboard grooving.


  • Features

A 32mm diameter air cylinder controls the blade stroke.


With high-precision slide rails, a high-pressure output rodless piston cylinder, and an aviation aluminum workbench, they ensure high grooving accuracy & good prototyping effect;


Its automation lies in corner cutting, cardboard sheet pressing, and V-groove cutting, the latter two motions must be completed artificially on the manual model.


The photo below displays its program control screen.


Parameters are adjustable on it, such as cutting time/stroke, and the control is convenient.

Its blade holder is user-friendly, with fast knife changeover & high stability, minimizing downtime.


The following features are also attractive among clients.


Furthermore, this cardboard groove cutter is capable of grooving 4mm thick MDF, the same thickness supported by Kolbus NM 101 of Germany:

  • Parameters
Speed 0.5s/cut
Cardboard Size Width: 0-700mm/0″-27.56″
Thickness: 0-8mm/0″-0.315″
Board Material Gray Cardboard, White Cardboard, KT Board, MDF
Grooving Angle 80°-135°
Tolerance 0.05mm
Max. Corner Height 75/150mm
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa | 5-8 Bar

Three types are available for your choice:

  • Pneumatic Control

Compressed air controls its cutter blade back-and-forth circulation.


  • Servo Driven

A servo motor drives its cutter blade back-and-forth motion.


  • Automatic Size Adjustment Servo Driven

It adds a servo motor for automatically adjusting the grooving height compared with the above servo type.


Corner Pasting Machine

A box corner pasting machine shapes V-groove cardboard into the erected box, then tapes the four corners of the erected box.

It has two types:



The automatic corner pasting machine runs as follows:

  • Feeding the V-groove cardboard to the forming station;
  • Heating the pre-coated film tape through a constant temperature heater;
  • Applying pressure to the heated pre-coated film tapes;
  • Tapes adhere the corners together to form a box.

  • Features

Its following features are attractive:

Servo motor drive, PLC control;
Color touch HMI, convenient control;
High-quality components, low failure & high precision;
Machine abnormality or malfunction alarm, buzzer sounds, and touch screen pop-up prompts;
V-groove board refilling without machine downtime;
Mechanical hot melt tape feeding via a stepper motor, one-stop four-corner pasting.
  • Parameters
Item Automatic Box Corner Pasting Machine
Speed 10-25 pcs/min
Length 45-500mm
Width 45-400mm
Height 12-120mm
Power 2.5kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar
Dimension/Weight L1500mm x W1100mm x H2500mm


This box corner taping machine applies pre-coated tape to the pre-erected V-groove board’s four corners after the operator places each corner under the tape head, converting the V-groove board into a square box.

It is essential for producing gift boxes with lids (mobile phones, jewelry, moon cakes, and shoes).

Besides, it is small, light, and easy to operate, with convenient size changeover and accurate tape application.

Cover Feeder & Gluer

Cover feeder & gluer are suitable for feeding and gluing cover of rigid boxes, gift boxes, and hard cases.

It is essential equipment for gift boxes and hard case production.


Working Principle

A worker manually stacks cover paper sheets into the paper magazine first and starts the machine;


Secondly, the vacuum suction cups absorb one piece of cover paper from the magazine, passing the cover between a roller and several wheels.


Thirdly, the cover forwards through the glue roll as shown in the photo below:


Each glue roll integrates a set of doctor blades to avoid glue dripping onto the vacuum conveyor.


Finally, the vacuum conveyor in the photo below carries the glued covers to the next box register station.



The following features are favored by clients domestically & globally:

  • The cover magazine can be lifted and lowered by electric control, swift size changeover;
  • Automatic cover paper feeder, wireless remote control;
  • Vacuum conveyor prevents the cover paper from slipping and ensures smooth & wrinkle-free cover;
  • High-precision sensors monitor the paper feeder in real-time, completely solving double or multiple sheets overlapping, improving efficiency and yield rate;
  • Automatic circulation of hot and cold glue storage, greatly saving glue costs and reducing maintenance difficulty;
  • Brand new integrated design, small space;
  • Simple operation, stable running, and easy maintenance.

Speed 7-40 pcs/min
Length 50-1050mm | 1.97″-41.34″
Width 30-780mm | 1.18″-30.7″
Thickness 80-350gsm
Dimension/Weight 7200mm x 1450mm x 1200mm
Power 9kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar

Box Register

You can choose automatic or manual box registers according to your budget.


The rigid box register is a high-precision, high-efficiency positioning & placing equipment, suitable for registering various rigid & gift boxes.


A 20-megapixel ultra-high-definition industrial wide-angle camera takes a picture of the cover paper and calculates the coordinates.


Then a high-precision 4-axis robot grabs the rigid box.

After precise positioning, the robot registers the hard box on the cover paper with an accuracy within ±0.2mm.


As the rigid box includes a base and a lid, you can also choose a duplex rigid box register:

This register is seamlessly connectable with your existing corner pasting machine and cover wrapping machine to form a gift box line.


Many small gift box factories in China arrange for manual box registration.


Rigid Box Wrapping Machine

A cover wrapping machine is essential for forming a gift box.

It completes the processes of cover folding, box bubble pressing, and box forming in one stop.



Pairing a robotic arm with the machine can lead to automatic rigid box cover wrapping, as shown in the video below.


It can also partner with a staff as shown in the following video:


Its automatic recipe storage leads to quick box-style switches and improves production efficiency.

It is easy to operate, you only need to follow the prompts on the touch screen, measure and input the box dimensions, and then the machine starts working and automatically adapts to the dimensions you enter.


Speed 10-25 pcs/min
Length 45-500mm | 1.77″-19.69″
Width 45-400mm | 1.77″-15.75″
Height 12-120mm | 0.47″-4.72″
Dimension/Weight 1200mm x 1100mm x 2500mm
Power 2.5kW
Voltage 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa | 6-8 Bar

Pros & Cons

The table below lists the pros & cons of a modular rigid box line:

Pros Cons
Flexible combinations for large, medium, and small enterprises, wide applications; Some modules involve manual operations, resulting in reduced box-making accuracy;
Future upgrades available for your output increase; Personnel turnover affection on its operation;
Seamlessly integrated into your existing production lines. A fully automatic modular production line consumes more power than an all-in-one machine.


Kolbus, Hörauf, and Emmeci are the most famous gift box production line manufacturers.

Zhengrun, a Chinese all-in-one rigid box line manufacturer, has a high search volume on Google.

They specialize in all-in-one models.

As a supplier of modular gift box lines and casemaker machines, SiroSilo has always insisted on relying on quality for development.


You are welcome to contact us for more details.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


The Kolbus rigid box line includes 8 types of equipment as shown in the photo below, with prices ranging from tens to millions of dollars.


An integrated gift box production line in the Chinese market ranges from $69,930.00 to $139,860.00.

SiroSilo modular rigid box production line price depends on your module combination.

Its most economical combination is:

  1. Automatic Cover Feeder & Gluer
  2. Semi-automatic Corner Pasting Machine
  3. Manual Box Registration
  4. Semi-automatic Rigid Box Wrapping Machine

As shown in the video below:

Its highest efficiency combination is:

  1. Automatic Cover Feeder & Gluer
  2. Automatic Box Corner Pasting Machine
  3. Automatic Robot Box Register
  4. Automatic Rigid Box Forming Machine

The following video comes with such a combination:

You have read this far, so why not contact us so that you can have a worry-free purchasing experience like our American customer Mr. Bob?

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727


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