Customer Cases

This post focuses on an American small box folding machine buyer Mr. Bob.

After 16 days of email exchanges, Mr. Bob finally made payment for SiroSilo small box erector.

Thank you Mr. Bob for your utmost trust in SiroSilo.

9/12/2023 | Inquiry

At 6:19 a.m., I heard Hisaishi’s piano song ‘Summer’ playing on my phone, a ringtone for a new inquiry.


The new inquiry comes from Illinois, USA by Mr. Bob:


Hello, we have 6 different sizes of skin care boxes that would need to get erected. Do we need 6 machines or can we use just 1 machine? Also please provide pricing.



  1. Which type of carton is yours in the photo above?
  2. What are the exact sizes of your 6 different boxes?
  3. What’s your requirement for the carton erecting speed?
  4. How many pcs of each carton do you need to erect every day?
  5. If possible, please record some videos of manually erecting your boxes, then share these videos with us for confirmation.

As long as the sizes of your 6 boxes are compatible with our erector, then one machine is enough.

For size changeover, it takes about 20 minutes for a skilled operator.


Therefore, if your daily output is large, you’d better purchase more machines to save size changeover time.

After machine type & quantity confirmation, we will issue specs & quotation sheet and send it to you for reference.

Response from Mr. Bob

Mr. Bob responded with his carton sizes quickly:


Their daily carton output is 1,000-2,000, and 10 CPM speed is enough.

He also recorded a video of folding a carton by hand and shared it with us.


Mr. Bob is very interested in purchasing little carton erector machines.

According to his email signature, he was a co-founder with decision-making power, so I decided to serve him to super satisfaction.


We issued a formal specs & quotation sheet and edited a machine running video, then sent them to Mr. Bob:

Our small box folding machine is compatible with all of your box sizes after confirmation with our engineering team, and the size changeover time for a skilled operator is 15-20 minutes.

Since your current daily output is 1,000-2,000 boxes, one machine is enough, we suggest you purchase more after your output increases.


Mr. Bob told us they would like to move forward.

Before purchasing, they need to confirm two questions:

  1. Please ensure the machine can plug in 110V/60Hz power with a United States plug.
  2. Will this require an external transformer to plug into 110 volts or will the transformer be internal to the machine?

We told him the transformer was internal to the machine and sent him a US plug photo for confirmation.


Then he emailed back:

Do you have any other videos of the machine to share with me?

We sent him the following video.


After watching the above video, Mr. Bob asked us to send him the PI.

What a surprise!

We sent the PI to him, and he said “Thank you Yew” in the email and asked me:

Could you quote this shipped DDP (delivered duties paid) to our dock?


At first, we thought Mr. Bob would not accept 100% prepayment for DDP:

DDP is beyond our acceptance range.

Because you mentioned “Thank you Yew” in the email, we are willing to accept a 30% (50% before) T/T prepayment, and the balance is clear before shipment.


Since then, our email exchange paused for many days.

Until 9/27/2023, Mr. Bob asked us to send him a 30% prepayment PI, we issued a PI per his request and told him we could accept DDP if they think 100% prepayment is acceptable.

Mr. Bob quickly emailed back:


Hello Yew! Yes, I would pay 100% now if you would also quote DDP.

Every word in his reply beats joyfully and almost spills off my computer screen.

So, we sent a 100% prepayment PI to him quickly.

9/28/2023 | Payment

Mr. Bob told us he had submitted full payment.


I told him production would begin after payment confirmation and the estimated shipping date would be 10/31/2024.

During this period, I would update him on the production progress from time to time.


Today is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, and Mr. Bob wished us to enjoy the holiday, a blessing from 10,000+ kilometers away.

I would absorb and digest his blessings into holiday happiness.

What a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival!



We received 100 pcs of 42.6mm x 42.6mm x 139.1mm sample boxes from Mr. Bob’s carton factory.


Our engineers found their bottom tuck flaps are easily insertable, which is excellent for our erector.

However, their top tuck flaps are a bit laborious to insert, which will affect later skin product loading by hand.


We promptly sent feedback to Mr. Bob and asked him to take care of this issue with his carton factory.

10/23/2023 | Production Progress

All components are in place and assembly begins today.


I quickly share this good news with Mr. Bob via email.

After all, we promised to update production progress to him now and then.

In addition, we also received 100 pcs of 72.6mm x 72.6mm x 80mm boxes and handed them over to our engineers for checking.



Bottom tuck flaps of these 72.6mm x 72.6mm x 80mm cartons are difficult to insert, so we communicated directly with Mr. Bob’s carton factory.

The factory said it would locate the cause and provide a solution, and future carton production would follow our requirements.


As for the existing 100 pcs of 72.6mm x 72.6mm x 80mm cartons, I informed Mr. Bob that our engineers would find ways to complete their test.

Since the assembly is almost complete, we shared the machine photo below with him.



Our engineering team inspected Mr. Bob’s seven boxes of different sizes produced by new die-cutting molds, fixture changes and PLC software coding updates were inevitable.

So, I asked Mr. Bob to extend the delivery time by 15-18 days.

In addition, for the following three sizes of boxes, their tuck flaps were a little difficult to insert, and I reported this problem to his carton factory.


PLC software coding has been completed and the new software testing has begun, Mr. Bob was happy to hear this good news.


We will start testing Mr. Bob’s small folding box machine on 11/18/2023, so I shared some of the latest machine photos with him.


The PLC brand in the machine is Delta (Taiwan).

11/18/2023 | Erector Test

When testing the erector with built-in Delta PLC, software bugs appeared.

So I asked Mr. Bob if switching to XINJE PLC is acceptable.

Because after replacing Delta PLC with XINJE, bugs disappeared.


It was already 10:30 p.m. US time, fortunately, Mr. Bob was still up and replied with“Please feel free to do whatever you think will be best”.


At 1:19 a.m. Beijing time, I sent a test video taken at 23:49:15 on 18/11/2023 to Mr. Bob and told him we had completed testing 42.6mm x 42.6mm x 139.1mm box.

Later, I sent a longer version to him at 8:08 for confirmation.

He expressed his appreciation and reminded me to remember the US plug and built-in voltage transformer, then I told him I would take a photo of them on 11/20/2023.


Mr. Bob asked me at 0:41 Beijing time, “Will you be able to create a video of how to make adjustments to another size box?

I was free to reply at 1:20, we had just finished testing other boxes of different sizes.

These two size boxes of 64.6 x 64.6 x 63.5 & 72.6 x72.6 x 80 would pop up during framing, so we added a pneumatically controlled top pressure plate, leading to an excellent erecting effect.

I told him an HD size changeover guidance video was available later, and attached the pictures of the US plug, voltage converter, and top pressure plate in the mail.


We would pack his erector into a wooden box for shipment on 11/22/2023.

11/22/2023 | Shipment

We cleaned Mr. Bob’s tuck end carton erector;


Covered the touch screen with cardboard sheet;


Wrapped it with stretch film;


Finally placed it into a fumigation-free wooden box and closed the box.


Then, we shipped it out to the logistics forwarder.


We told his carton factory these new boxes worked well on our box erector, the only issue is glue leakage caused by manual proofing, mass production on carton folder gluer can avoid such a problem.



I spent 3h finishing the operation guidance video editing and sent it to Mr. Bob for review.

When Mr. Bob receives his small box folding machine, he can follow this video to test his erector with the remaining box blanks in the magazine.



After a day of editing, I finally completed the size changeover guidance video, with a file size of 1.5G.

The entire size changeover includes the following 9 steps:

  • Box Blank Magazine Adjustment
  • Box Framing Baffle Adjustment
  • Top Press Plate Adjustment
  • Dust Flap Folding Pusher Adjustment
  • Lower Closure Panel Push Plate Replacement & Adjustment
  • Upper Closure Panel Push Plate & Tuck Flap Inserter Replacement
  • Upper Closure Panel Push Plate & Tuck Flap Inserter Adjustment
  • Fasten Any Loose Screws
  • Reset Cylinders


The original ETD was today, but due to a delay in approval from the Maritime Bureau, the cargo vessel did not enter the port until today.

And the latest ETD is 12/7/2023.

I updated this logistics progress to Mr. Bob via email.


Mr. Bob’s little carton erector was loaded into the container on December 3, if there are no accidents, the shipment will start on December 7th.

Because container handlers cannot bring a camera, we could only capture two packing pictures through the surveillance camera for his reference.


12/8/2023 | BL Release

Finally, the erector shipment started, and I attached a shipping advice letter to the email for Mr. Bob.

The ETA to Chicago port is 12/30/2023.


12/25/2023 | Merry Christmas


1/17/2024 | Scheduled Delivery

In transit 2024-01-16 14:55:25 IL—60106/Chicago Shipping Warehouse—IL04 Express has reserved a truck.

The latest tracking info indicates Mr. Bob’s cargo has been scheduled for truck delivery, I also provided him a contact no., to make an appointment for delivery.

1/30/2024 | Delivered

Mr. Bob sent me an email, reading:

Good morning Yew,

The erector looks to be in good condition.

We have not installed the erector or tested the machine yet, we will be testing this week and let you know if we have any questions.


3/1/2024 | After-sales Issue

Mr. Bob installed the erector and successfully ran the smaller box, but they didn’t succeed with the large box.

It couldn’t bring the large box down and frame it well.

I suggested he adjust the positions of the vacuum suction cups and try again.


3/2/2024 | Troubleshooting

Following my suggestion, Mr. Bob retested but still failed.

So I asked him to record a video of the vacuum suction cups grabbing and framing the large box.

Our engineer repeatedly watched this video and pinpointed that the large box had shallow creasing lines and was not pre-creased during production, which violated the carton requirements we had previously provided.


In addition, I asked him to fold the small box & large box manually to compare their folding difficulty, confirming if the large box was more difficult to fold.

3/6/2024 | 2nd Erector Order

Mr. Bob did not directly answer the comparison conclusions of manual carton folding.

Instead, he asked if we could customize a carton erector for their two large non-pre-creased boxes, so I sent him a video of the suitable model and a quote based on his requirements.

Because he was satisfied with my previous service, he quickly paid 100% in full to order 2nd erector, cheers!

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