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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

Item Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks
Capacity 45L-960L
Ultrasonic Power 0.6Kw-7.2Kw
Heating Power 1.5Kw-24Kw
Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz) 28/40/80/120
Ultrasonic Generator Internal/external
Transducer Amount 12-144
Customization Available

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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

Currently, ultrasonic cleaning tanks play an important role in cleaning many industrial parts, it is mainly because of their great cleaning effect & environmental protection feature.


Washable Products

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks are capable of cleaning items of different shapes & sizes.

Even if the items’ share is complex, and their cleanliness requirement is high, ultrasonic cleaning machines can also easily handle it.

For example, ultrasonic tanks can clean:

  • Anilox Rollers
  • Automobile Engine Parts
  • Camera Parts
  • Gears
  • Gems
  • Medical Syringes
  • Milling Cutters
  • Oil Nozzles & Pumps
  • Piston Rings
  • Optical Lenses
  • Precision Bearing Parts
  • Saw Blades
  • Watch Parts


Ultrasonic tanks are also suitable for cleaning:

  • Ceramic Wafers
  • Electrode Leads
  • Magnetic Components
  • PCB Boards
  • Precision Parts in Kinescopes
  • Semiconductor Wafers
  • Silicon Wafers
  • Solder Pads


Working Principle

Regarding the ultrasonic tank’s working principle, we have to mention the ultrasonic generator & transducer.


The ultrasonic generator emits a high-frequency oscillation signal, the transducer converts this signal into high-frequency mechanical oscillation.

The mechanical oscillation spreads to the cleaning liquid, then the ultrasonic wave radiates into the cleaning liquid.


Due to the ultrasonic wave’s radiation, the cleaning fluid flows, generating tens of thousands of tiny bubbles.


As the ultrasonic waves continuously radiate, those tiny bubbles grow bigger & bigger.

This process is the “cavitation” process.

After these bubbles’ internal pressure is up to more than 101.325Mpa, a series of small “explosions” occur.


This kind of small explosion continuously impacts the object’s surface, peeling off the surface & the gap’s dirt quickly.


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment generates cavitation, acceleration, and direct flow effect in the liquid, thus it disperses, emulsifiers, and peels off the dirt layer.

At present, the ultrasonic tanks on the market mainly rely on cavitation & direct flow.

Factors to Consider in Purchasing

In order to purchase a suitable ultrasonic cleaner for industrial use, you must pay special attention to the following points.


You should choose different ultrasonic frequencies for different industrial parts.

For example, in industries such as hardware, machinery, automobile & motorcycle, compressors, or heavily contaminated parts, 20KHz industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner is a good choice;


40KHz industrial ultrasonic bath is suitable for optics, optoelectronics, circuit boards, and general laboratory utensils;

For microelectronic components, integrated circuit chips, silicon wafers, and films, etc., we suggest you use 80KHz or higher frequency large industrial ultrasonic cleaner, it can remove micron & sub-micron dirt without damaging the items.


Generally speaking, the standard ultrasonic tanks have set the capacity to match the ultrasonic power (0.3-0.5W/cm3);

High power ultrasonic cleaners are popular in hardware, machinery, and other industries, cleaning heavily contaminated industrial parts (0.5-1W/cm3).



Choosing the right cleaning time (general 10mins-20mins) ensures a better cleaning effect.

If the cleaning time is too long, it will cause cavitation erosion on the surface, finally affect the surface finish;


If the cleaning time is too short, the cleaning effect is not up to standard.


Since each object’s physical characteristics are different, we should choose a different temperature when cleaning.

For example, when cleaning grease dirt, set the cleaning temperature above 50°C;

When cleaning aluminum parts, set the cleaning temperature to about 40°C, if the temperature is too high, oxidation spots form;


When cleaning objects with burrs, the cleaning temperature is generally below 15°C.

Please make sure your industrial ultrasonic cleaning system can realize constant temperature control, cleaning under constant temperature will not damage the objects.

Cleaning Liquid

Traditional cleaning solutions (mediums) include water-based solutions, alcohol, gasoline, etc.

Modern ultrasonic cleaning agents include a variety of detergents, wetting agents, and some other reaction ingredients mixture.

Many excellent cleaning agents are available on the market.


To achieve a great cleaning effect, and to avoid reacting between fluid and object, choosing the right cleaning agent is crucial.


We SiroSilo design our ultrasonic washing machine for industries with the above points in mind.

Whatsmore, our SiroSilo industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment also has the following attractive features.

  • 2mm thick 304 stainless steel inner tank, manual argon welding, high-temperature resistance, strong & durable;
  • 50W industrial transducer imported from South Korea, concentrated power leads to a great cleaning effect;
  • Built-in independent generator, beautiful & space-saving;
  • Adjustable power for your choice;
  • Time & temperature digital control, intuitive & accurate;
  • Built-in memory chip, one-time setup;
  • 1500W automatic quick heating, adjustable temperature between 20°C-95°C;
  • The 3D cooling system prevents overheating, and extends machine life;
  • Thickened power cord, heat-resistant & safe;
  • Max. load 100Kg;
  • Flexible movement with 4 casters.

If you want to purchase or customize your desired industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks, you are welcome to leave us your message, we will reply to you within 1 hour.

Tank qty can be designed as per your request, each tank realizes one function.




The following functions are available for your choice:

  • Condensing
  • Drying
  • High-temperature Steam Sterilization
  • Pressure Pulse Cleaning
  • Rinsing
  • Spray Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • ……

Of course, SiroSilo also supplies ultrasonic benchtop cleaner & home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, please contact us if you also need them.



As an original ultrasonic tank manufacturer, we have accumulated rich resources in this niche, and have served a wide range of industries;




We will assign professional engineers & technicians to participate in the raw material procurement, their attendance can effectively ensure quality, reduce costs, and maximize profits for you;




We can quickly respond to your questions & solve them in time, thus you always have peace of mind.

If you are willing to, sincerely welcome you to visit our factory, video call with us via WhatsApp or Facetime, we can lively broadcast our factory to you.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks Ultimate FAQ Guide

Ultrasonic Cleaner

What is an ultrasonic cleaner?

Ultrasonic tank is an eco-friendly cleaning equipment, it adopts cavitation effect for industrial, hardware, and household cleaning, so we also call ultrasonic cleaning “cavitation cleaning”.

When the ultrasonic energy is high enough, the “cavitation” phenomenon will occur, it occurs when the ultrasonic waves spread in the cleaning liquid.


The tiny bubbles (cavitation nuclei) in the liquid vibrate, grow & continuously accumulate the sound field’s energy.

When the energy reaches a certain level, the cavitation bubbles collapse & burst sharply.

The burst force impacts the surface dirt, thus realizing precise cleaning.

How do ultrasonic cleaners work?

Ultrasonic cleaning converts the ultrasonic current signal into vibration energy, then cleans objects by vibrating the cleaning liquid.

It is an effective & efficient cleaning process, people in this niche also call it cavitation cleaning.

The ultrasonic generator sends out a high-frequency signal current first, then the signal current passes to the transducer, and the transducer’s piezoelectric ceramic converts it into vibration energy.


Piezoelectric Ceramic

For example, the current frequency is 27.8KHz, excluding the energy loss, and the vibration wave generated by the piezoelectric ceramic is as high as 27,800 times/s.

Such a dense vibration wave transmits to the cleaning medium in the tank, it forms a high-pressure sound field & generates high-frequency oscillation in the cleaning liquid.


Countless tiny bubbles emerge during the oscillation process, these bubbles spread out rapidly along with the oscillating wave.

During the spreading process, as these bubbles are getting farther away from the sound field, the sound pressure around them becomes smaller.

When the sound pressure decreases to a certain level, these bubbles instantly become larger & burst, generating a shock wave in the cleaning medium, the shock wave impacts the surface dirt, peels the dirt off.

Do ultrasonic cleaners really work?

Whether the ultrasonic cleaners really work depends on what items you are cleaning.

As long as your item is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning effect is very good.

If you are not sure whether your item is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning or not, please get in touch with us, and we will reply to you within 1h.

What can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Ultrasonic washers are good at cleaning many things, the following listed things can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner easily.

  • Electronics

Semiconductor components, high & low voltage electrical appliances, motors, compressors, vacuum devices, etc.;

  • Optics & Photovoltaic

Optical & photovoltaic glass components;

  • Automobile

Engine parts, ignition plugs, brake pumps, steering gears, shock absorbers, etc.;

  • Machinery

Bearings, screws, nozzles, gears, fixtures, springs, drilling molds, valves, vernier calipers, files, measuring tools, cutting tools, mechanical parts, etc.;

  • Aircraft

Engine parts, fuel oil filters, fuel metering instruments, injection nozzles, rotating wings, flow control devices, wheel hubs, various precision parts, etc.;

  • Glasses, Clocks & Gems

Eyeglasses, spectacle frames, clocks, lenses, gems, precious metal decorations, jewelry, etc.;

  • Rubber

Gloves, belts, surgical rubber products, etc.;

  • Brewing & Pharmaceutical

Bottles, caps, label removal devices, exhaust devices, etc.;

  • Printing

Anilox roller, metal plates, etc.;

  • Public Utilities, Electric Power, Gas, News & Communication

Measuring instruments, power meters, lighting fixtures, electricity isolation porcelain bottles, etc.;

  • Research Institutes

Control rods, counter tubes, pumps, glass tubes, eyepieces, etc.;

  • Medical

Surgical instruments, dental drills, reamers, esophagoscopes, bronchoscopes, proctoscopes, cystoscopes, pipettes, glass containers, syringes, sensors, etc.;

  • Finance & Coinage

Stamps, receipt plates, coins, etc.

Will ultrasonic cleaning remove rust?

Can ultrasonic cleaning remove rust? Absolutely yes.

Because rust spots & oxide scales are also substances, they adhere to the object’s surface, there are gaps between them & object’s surface, and they can fall off.

But because of its strong adhesion & hidden location, the general cleaning process doesn’t work.

Ultrasonic cleaning adopts the cavitation effect to generate tiny bubbles into the gap, the tiny bubbles burst at a certain time, peeling off the rusty spots & scale with the shock wave.

It can effectively remove rust in the hidden place, the cleaning effect is excellent.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

What is industrial ultrasonic cleaner?

According to application fields, ultrasonic wash tanks can be divided into industrial sonic cleaner, benchtop ultrasonic cleaner, and household ultrasonic cleaner.

Industrial sonic cleaners generally clean large industrial parts, benchtop ultrasonic cleaners clean laboratory instruments, while home ultrasonic cleaners have a smaller capacity, they mainly clean small items such as jewelry & glasses.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient & effective cleaning process, its cleaning efficiency reaches more than 98%, and its cleanliness also reaches the highest level.

Many industries introduce sonic cleaners now, such as vacuum coating, optical, and medical, and they have high requirements for cleanliness.

The industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment’s following advantages are also attractive:

  • Thoroughly clean the workpiece’s dead corners;
  • Batch cleaning of various workpieces;
  • Multifunctional cleaning, degreasing, rust/dust/wax/chip removal;
  • Reduce pollution;
  • Reduce labor;
  • Shorten the cleaning time;
  • Eco-friendly & energy-saving.

If an ultrasonic tank equips with a circulation filter system, it can reuse the cleaning solvents, thus saving water resources, reducing material costs, and protecting the environment.

Working principle of industrial sonic cleaner

The industrial sonic cleaner generates a “cavitation” effect in the cleaning liquid, the cavitation effect produces a large number of tiny bubbles.

As the ultrasonic pressure increases, the small bubbles expand until they burst, and the bursting force knocks down the surface dirt of the object.

Types of industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Many types of SiroSilo industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment are available for your choice:

  • Single tank
  • Single tank with filtration
  • Double tanks
  • Double tanks with filtration & drying
  • 3 tanks
  • 4 tanks
  • 5 tanks
  • 6 tanks
  • Multiple tanks
  • ……

Each tank can realize a function as your request, such as ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, pressure pulse cleaning, spray cleaning, drying, condensing, high-temperature steam sterilization.

Ultrasonic parts cleaner for carburetors

Sonic carburetor cleaner is a kind of equipment that introduces ultrasonic technology for cleaning, it is good at washing the carburetor of cars & motorcycles.

Due to the carburetor’s complexity & the oil stains’ strong adhesion, the traditional high-temperature hot water immersion & flushing effect is not ideal.

The sonic carburetor cleaner generates a cavitation effect for cleaning, its cleaning speed is fast, you just put a dirty workpiece into it for several minutes, and it returns a high cleanliness to you.

The carburetor is the heart of the engine system, and a clean carburetor can effectively save fuel consumption.

Ultrasonic filter cleaning machine

The ultrasonic filter cleaning machine mainly washes the PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter, hollow fiber filter, ceramic membrane filter, metal filter, and titanium rod filter. It can quickly remove oil, dirt, powder, glue, debris, and other blockages in the filter.

The deep holes, slits, and hidden places on the filter are hard to reach by human hands, and the ultrasonic filter cleaning machine’s cavitation bubbles can easily reach them.

Ultrasonic filer cleaners are popular in many industries, such as:

  • Chemical
  • Electronics
  • Hardware Processing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Optics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Surface Treatment
  • Textiles
  • Water Purification
  • Wires & Cables

Ultrasonic engine cleaner

With the development of auto repair technology, auto repair shops have put forward higher requirements for the engine’s cleanliness, thus ultrasonic engine cleaner appears.

Compared with manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning has some outstanding advantages.

  • High Cleanliness

Thoroughly clean the carbon deposits, colloids, and other dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of complex components such as engine blocks & cylinder heads, achieving a nearly refurbished effect.

  • High Cleaning Efficiency

Ultrasonic engine cleaner greatly shortens the total cleaning time.

  • Economical

Its cost is just 10% of gasoline scrubbing.

  • Eco-friendly

Water-based cleaning agent replaces gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, and other solvents, which is safe & eco-friendly.

  • Engine Cooling Improvement

Thoroughly clean & lubricate the lubricating oil passage holes in the engine block, cylinder head, and crankshaft to improve engine cooling performance.

Engine ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for cleaning engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, pistons, connecting rods, tappets, gearboxes, gear components, turbochargers, oil pump nozzles, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine automotive

The traditional cleaning process in the automobile industry generally involves high-pressure water flushing, and adding various chemical solvents & cleaning agents into the cleaning liquid.

This cleaning process wastes a lot of water resources, and the cleaned sewage contains chemical substances and pollutes the environment.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine automotive can enter the small cracks & holes, fully remove all kinds of stubborn grease & dirt, and meet the requirements of high efficiency, ultra-cleanness, and environmental protection.

In the automobile manufacturing process, the pollutants adhering to the surface of automobile precision metal parts mainly include:

Processing scrap metal, dust, oil stains, and various lubricating oils, coolants, grinding & polishing compounds used in the processing process, workshop dirt, marks, finger grease, etc.

The existence of these pollutants has seriously affected the process of automobile manufacturing, greatly reducing precision.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine automotive is capable of removing all kinds of pollution generated in these processes, to ensure the auto manufacturing quality in the subsequent processes.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner 50l

For ultrasonic cleaners, tank capacity is a very important parameter.

The 50L capacity ultrasonic cleaning machine is an entry-level industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, it is usually a single tank cleaner.

Heated ultrasonic cleaner

Why do ultrasonic cleaners need to be heated?

In fact, the reason is very simple. Just like washing dishes, using hot water to clean oily dirt is better than cold water.

  • Cavitation Intensity

When the cleaning liquid temperature increases, it is beneficial to stimulate the cavitation effect, but the temperature should not be too high, otherwise, the cavitation intensity weakens.

  • Cleaning Agent Activity

The activity of each cleaning agent is related to the temperature. Adjusting the temperature to maximize the cleaning agent’s activity, obviously promotes the cleaning effect.

If you clean medical & surgical instruments, the increase in temperature will harden the protein in the blood, making it more difficult to clean;

When cleaning printed circuit boards, heat may also deform & damage the PCB board.

Therefore, when you buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine, you must determine whether to choose a heated ultrasonic cleaner according to your own requirements.

In addition, some special industries use flammable & explosive cleaning agents such as alcohol & trichloroethylene, please don’t enable the heating function.

Heavy duty ultrasonic cleaner

In industrial production, there are many large workpieces that need to be cleaned.

Some workpieces may weigh as much as 1 ton, heavy duty ultrasonic cleaner can play a role at this time.

When using a heavy duty ultrasonic cleaner to wash large workpieces, an overhead bridge crane is essential for loading & unloading, and a working platform is also essential around the heavy duty ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaning line

The ultrasonic cleaning line washes various industrial parts in an assembly line.

Ultrasonic cleaning lines can be divided into:

  • Hanging Chain Ultrasonic Washing Line
  • Robotic Arm Ultrasonic Cleaning Line
  • Ultrasonic Conveyor Washer

Let’s introduce these three different types of ultrasonic cleaning lines one by one.

Ultrasonic Conveyor Washer

Its main cleaning process includes:

  • Feeding
  • Rough Spraying
  • Ultrasonic Fine Cleaning (Degreasing)
  • Spray Rinsing
  • Wind Blowing
  • Drying
  • Unloading

Please refer to the following video, it will help you to understand the ultrasonic conveyor washer’s workflow more clearly.

Customers always use the ultrasonic conveyor washer to clean the following products:

Magnetic materials, bearings, auto parts, electronic parts, electroplating parts, precision hardware, watch bands, watch cases, spectacle frames, lenses, jewelry, semiconductor wafers, spinnerets, filter elements, glassware, etc.

Hanging Chain Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

It is a multi-station ultrasonic cleaning machine, it uses hanging chains to transport workpieces. Ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, spraying, purification, drying, and other functions can be completed in one stop on this line.

The hanging chain ultrasonic cleaning line is suitable for cleaning large batches of workpieces, degreasing, rust-removing metal stamping parts, compressor parts, stainless steel parts, large-area plates/shells.

Relying on the following attractive features, SiroSilo hanging chain ultrasonic washing line has been liked by many customers.

  • Hanging conveyor chains and special hangers, hanging and conveying workpieces;
  • Ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, spraying, dehydration, rust prevention, drying, and other processes;
  • Hanging chain speed adjustable via stepless frequency inverter;
  • Flexible arrangement of cleaning procedures according to the site;
  • Smooth operation, high reliability, and easy operation;
  • Customize your dreamy ultrasonic cleaning line as per your request.

If you are interested in this line, please send us an inquiry on this site, and we will reply to you in 1h.

Robotic Arm Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

The robotic arm ultrasonic cleaning line is suitable for the cleaning and drying of silicon wafers, electronic parts, small hardware parts, and precision mechanical parts.

Manually put dirty workpieces into the cleaning basket, and put the cleaning basket into the inlet of the cleaning machine.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine automatically completes the subsequent cleaning, spraying, rinsing, drying, and other processes, and transports the cleaning basket to the unloading outlet.

Customers who have purchased the SiroSilo mechanical arm ultrasonic cleaning line highly appreciate the following features.

  • Fully enclosed structure, stainless steel frame, attractive appearance, reasonable structure, and long service life;
  • A set of robotic arm hoist and transport the cleaning basket, high positioning accuracy, stable transmission, and reliable operation;
  • PLC control, optional manual and automatic operation, parameter setup on the touch screen;
  • Liquid storage tank, circulating filter system, automatic heating temperature control system, and automatic liquid supplement system are optional.
  • Inspection window is customizable for operation observation.

Best industrial ultrasonic cleaner

Regarding the best industrial ultrasonic cleaner, each customer’s choice is different.

In my opinion, as long as the industrial ultrasonic cleaning system can perfectly meet the customers’ actual washing needs, it is the best in the clients’ eyes.

Generally speaking, to choose the best industrial ultrasonic cleaner that perfectly meets actual needs, you’d better consider the following aspects:

  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Tank Load & Size
  • Heating Function
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Cleaning Time

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner solution

Please consider the following 2 aspects when choosing ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

  • The dirt nature;
  • The cleaning solution’s surface tension, viscosity & vapor pressure.

High vapor pressure weakens the cavitation intensity, if the cleaning liquid surface has high tension & viscosity, it’s not easy to generate cavitation.

Most of the ultrasonic cleaning tanks on the market are made of stainless steel plates, please don’t use strong acids & alkalis as cleaning solutions.

They can easily corrode the tanks, and shorten the service life of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

If you have special needs, you can request the manufacturer to replace the tank material or coat a protective layer.

Anyway, if you have any puzzles about ultrasonic cleaning solutions, please feel free to let us know.

We can assist you in better understanding which cleaning solutions are most suitable for you.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

There are many industrial ultrasonic equipment manufacturers all over the world, the following chart lists some of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines.

By browsing their websites, you can learn about the most cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning technology.


Industrial ultrasonic cleaner price

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment’s price depends on tank qty & custom functions.

Moreover, industrial ultrasonic tank price varies greatly in different countries & markets.

The industrial ultrasonic tanks’ price in India ranges between USD$685.00 and USD$890.00:


Chinese industrial ultrasonic tanks’ price:


The industrial ultrasonic tank cost in the UK:


The following photo displays the industrial ultrasonic washing machine’s price in the USA (10 to 50 gallons):


Industrial ultrasonic cleaner reviews

Enter the industrial ultrasonic washing machine company’s name on a consumer review website, you can see their consumer’s review.

Please check the following photo for reference.


As you can see, most users are very satisfied with these industrial ultrasonic washing machines.

You just need to find a reliable ultrasonic washing machine supplier, such a supplier can provide you with a reliable industrial ultrasonic tank.

SiroSilo is such a reliable industrial ultrasonic tank manufacturer worthy of your trust, contact us to get a quote for comparison.


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