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Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaner

Item Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaner
Capacity 0.8L-30L
Ultrasonic Power 35W-600W
Heating Power 0-500W
Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz) 28/40
Heating Temperature 20℃-80℃
Cleaning Time 0-20min/0-99min
Customization Available

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Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaner

Ultrasonic benchtop cleaners are increasingly entering people’s work and life.

Such small tabletop ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in high-precision cleaning of electronic appliances, small hardware parts, jewelry, dentures, and glasses.


It is commonly used in college labs, scientific research institutions, hospitals, electronic factories, hardware factories, jewelry stores, ordinary families, etc.

SiroSilo’s tabletop ultrasonic cleaner is divided into 2 series, A series/C series.

The A series benchtop ultrasonic cleaner introduces mechanical heating and timing.


It is simple to operate, knob adjustment for working time and heating temperature, durable and long service life.

Imported Alcoa high-Q ultrasonic components, matched with dual waterproof circuits, effectively improve ultrasonic cavitation;
Effectively reduce the noise generated by ultrasonic oscillation;
New heating process, effectively improve the heating effect;
Improve the water leak-proof level, invalid heat conduction structure;
Embossed stainless steel shell, thickened SUS304 inner tank;
Drainage system and non-slip handle for cleaners with 6L and larger capacity;
CE/RoHS/FCC and other certificates.

The application range of A series benchtop ultrasonic cleaner mainly includes:

  • Electronics industry

PCB boards, chips, silicon wafers, piezoelectric ceramics, semiconductor material tube housings, IC housings, crystallized housings, automotive relay housings, rectifiers, connectors, adapters;


  • Office industry

Computer motherboard and accessories, printer ink head (no need for special cleaning fluid, just tap water);


  • Laboratory

Cleaning of any glassware, test tubes, beakers, parts, or assemblies;


  • Hospital

Medical equipment, dentures, and dental equipment;


  • Optical shop

Glasses, spectacles, eyeglasses;


  • Jewelry shop

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings;

  • Watch shop

Watch, wristwatch;

  • Home

Shaver heads, nibs, coins, badges, pacifiers, cups, fruits, vegetables, crayfish.

The A series tabletop ultrasonic cleaner’s specifications are shown in the figure below:


The C series table top ultrasonic cleaners are high-end devices, constant-power, fixed-frequency, numerically controlled heating & timing.


High-performance ultrasonic components, dual protection circuits, the power output is stable;
High-precision heating device & constant temperature system, the liquid temperature is always accurate;
Constant power and temperature ensure high cleanliness and improve the cleaning accuracy;
Smooth & stable numerical control, enhances the operation sense, combined beauty & quality;
Balanced ultrasonic cavitation, combines cleaning, solubilization, emulsification, dispersion, alcohol extraction, bubble defoaming and crushing;
Constant power & frequency improves the uniformity of ultrasonic density, especially suitable for cleaning high-precision objects;
Drainage system and non-slip handle for cleaners with 6L and larger capacity;
CE/RoHS/FCC and other certificates.

The application range of C series benchtop ultrasonic cleaner mainly includes:

  • Machinery industry

Removal of anti-rust grease, cleaning of measuring tools, degreasing and derusting of mechanical parts, cleaning of engines, carburetors, and auto parts, dredging & cleaning of filters and screens, etc.;

Especially in the railway industry, it is very suitable for the degreasing & decontamination of the train’s air conditioner, and the derusting, degreasing & anti-rusting of the train head’s various parts.

  • Surface treatment industry

Degreasing & rust removal before electroplating, cleaning & phosphating treatment before ion plating, removal of carbon deposits, removal of oxide scale, removal of polishing paste, surface activation treatment of metal workpieces, etc.

  • Instrument & meter industry

High cleanliness cleaning of precision parts, cleaning before assembly, etc.;

  • Electronics industry

Mechanical & electronic parts cleaning, such as printed circuit boards, except rosin, solder spots, high-voltage contacts;

  • Medical industry

Cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of medical equipment, cleaning of laboratory utensils, etc.;

  • Semiconductor industry

High cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor wafers;

  • Watch & jewelry industry

Clean sludge, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc.;


  • Optical industry

Degreasing, sweating, and dust removal of optical devices;

  • Textile printing & dyeing industry

Clean spinning spindles, spinnerets, etc.;

  • Petrochemical industry

Cleaning & dredging of metal filter screens, chemical containers, exchangers, etc.;

  • Other

Liquid defoaming (dissolved air removal) in photosensitive material manufacturing, papermaking, and certain food fields.

The C series tabletop ultrasonic cleaners’ specifications are shown in the figure below:


In view of the fierce competition in the ultrasonic cleaning machine market, the ultrasonic cleaning machine produced by our SiroSilo, both internally and externally, has been carefully crafted to ensure that it can meet your critical requirements.


Externally, SiroSilo changed the tabletop ultrasonic cleaner’s control panel to a more classic black color, and each process of shell production was strictly checked;


Internally, relying on the rich resources we have accumulated in the industry, every production process of table top ultrasonic cleaner is strictly controlled, from the procurement of raw materials to the production of accessories.


According to customer feedback, SiroSilo also launched some unique commercial table top ultrasonic cleaners in a timely manner.

Such unique commercial ultrasonic cleaners also have many potential customer needs.

The 1st type is variable frequency ultrasonic cleaner degas.


This is a kind of commercial ultrasonic cleaner better than the C series.

Functionally, degassing, frequency sweeping, and sleep functions are added, and there is a heat sink at the bottom.


This kind of commercial ultrasonic bath can clean blind holes evenly, the body shell heats slowly.

The 2nd type is vinyl record ultrasonic cleaner.


This is a table top ultrasonic cleaner specially designed & developed for cleaning vinyl records.

It is equipped with a rotating rack, the vinyl records are placed on the rotating rack to achieve 360-degree rotation cleaning.

Please watch the following video, then you can understand more about SiroSilo vinyl record ultrasonic benchtop cleaner:

There is no doubt that this design will improve the cleaning effect, reduce the contact time between the vinyl record and the cleaning fluid, and prevent the vinyl record from being damaged by prolonged immersion in the cleaning fluid.

If you have any special objects or items that you want to clean with an ultrasonic bath, you are welcome to tell us, maybe we can customize it for you.

By the way, SiroSilo also supplies industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks and home ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, welcome to send us an inquiry on this website if you are also interested in them.

Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaner Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is an ultrasonic benchtop cleaner?

Ultrasonic benchtop cleaner is also a kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine, its internal tank capacity is usually 0.6L-30L.

Compared with industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank’s capacity, this capacity is smaller;

Compared with household ultrasonic cleaner’s capacity, this capacity is larger.

What can you not put in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaners have a wide range of applications, many items in many different industries can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners, but some items are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

The items listed below are not suitable for cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner:

  • Painted items;
  • Soft material;
  • Items with fragile skin;
  • Sound-absorbing materials (such as cloth, rubber, and high-viscosity dirt);
  • Nano dust;
  • Carpet;
  • Objects that react with liquids;
  • ……

80KHz ultrasonic cleaner

The 80KHz ultrasonic cleaner has a high ultrasonic frequency, small cavitation bubbles, and low cavitation intensity, it is especially suitable for cleaning precision objects without damaging them.

For example, suppose the cavitation intensity at 28KHz is 1, then the cavitation intensity at 40KHz is 1/8, and the cavitation intensity at 80KHz is reduced to 0.02.

If you choose a high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner, you can avoid damaging the objects.

Ultrasonic cleaner 60KHz

Like the 80KHz ultrasonic cleaner, the ultrasonic cleaner 60KHz is also a high-frequency ultrasonic bath.

High-frequency ultrasonic baths are designed and produced for cleaning delicate objects that are easy to damage.

They can be used for sample pre-processing and post-processing, such as cleaning, dispersion, extraction, mixing, defoaming, and emulsification.

Engine block cleaner machine

Speaking of the engine block cleaner machine, it generally refers to industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

Because the engine block size is usually large, some blocks are more than 1m in length, and the volume exceeds 30l, a benchtop ultrasonic cleaning tank cannot fit such a large engine block.

If you want to purchase an engine block cleaner machine, you can click on the picture below to learn more about our industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks.


Benchtop ultrasonic cleaner sizes

Our SiroSilo benchtop ultrasonic cleaner sizes are summarized in the following picture, please check it for reference.

If you can’t find a suitable size in this photo, welcome you to send us an inquiry on this site, maybe we can customize your desired size.


How big is a tabletop 30l ultrasonic cleaner?

For 30l ultrasonic cleaner, its inner tank length, width, and height are about 500mm, 300mm, and 200mm;

Its overall length, width, and height are about 580mm, 335mm, and 375mm.

What is the degas function on an ultrasonic cleaner?

When ultrasonic waves act in the cleaning solution, alternating working pressures are generated, and ultrasonic cavitation bubbles are generated during transmission.

Cavitation bubbles are produced by tiny gas nuclei in the cleaning solution and are formed under the ultrasonic wave’s negative pressure.

After the cavitation bubbles are formed, if the negative pressure continues to exist, the cavitation bubbles will expand to many times their original size.

In this situation, the cavitation bubbles continue to inflate & burst.

When the ultrasonic cleaner’s degassing function is enabled, the gas in the cleaning solution can be diffused into the cavitation bubbles in a special direction.

When the bubbles burst, the gas will escape from it, thus the degassing is realized.

Why do you degas an ultrasonic cleaner?

The ultrasonic cleaner degassing function mainly uses the directional diffusion of ultrasound.

Once the cleaning solution produces cavitation, when there is still air in it, the degassing function will exhaust the air in the cleaning liquid.

In this way, the bubble resistance generated by the ultrasonic cavitation can be reduced, the cleaning efficiency can be enhanced, the cleaning purpose can be better achieved, and the cleaning effect can be improved.

How long does it take to degas ultrasonic cleaner?

For those degas ultrasonic cleaners, after pressing the degas button, the machine will work for 9 seconds and stop for 6 seconds.

In other words, the ultrasonic cleaner cleans for 9s, then degas for 6s, and then cleans for another 9s, so that the cycle repeats until the objects are cleaned.




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