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Bike Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner

Item Bike Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner
Capacity 0.8L-30L
Ultrasonic Power 35W-600W
Heating Power 0-500W
Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz) 28/40
Heating Temperature 20℃-80℃
Cleaning Time 0-20min/0-99min
Customization Available

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Bike Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner

Since the 1950s, ultrasonic cleaners have appeared in households, then in the 1970s, they have spread all over the world.

However, many bicycle enthusiasts & bike shop owners don’t notice the ultrasonic cleaner’s super cleaning effect, it is really a pity.

Nowadays, the bicycle’s transmission system has many moving parts, the gear assembly is complex & multidimensional, each part directly influences the bicycle running.

These parts will get dirty during riding, attaching grease, dust, and other contaminants. Cyclists need to keep every part of the bicycle clean and ensure its normal use.

However, bike repair shops often hire people to clean bicycle parts, it is laborious & hard to achieve a thorough cleaning. In fact, the bicycle repair shop can turn to bike parts ultrasonic cleaner, its cleaning effect is better.


In addition to the chain, ultrasonic waves can reach the deep grooves of all bicycle parts, such as flywheels, derailleurs, pulleys, pedals, brake calipers, etc. The frequency of cleaning & lubricating bicycle parts depends on your bicycle type.

For example, if you have a mountain bike, you usually ride mountain bike on muddy trails & mountain roads.

This mountain bike is definitely much dirtier than a road bike, you should clean it more frequently, we suggest you thoroughly clean the bicycle parts every 2 weeks.


Items for Bike Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning

Before bicycle parts ultrasonic cleaning, you’d better prepare some essential items.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner for Bicycle Parts (Maybe Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner)

To choose the best ultrasonic cleaner for your bike parts, you must know the max. size of your bicycle parts.

We suggest you buy a 6L bike shop ultrasonic cleaner, it can fit most bicycle parts, and most customers regard it as the 1st choice.


Since oil stains adhere to bicycle parts, you’d better choose a heated ultrasonic cleaner.

The heated cleaning fluid is more helpful for removing oil stains.

  • Cleaning Fluid

Ultrasonic cleaning usually involves simple, harmless, and eco-friendly cleaning agents. When choosing cleaning agents, you can focus on the following 2 aspects:

  1. Biodegradable;
  2. Emulsification function, it avoids redeposition of particles & oil on bicycle parts, with no secondary pollution.

Notes: Do not fill corrosive & flammable cleaning agents into the bike parts ultrasonic cleaner.

The corrosive cleaning agent will corrode the inner tank & cause leakage;

The flammable cleaning agent will burn due to the cavitation effect & cause the “flashover” phenomenon.

  • Lubricant

When you need to re-lubricate bicycle parts, you must choose a suitable bicycle lubricant, which must match your road conditions.

If your area is wet, choose thicker lubes;

if your area is dry, choose thinner lubes, thinner lubes absorb less debris.

  • Ethyl Alcohol

After taking out the bicycle parts from the ultrasonic bath, use ethyl alcohol to rinse the dirt remaining on the bicycle parts.

  • Paper Towel/Dry & Clean Cloth

Dry the bicycle parts after rinsing them with ethyl alcohol.

  • Rubber Gloves

Please wear rubber gloves to operate the bike shop ultrasonic cleaner, and avoid burning your hands with the heated cleaning solution.

  • Safety Glasses

The cleaning agent is always a chemical. Wearing safety glasses can prevent the cleaning agent from splashing into your eyes.

Cleaning Process

After you have collected the above items for ultrasonic cleaning, the bicycle parts ultrasonic cleaning process is very simple.

  • Preparation

Pour clean hot water into the bike shop ultrasonic cleaner (if it is heated ultrasonic cleaner, directly add cold water, then turn on the heating function) to the max. level.

Next, pour a certain amount of detergent into the cleaning fluid according to the dirtiness degree of the bicycle parts.

Place the cleaning basket into the inner tank, turn on the power, and let the sonic cleaner run without load for 1 or 2 cycles. This will remove the gas in the cleaning solution, and improve the cavitation cleaning effect.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

Put the dirty bicycle parts into the cleaning basket, make sure all the parts are completely immersed in the cleaning liquid, each part doesn’t touch & overlap each other, no stacking.

Then, set the ultrasonic cleaning time & click the start button!

Generally speaking, the cleaning time for cleaning bicycle parts is 5-10 minutes.


After cleaning, take out the bicycle parts from the cleaning basket, wipe them with paper towels or clean cloths, or blow them with a hairdryer.

Periodic cleaning of bicycle parts can reduce wear & tear, prolong your bicycle lifespan, can enjoy a longer period of smooth riding.

No matter what questions you have about the bicycle parts ultrasonic cleaner, you are welcome to contact us, we will reply to you within 1h. As an original manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners for bicycle parts, we are definitely a supplier worthy of your trust.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory in China or video call us via WhatsApp, let’s customize your dreamy bike parts ultrasonic cleaner together.

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Email: info@sirosilo.com

Bike Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner Features

Global clients highly appreciate SiroSilo bike shop ultrasonic cleaner’s following features.

  • Imported Alcoa high-Q ultrasonic components, dual waterproof circuits, ultrasonic cavitation enhancement;
  • Lower noise generated by ultrasonic oscillation;
  • Enhanced heating effect;
  • Higher leakproof level, invalid heat export;
  • Embossed stainless steel shell, thickened SUS304 inner tank;
  • Drainage system & non-slip handle for cleaners ≥ 6L;
  • CE/RoHS/FCC and other certificates.

If you want to customize bicycle parts ultrasonic cleaner, or you plan to buy other types of ultrasonic benchtop cleaner, such as ultrasonic cleaner electronics, laboratory ultrasonic bath, medical ultrasonic cleaner, please send us an inquiry on this website, we will get back to you within 1h.


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