The world’s largest steel grain silo appears in the United States. How big is its capacity?

On October 8, 2020, US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue & US Senator Chuck Grassley visited an ethanol plant in Mason, Iowa, its name is Golden Grain Energy.

Perdue announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture will invest more than $9.3 million to increase sales of ethanol & biodiesel in Iowa.


Many people attended the announcement on Thursday, including Steve Sukup, the vice-chairman of Golden Grain Energy.

Sukup said this decision is useful for stabilizing the mentality of farmers in Iowa. The U.S. commodity market has been difficult, we have launched a trade war against China, farmers really need some good news.”

Construction -of-ethanol-plant

Construction of Golden Grain Energy’s ethanol plant began on September 14.

The plant will build the world’s largest corrugated steel flat bottom silo, a single farm silo capacity is up to 80,000 cubic meters, which can hold 2.2 million bushels of corn.

The silo diameter is 156 feet (47.55m), and its height is 155 feet (47.24m), the space in the corn bin is enough for parking a Boeing 767 passenger plane.


Chad Kuhlers, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Grain Energy, said: “This system will increase Golden Grain Energy’s grain storage from approximately 1.275 million bushels to nearly 3.5 million bushels.”

“Our current grain storage time is about 10 days, after adding this grain bin, storage time will increase to about 30 days. In addition, the grain receiving capacity will increase from 40,000 bushels/h to 65,000 bushels/h.”

Sheffield-based Sukup Manufacturing Co. is responsible for building this giant metal silo.

According to Sukup, after confirmation with their competitors, no one has ever built such a large free-span grain bin, which is the largest grain storage silo in the world.

In 2018, Sukup announced that it had set the largest silo record with a diameter of 156 feet (47.55m).

Sukup has built 2 sets of such silos for the ethanol plant Elite Octane, each one can store nearly 2 million bushels of grain.


In August 2019, GSI built a steel silo with a diameter of 156 feet (47.55m) for Red Wing Grain in Minnesota.

This new silo bin in Wabaso, Minnesota cost 905,000 pounds of steel & took about 3 weeks to complete the project.

Due to the limitation of building height, this silo is 114 feet (34.75m) high.



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