Metal Silo/

Hopper Silo

Item Hopper silo
Diameter 2m-7.5m
Cylindrical Height 4m-19m
Roof Height 1.76m-4.53m
Capacity 7.2m3 (204 bu)-692m3 (19,637 bu)
Wall Type Corrugated steel
Material Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Bottom Type Cone

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Hopper Silo

Corrugated steel hopper bottom silo is an advanced grain storage equipment, it is useful for storing various grains, seeds, and other products that require special storage conditions, including barley, paddy, wheat, rice, corn, cereal, maize, meal, poly, beans, granules, sunflower seeds, soy, sorghum, etc.


The hopper bottom silo’s cone has a large inclination angle, generally, between 35 to 60 degrees, the grain can be discharged by its own gravity without residue, it is an ideal equipment for storing seeds.

The 60-degree cone bottom grain bin is suitable for storing larger viscosity particles & powdery materials.

As there is no need to install a sweep auger on the hopper bottom grain bin for material unloading, which not only simplifies the assembly work but also reduces the construction cost.


In addition, the hopper silo also has the following characteristics:

  • The construction period is short;
  • Optional temperature measurement, ventilation system for choice;
  • Convenient for mechanization & modern management;
  • Simple disassembly, convenient maintenance, realiable quality;
  • Long service life, up to about 30 years.

Generally speaking, hopper silos are mainly used for temporary storage, because they have a smaller capacity than flat bottom silos, they can be installed on structural steel supports, it is convenient for unloading the stored materials.


Similar to the flat bottom silos, the hopper bottom bins are constructed by fixing the corrugated plate to the structural steel frame with bolts & nuts.


Some grain hopper bins are manufactured with welded structures, such bins have a longer service life, its structure is unlikely to interfere with the material flow.

If the grain in the hopper bottom bins is stored according to the design, simple metering & unloading can be achieved through the cone.

In order to control the flow rate correctly, it is necessary to accurately design the metal silos with a cone bottom according to stored materials, so as to measure their storage capacity.


The hopper bottom metal grain silo can be galvanized or painted to prevent corrosion.

According to the silo capacity, the hopper steel grain silo is generally divided into:

  • Small (5-20 tons)

Mainly used for the ingredient, feed storage, etc.

  • Medium (20-500 tons)

Mainly used in processing plants for transit.

  • Large (500-1500 tons)

According to actual needs, it is used to store seeds.

The hopper silo structure is generally the same, its main components are:

  • Roof
  • Body/cylinder
  • Compression ring
  • Structural support
  • Cone
  • Wind rings
  • Roof stairs
  • Roof inspection hole
  • Entrance door
  • Bolts & nuts
  • Joints seal
  • ……

As the supplier of COFCO, the largest grain company in China, SiroSilo is definitely a professional hopper silo manufacturer worthy of your trust.

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Hopper Silo Ultimate FAQ Guide

Galvanized silo

Galvanized silo is actually a steel grain silo assembled from hot-dip galvanized stainless steel sheets.

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet has ideal corrosion resistance, it is easy for forming & coating, its cost is low, appearance is attractive, it is an ideal material for assembling steel grain silos.

The hot-dip galvanized layer’s electrochemical potential is more negative than that of the steel material, and it has excellent electrochemical protection performance.

As the coating is thick & dense, the coating & steel substrate have a strong bonding force, its durability is good.

The service life of the 600g/m2 hot-dip galvanized steel can reach more than 30 years.


The hot-dip galvanized steel layer does not require maintenance during use, the hot-dip galvanizing process is simple, such process has strong adaptability to the steel shape & size.

In addition to the steel strips, the hot-dip galvanizing process is also widely used for steel pipes, steel wires, and structural parts, its productivity is high.

Compared with other protective coatings economically, the galvanized layer has strong competitiveness, especially for long-term used parts, the hot-dip galvanized layer’s cost is much lower than that of the paint coating.

What is hopper in silo?

If metal grain silo is classified according to the bottom shape, it can be divided into flat bottom silo & hopper bottom silo.

The hopper in silo is actually the cone at the grain hopper bins’ bottom.

Because of their inclination, these grain hopper bins can facilitate the stored grain & seeds’ flow in them without clearing equipment.

The picture of hopper is shown below:


Hopper silo manufacturers/making companies

There are hopper silo manufacturers all over the world.

Relatively speaking, the famous hopper silo making companies have been listed in the photo below.


Hopper bottom feed bins

Because the farms use fodder to feed poultry & livestock every day, hopper bottom feed bins are more popular among farmers.

Because the hopper bottom feed bins are particularly convenient for unloading, it does not require labor & unloading equipment, it is economical.

Hopper bottom grain bins

Those who purchase hopper bottom grain bins are usually small farmers or small grain processing plants.

Because the hopper bottom grain bins are suitable for use as a transit warehouse, they can store grain & seeds for a short period of time.


When the storage period is up, the unloading is also very convenient.

Because the silo bottom is cone-shaped, the cone’s bottom has a certain height above the ground, the grain & seeds in the silo can flow out under gravity.

Hopper bottom grain bins prices

In the Chinese market, 3-30 tons hopper bottom grain bin’s price is RMB3,809.52 to RMB7,936.50/set, which is equal to USD$605.00-USD$1,260.00/set.


How to build a hopper bottom grain bin

To build a hopper bottom grain bin, it usually include the following basic steps:

  • At the center of the silo foundation, erect a suitable scaffold support, hoist the top roof frame to the scaffold support;
  • Install the side cylindrical body sheets, top reinforced stiffeners of the 1st & 2nd rings;
  • Install silo roof components;
  • Install the side cylindrical body sheets & stiffeners of the remaining rings;
  • Lift the hopper silo’s cylindrical body to the foundation’s side;
  • Build structural support for cylindrical body;
  • Lift the hopper silo’s cylindrical body onto the structural support;
  • Install cones with slopes under cylindrical body.

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