Corrugated Silo/

Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine

Item Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine
Sheet Thickness 0.8-4mm hot-dip galvanized coil
Speed 1 sheet/2 mins
Jumbo Roll Width 914/1000/1200/1250mm
Aperture Range Φ500-620mm
Sheet Length Self-setting according to the drawing requirements
Total Power 90kW
Total Weight 45 Tons

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Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine

This steel silo roll forming machine consists of:

  • 10 Tons Automatic Uncoiler
  • Laminating & Leading & Leveling Feeder
  • Edge Collector
  • Roll Forming Machine
  • Hydraulic Punching Machine
  • Online Curving Machine
  • Hydraulic Cutter
  • Palletizer
  • Hydraulic System
  • Electronic Control System
  • ……

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Now, let’s introduce our SiroSilo steel sheet corrugation machine’s configuration & production process in detail.


10 Tons Automatic Uncoiler

Cantilevered internal expansion structure, hydraulic cylinder drives expansion, the hydraulic motor pulls steel roll unwinding, proximity switch controls unwinding speed, the load capacity is about 10T, and the standard unwinding width is 1000mm.

The jumbo roll loading process is:

Firstly, lifts the steel jumbo roll onto the V-shaped working table of the trolley, and the hydraulic cylinder-driven lifting device rises the steel jumbo roll to the center position of the expansion shaft.


Then the gear motor drives the loading trolley for lateral movement along the base rail of the uncoiler, and the jumbo roll enters into the expansion shaft.

Leveling Feeder

In order to roughly level and clamp the curled sheet, the leveling feeder undertakes this task.

This feeder adopts six wheels guiding, laminated feeding, and five rolls leveling.


The roller shaft diameter is 120mm, and its material is 40cr steel (high-frequency quenching surface).


Silo Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming is the main production process of cold-formed steel at present.

The wide steel sheet passes through a group of rolling stations under normal temperature and is gradually converted to proper shape and size as required.

Then, it is fixed and cut into corresponding lengths, the final product is cold-formed steel.


Compared with cold-formed steel forming processes such as punching, bending, or drawing, the roll forming process is suitable for mass industrial production, and its forming quality, processing cost, and production efficiency are incomparable to other ways.

SiroSilo corrugated iron bending machine’s following features are attractive to many clients.

  1. Structure: independent archway station, steel structure base, gearbox transmission.
  2. Rolling Station Qty: 20 (including rubber shafts for laminating).
  3. Main Reducer: domestic well-known brand K series helical gear reducer, gear distribution box MXTT110.
  4. Main Motor: 22kW power, reducing current instability caused by frequent starting.
  5. Roll Material: GCr15 high-carbon chromium bearing steel, heat treatment hardness HRC58-62°, after the roll is quenched, it is processed by ceramic tools of a precision CNC machine to ensure its accuracy and surface finish.
  6. Upper and Lower Shafts: diameter 110mm, material 40Cr steel, overall quenching & tempering treatment, surface grinding and finishing.

Hydraulic Punching Machine

The hydraulic punching machine consists of a frame, base, punching die, hydraulic cylinder and press, 5kW servo motor, precision screw, guide rail, etc.


The way of CNC sub-punching, all the punching holes in the profile photo are covered.

And the wave crest and trough punching as well as the longitudinal hole distance can be set arbitrarily, which can meet the aperture, hole distance, and hole quantity setting changes of assembled water tanks, fish ponds, corrugated steel flat bottom silo, hopper bottom silo, etc.


There are two punching cylinders, whose diameter is 120mm, PLC separately controls 29 punches, and can arbitrarily control the action of each punch.


Material of punching die: convex and concave die is made of SKD11 die steel, finely ground by forging, heat treatment hardness HRC58-62°.


Online Corrugated Iron Curving Machine

The online corrugated iron curving machine adopts an arc-down structure, two lower rollers do arc lifting movement around the rotary center (upper rollers), and the arc size is adjustable according to production needs.

This equipment is divided into three groups of rollers, there are two groups of positioning and pressing rollers before generating the arc, and one group of generating rollers at the end (one dancing roller above and two fixed rollers below), driven by motor through reducer, motor power 5.5kW.

Its main feature is that after online curving, it is cut off by a hydraulic corrugated sheet cutting machine, thus there will be no straight section at both ends of the curved sheet.


Hydraulic Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

When the rotary fixed-length encoder measures the preset length, it sends a signal to the PLC, and the PLC sends a command to the cutter, and the cutter cuts out the corrugated sheet of the target length.

  1. The cutting direction (inclination angle), can be adjusted according to the radius of curvature after the arch bending, and the extension line of the cutter is close to the center of the arc.
  2. Cutting Power: hydraulic cylinder.
  3. Cutter Blade: corrugated shape blade, the material is Cr12mov die steel, quenching hardness HRC58-62°.

Palletizer (Optional Robotic Arm)

The corrugated sheet from the hydraulic cutter is usually picked up by two workers and placed on the palletizer.

If your local labor cost is high, you can also consider purchasing an optional robotic arm, which will undertake the task of picking and placing corrugated sheets.


PLC Control System

The PLC controls system is the corrugated iron making machine’s brain, So SiroSilo uses high-quality parts as much as possible to arm this “brain”.

  1. In manual or tuning mode, the operation panel switch can control each component.
  2. Siemens programmable controller (PLC), Danfus inverter (Denmark).
  3. 17-inch touch color display.
  4. “Setting”: Set the punching, curving, cutting, etc., and set data such as the sheet length, and output.
  5. “Auto & Manual”: Set different machine running modes.
  6. “Monitor”: Observe the production status.
  7. Omron rotary encoder: Measure the sheet length accurately.
  8. In “Auto” mode, the operation panel switch is unworkable, only the cycle stops, then it’s valid for emergency stop.
  9. Emergency stop buttons on both ends to ensure emergency stops in the event of a fault.

Other Auxiliary Equipment

The following auxiliary equipment also plays an important role in the running of the corrugated sheet rolling machine.

  1. Palletizing pallet * 1.
  2. Hydraulic system for punching and cutting * 1.
  3. Punching & cutting hydraulic system: with a cooling device, working pressure 20MPa, axial plunger pump displacement is 35ml/REV, and the drive motor power is 18.5kW.
  4. Cylinder setting synchronization device * 1.
  5. Chinese famous brand oil pump and control valve.
  6. Conventionally configured hydraulic system for the uncoiler.


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