Corrugated Silo

Calculating the silo capacity is commonplace for customers who purchase flat or conical bottom corrugated steel silos.

Therefore, the online silo volume calculator is beneficial for them.

Flat Bottom Silo

A flat bottom silo consists of a cylinder body and a conical roof.

Thus, you could use the volume equations for cylinders and cones to calculate their capacity.


With reference to the photo above, if you already know the diameter, cylinder height, and roof height of your flat silo, please click this photo to jump to the online calculator page for a flat silo.

Cone Bottom Silo

A conical silo consists of a top cone, a middle cylinder, and a hopper bottom.

Therefore, you could calculate the volumes of a cylinder and two cones to determine their volumes.


As long as you already know the diameter, roof height, cylinder height, and cone height of your hopper silo, you could click the above photo.

It directs you to the online calculator page for a hopper silo.

As a galvanized steel silo manufacturer for COFCO and Ingredion, SiroSilo has accumulated rich manufacturing experience in this niche.

  • Ingredion




SiroSilo is now capable of providing you with a one-stop solution.

The solution covers:

  • Project Consulting
  • Project Design
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Equipment Transportation
  • Equipment Installation & Commissioning
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • On-site Installation Guidance
  • After-sales Service
  • ……

Thanks to our production lines and 6,800 square meters of factory, we can control the entire manufacturing process.

A variety of advanced equipment exists in the factory, with this equipment producing all kinds of core components, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the galvanized steel silo.

  • Angle Steel Roll Forming Machine


  • CNC Bender


  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


  • CNC Punch Press


  • Corrugated Iron Bending Machine


  • Hydraulic Shearing Machine


  • Laser Cutter


  • Stiffener Roll Forming Machine


  • Welding Robot


If you plan to purchase galvanized steel silo recently, welcome you to contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we will reply to you within 1h during operation time.

Email: info@sirosilo.com

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

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