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Cardboard Box Erectors

Max. Case Size L500mm×W400mm×H400mm
Min. Case Size L250mm×W150mm×H100mm
Speed 5-40 CPM
Sealing Type Tape/Glue Optional
Power Depends On Sealing Type
Voltage 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Pneumatics 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Weight 450Kg

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Cardboard Box Erectors

What are Cardboard Box Erectors?

The cardboard box erector is a carton forming machines, through erecting, folding, sealing and other mechanical motions, it automatically converts flat corrugated box blanks into fully erected & bottom-sealer cardboard boxes.

Such an efficient corrugated box erector greatly improves the packaging efficiency of logistics, distribution, and other industries, saving more labor costs.


The demand for corrugated box erectors is increasing with the rise of online shopping. Chinese manufacturers have customized ideal corrugated box erectors for many e-commerce customers.

According to the degree of automation, the corrugated box erector has 2 types:

  • Semi Automatic Carton Erector
  • Automatic Box Erector

According to the box erecting orientation, the following 2 types of corrugated box erector are optional:

  • Vertical Case Erector
  • Horizontal Case Erector

If you plan to release your workers’ hands from folding & sealing boxes manually, aiming to improve the packaging efficiency, I suggest you read the following content carefully.

Horizontal Case Erector

Refer to the figure below, you can understand the horizontal case erector’s working process clearly.


The vacuum sucker sucks a blank from the stacked carton blank magazine, adsorbs the blank’s bottom, then moves to the box erecting station.


In the box erecting station, two more vacuum suction cups absorb the carton blank’s top, apply an upward pulling force.

The bottom vacuum suckers also generate a downward pulling force at the same time.

Two pulling forces in the opposite direction erect the carton blank upright.

After erecting & forming the carton, the machine moves the carton forward to the next sealing station.

The horizontal case erector first folds two inner flaps, then folds two outer flaps at the bottom of the box.

Finally, the pressure sensitive tape head applies tape on these two outer flaps, thus completing the bottom sealing.


After the bottom sealing, the exit guide rod leads the carton falling into the downstream packaging equipment;

Or these fully-erected & bottom-sealed boxes fall directly to the ground, workers collect them for later use.

With unique selling points & excellent quality, SiroSilo carton box erector has won orders from customers in the food, medicine, beverage, electronics, tobacco, daily chemicals, toys, packaging, and printing industries.

  • Advanced Technology

Learning from the manufacturing technology in Japan & Germany, our erector adopts a cam system to ensure precise & stable mechanical operation;

  • Quality Parts

Electrical & pneumatic components imported from abroad;

  • Inverter Control

Inverter control carton forming & sealing, speed adjustable as your like, saving man-hours;


Siemens PLC & Delta Inverter

  • Easy Operation

Parameter setup on touch screen, 5-10 minutes carton size changeover;

  • Replenishment of Box Blanks

Box blank replenishment doesn’t cause downtime, low blanks volume alarm;

  • Safety Cover

The machine stops automatically when the safety cover is open, accidental operation avoidable;


  • Flexible Application

You can use it independently or link it to an automated packaging line, and it supports a wide range of box sizes.


Vertical Case Erector

For the vertical case erector, please take a look at the following photo first.

Through this photo, you can roughly understand the vertical cardboard box erector’s workflow.


Then, you can refer to the following vertical cardboard box erector’s demo video, understanding the vertical carton box erector’s working principle better.

Pre-store the carton blank in the blank magazine.

After starting the vertical carton box erector, two vacuum suction cups absorb a vertical carton blank from the magazine.

At this time, the vacuum adsorption applies a pulling force on the carton.


In order to shape the carton, two other vacuum suction cups adsorb the carton blank on the opposite side, stimulate a reverse pulling force, two opposite pulling forces successfully erect & shape the carton blank.


Then, the vacuum suction cups absorb the carton to the case erecting station.

After reaching the top of the case erecting station, the vertical carton box erector folds the bottom inner flaps & bottom outer flaps first, then pops out the pushrod, feeding the folded carton to the sealing station.


The sealing station consists of a motor, a side belt, and a pressure sensitive tape head.

After the carton enters the sealing station, it comes into contact with the side belts.

Driven by the side belts, the carton passes through the pressure sensitive tape head at a constant speed.


Side Belts & Pressure Sensitive Tape Head

The pressure sensitive tape head seals the box, as shown in the figure below.


Finally, the vertical case erector pushes the bottom-sealed carton to the outfeed port.

The bottom-sealed carton enters the downstream packaging line, or drops directly to the ground, workers collect them for manual product loading or further use.

Many customers purchase our SiroSilo vertical case erector due to the following selling points & features.

  • Dual Motor Drive

More powerful dual motor drive, low noise, more stable operation, faster sealing speed, highly efficient.

  • Wider Side Belts

Strong grip, wear resistant, high-quality side belts, stable transmission, easily realize center sealing.

  • Touch Screen Control

Imported touch screen, easy parameter setup & machine control.

  • Easy Carton Size Changeover

5-10 minutes carton size changeover, ergonomic table height adjustable as you like, ensuring comfortable manual operation for workers.

  • Wide Range of Applications

Printing, 3C electronics, food, cosmetics, medicine, daily chemical industries, all need corrugated box erectors for large-volume packaging.

Horizontal VS. Vertical Case Erector

To better understand the difference between vertical case erector & horizontal case erector, please check the following comparison table.

Vertical Case Erector Horizontal Case Erector
The box blank stands vertically to the ground. The box blank lies horizontally parallel to the ground.
10-15 boxes/min. Max. 40 boxes/min, suitable for large-volume carton forming.
High requirement for carton quality, suitable for erecting super large cartons. Relatively low requirement for carton quality, as long as the suction cup can suck it.
Sealing with nails, hot melt glue or tape. Hot melt adhesive or BOPP tape sealing.

The horizontal case erector’s cost is higher than the vertical case erector, but the horizontal case erector has one advantage: regardless of the speed, its stability is very high;

The vertical case erector vibrates during the box pickup process, vibration may cause damage to the suction cup or loose parts.

Therefore, the vertical case erector’s maintenance frequency is relatively higher.

But many small & medium-sized enterprises still purchase the vertical case erector, because it is cheaper.

Semi Automatic Carton Erector

Now the automatic box erectors are popular on the market, but some customers still purchase semi automatic carton erectors.

Because these customers watched the following video.

They think this speed is acceptable, and semi automatic carton erector’s price is lower.

As you can see, if the carton is relatively small, the manual erecting & shaping speed is quite fast, at least within an acceptable range.

Therefore, if your local labor cost is low, and your cartons are all small ones, you can consider purchasing this semi automatic carton box erector.

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