SiroSilo Industrial

SiroSilo Industrial

In this era of information explosion, searching for appropriate sources and suppliers is definitely a headache for you.

Suppliers on the B2B website, publish the same products for dozens or even hundreds of times with different keywords. After you click N times, the product that appears in front of your eyes may be the same, and not your favorite product.



You may also want to search for the right products and suppliers through a professional show, but the COVID-19 epidemic in recent years limits your travel, and the show participation will take you more energy & cost you extra expense.


COVID-19 Epidemic

Maybe you have found a few suitable alternative suppliers, then start a long screening process … on the way to finding the right vendor, there seems to have a variety of problems awaiting you ahead.

Sirosilo Industrial is the right vendor you’re looking for.

Since we don’t have a production department, we could only repeatedly screen the reliable plant as our backing, making sure we could serve you wholeheartedly.


X-rays Screening Reliable Factories

These plants strictly control their product quality, they deeply cultivate the Chinese domestic market before, and now we are in charge of marketing their products globally, it is like Sirosilo Industrial is the independent marketing division of these plants.


Why Sirosilo Industrial is worthy of your trust?

Advantages of Sourcing in China

Strong & Stable China

As a “world factory”, China has a stable political situation, strong macroeconomic regulation and control capabilities, and a complete industrial system and entire supply chain.


Strong & Stable China

Compared with other Southeast Asian countries, China has obvious advantages. Chinese workers have a sense of discipline and relatively higher enthusiasm for production and learning.

Customs duties, port miscellaneous fees, and inland transportation fees in Southeast Asian countries are 24% more expensive than those in China, and the time spent on imports is 66% higher than that in China on average.

In addition, the socio-political environment in Southeast Asia is unstable, with high potential risks.

Lower Product Price

Although the wage level of Chinese workers has been rising year by year, it is still relatively low compared to developed countries in Europe and the United States.

The low labor cost makes the Chinese product price lower than European and American products, which is the most well-known advantage of Chinese products.

Vast Supplier Pool

In China, no matter what product, there are a large number of manufacturers and suppliers. Because of this, you can easily obtain the product price, quality, delivery time, after-sales service, etc. of many suppliers, then compare them, and finally select your favorite supplier.


Vast Supplier Pool

Higher Product Quality

In the past, “Made in China” was always associated with poor quality, which is untrue and unfair. Many customers propose the Ford budget to buy Ferrari, thus Chinese suppliers are forced to use raw materials with lower prices and quality for surviving.

Today, China is transforming from “Made in China” to “Create in China”, and has taken the lead in the development of many industries and fields, such as electric vehicles, bullet trains, mobile payment, solar energy, and wind power.


Chinese Bullet Train

Therefore, as long as you can match the price of the corresponding product quality, you have a high probability of finding suitable & satisfying products and suppliers in China.

Bulk Order Capabilities

Thanks to the upgrading of China’s infrastructure facilities and the improvement of the entire industrial chain, the supply of raw materials for various products is sufficient, stable, and fast;


Infrastructure Maniac

Many major European and American customers have placed a large number of bulk orders from China for a long time, and have trained lots of Chinese suppliers with strong ability to handle large orders.

Now, many Chinese suppliers could easily deal with bulk orders.

Customization & Prototyping

Unlike many German and Japanese suppliers who only provide standard products to customers, Chinese suppliers accept orders flexibly, can accept customized needs from foreign customers, and can also accept small batch orders.

We have customized a top load cartoner for 3M Korea, it is used for packing the 3M 1110 earplug pouch, please watch the video below for reference.

SiroSilo has also supplied a soap cartoning machine for the Safeguard brand under Procter & Gamble.

Your Challenges of Sourcing in China

A thousand words, summed up in the following three points:

  • Wrong Supplier
  • Wrong Contact
  • Wrong Result

Therefore, as long as you find the right supplier and the right person, your procurement path in China will move in the right direction, and all possible challenges will be swept away.


How SiroSilo Assists You in Clear Sourcing Challenges in China

From the practical experience of the trade, SiroSilo Industrial has summarized seven capabilities and three core elements.

Relying on these seven capabilities and three core elements, SiroSilo Industrial has enough capabilities to help you clear procurement problems in China.

Seven Capabilities

The seven capabilities are source search, bid, quality control, inspection, logistics, claim, and after-sales service.

Source Search

In today’s Internet age, there is an ocean of information on the Internet. Because you don’t understand Chinese, it is more difficult for you to search for good products and suppliers in the Chinese market.

SiroSilo Industrial is quite familiar with the latest developments in the market through years of industry accumulation and social network linkage.


Social Network Linkage

Moreover, SiroSilo Industrial seizes every opportunity to negotiate business with customers and exchange product opinions, so as to improve our professionalism and market sensitivity.


Through deep friendship with the factory and well-prepared information in advance, SiroSilo Industrial can help you get a good price.

Usually, SiroSilo Industrial conducts environmental assessment, competitor analysis, and demand analysis in advance, and based on information such as cost, market supply & demand, and your future development, it presents strong evidence to persuade the factory to give the best price.

Quality Control

Strict quality control is a way to reduce defective product claims and enhance competitiveness and at the same time improve your satisfaction.

Although SiroSilo Industrial is not engaged in manufacturing, we have strict requirements on the quality control of the cooperative factory and insist on controlling the loss to a minimum.


Before delivery, we will go to the factory to supervise the tuning and operation of the equipment, record videos of the machine tuning, running, disassembling, etc., and send these videos to you for confirmation.

Some machines have several servo motors and air pipes, as well as network cables, PLC cables, etc. Although you may know all about them, we still label the various cables and take pictures to let you feel our professionalism.


If you order separately from multiple factories, there may be shipping costs for multiple shipments, which is really not cost-effective.

However, SiroSilo Industrial can use flexible container consolidation to save your transportation and customs clearance costs.



Once cargo damage occurs, as we are familiar with International Trade Rules, SiroSilo Industrial will proactively help you claim compensation from the shipping agent, insurance company, or factory, assisting you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

After-sales Service

In order to assist you after receiving the equipment, SiroSilo Industrial will note the wiring with self-adhesive labels before shipment, issue the English manual, and record the operation guidance video with English subtitles for you.

If you have any questions during the operation, you can contact our representative through WhatsApp and make an appointment for a video call, and the representative will tell the technicians to participate in the remote video guidance on time as agreed.

WhatsApp: +8617312124727

With these seven capabilities, SiroSilo Industrial provides you with seamless services from the beginning to the end, so that you can keep peace of mind throughout the entire purchasing process.

Three Core Elements

In addition, SiroSilo Industrial summed up the three core elements of the company, referred to as “3P” within the company, which are Products, People, and Plants.


Products are the core competitiveness of any company, it is the same for SiroSilo. Therefore, SiroSilo Industrial always has an ultimate pursuit of product.

Our cooperative factory provides employees with a competitive salary and a harmonious atmosphere. In any case, products are made by people, happy employees produce high-quality products.


Horizontal End Load Cartoner

Perfection may not exist in this world, but people who pursue perfection must exist, like employees of SiroSilo Industrial’s cooperative factory.


People-oriented is always the primary business philosophy of SiroSilo Industrial, happy employees offer attentive services for you.

Therefore, all the employees of SiroSilo Industrial & our cooperative factory are optimistic, upright, and honest to serve you till you are 100% satisfied with a shiny smile.

When assisting you in procurement, we will consider issues from your angle, and recommend the most suitable products according to your scenarios.

Let you feel that we are always side by side with you, only in this way can you become the spokesperson of SiroSilo and promote products of SiroSilo in your local area.


SiroSilo Industrial’s cooperative plant does not look better than those of other packaging machine manufacturers, but this does not prevent global customers from purchasing SiroSilo’s packaging machines.


The only difference is the people working in the plant., all employees of our cooperative plant are highly qualified and formed a centripetal team, and the packaging machine made by a centripetal team will definitely give you peace of mind.

Please contact us via the following Email or WhatsApp to customize your dreamy packaging machine.


WhatsApp: +8617312124727

Why Choose SiroSilo rather than a Big Factory

The following 6 reasons are for your reference.

  1. Although we are a small company, the quality of our machinery is quite stable, you can send samples to test the effect on our machine.
  2. The structure of small companies is simpler, if you tell me, I can tell the boss directly; In large companies, the personnel structure is complicated, you tell the salesman, the salesman tells the foreign trade manager, the foreign trade manager tells the vice president, and the vice president tells the boss, taking a lot of your time.
  3. Small companies have fewer employees and low cost; large companies have to feed so many people, their cost is relatively high.
  4. Compared with big companies in the niche, if you are not their biggest customer, you will not be able to enjoy the best price and service; and if you cooperate with us, you are our SVIP, and you can definitely enjoy the best price and the most attentive service.
  5. The machines of large companies are not without quality problems, when you need them to provide technical guidance on-site, they need to report layer by layer to confirm for you; but we can solve it with only one phone call, which is convenient for you to explain to your boss.
  6. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You also want to find another supplier in case of urgent needs, right?
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