About Us


People-oriented is always the primary business philosophy of SiroSilo, happy employees produce high-quality products and offer attentive services.

Therefore, all the employees of SiroSilo are optimistic, upright and honest to serve you till you are 100% satisfied with shiny smile.

When assisting you in procurement, we will consider issues from your angle, recommend the most suitable products according to your scenarios.

Let you feel that we are always side by side with you, only in this way can you become the spokesperson of SiroSilo and promote products of SiroSilo in your local area.


About us


Products are the core competitiveness of any company, it is the same for SiroSilo.

Therefore, SiroSilo always have ultimate pursuit of product,

provide employees with competitive salary and a harmonious atmosphere.

In any case, products are made by people,

happy employees produce high-quality products.

Perfection may not exist in this world,

but people who pursue perfection must exist, like employees of SiroSilo.


SiroSilo’s plant does not look better than those of other packaging machine manufacturers, but this does not prevent global customers from purchasing SiroSilo’s packaging machines.


The only difference is the employees in the plant. All employees are highly qualified and formed a centripetal team. The packaging machine made by a centripetal team will definitely give you a peace of mind.

Please contact us to customize your desired or dreamy packaging machine.



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